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  1. I loved the first game as well, hopefully the second one will do the same for me!
  2. I was using: Resident Evil 7 - Zoe Theme But now that i've gotten all the trophies and i'll move on to Yakuza 0, i'll change it to something from that game soon :D.
  3. RESIDENT EVII. You're the Hero Now Complete Not a Hero on Professional difficulty. - Finally done with all the trophies in this game! Up next: Yakuza 0!
  4. RESIDENT EVII. Fastest Man in the Swamp Complete an Extreme Challenge in End of Zoe - One left in this DLC, complete it on 'Joe Must Die'! Joe is dying a lot, by cheap traps... 😟
  5. The Order: 1886 The Grail Enjoyable game to play through once or to even watch a playthrough of. I have this little challenge for myself that i do press-ups by obtaining trophies: Bronze: 5, Silver: 10, Gold: 15 and Platinum 20. This game has no bronze trophies and a lot of them unlock around the same time because they are kill or collectible related... my arms have felt it! 💪
  6. RESIDENT EVII You Gotta Know When To Hold 'Em Complete Survival+ mode in 21. - Decided to do one more attempt for this, it went smoothly and only got hit once!
  7. I remember helping out my oldest brother trying to beat the game on the hardest difficulty... Damn you... Blowtorch & Corkscrew 😐
  8. - Street Rocket Drove a distance of 50 km in the Samson Harrier - Finally got every trophy in this game... Two of them glitched so i waited 'till all the DLC released and had enough motivation to finish it again. Easily said that the DLC is way better than the main game!