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  1. I have never been good with scary or horror games, although I like them... so I'm going to have a hard time with the "Impossible" difficulty of "Dead Space 2"... I remember playing the 1 when I was 10 years old and I could never go through fear... it still scares me but I can stand it hahahahaha

    1. Spaz


      Not Impossible difficulty.... Hard Core Mode in Dead Space 2.


      Three save files only. Died a lot, with some deaths taking me back two hours.

    2. Edgar27AP


      I am already doing the second round doing trophy cleanup, the third course I will do at the maximum difficulty

    3. Spaz


      It's called Zealot difficulty. Not that hard because you can do it in New Game Plus, which carries over the progress you've made with your weapons and RIG and Stasis.


      Hard Core Mode on the other hand has to be done from scratch.


      Impossible difficulty was the hardest difficulty in the original Dead Space. I bought the Tank Suit and used a couple exploits to make it more easier.

  2. Finally I have the trophy "Car collector" and "The Air of Experience" of Gran Turismo 5

    1. ee28max


      Congrats! It's a damn shame that you didn't earn those two unobtainable trophies in time. So close to the platinum and I respect you for still going ahead with that grundy trophy. 


    2. Edgar27AP


      The truth is it's a shame not to get that platinum, I was very young when I played the game and I did not care about the trophies, now I try to get everything out of every game I play

    3. ee28max


      Same here. I played games differently and I never actually went through every mode of the games I played. Things changed and I now obtain the value out of every game. 

  3. Reviewing the trophy of the games, I just realized that I only need a trophy of "Borderlands" to get the platinum.. And who lent me the game the time I played it, left the country :'v

  4. The online game "ModNation Racers" is still working? I did not want to connect to the online and I read through some forums that the online had been closed... If so, because they have not updated the description of the online trophies of the game saying that you can not get 🤔

    1. Edgar27AP


      And if it is closed, the last people who got some trophies online was for the beginning of October of 2018, they should update the description of the trophy and say that it is no longer possible to obtain

    2. ResoluteRock


      The game is old; I’ve never seen a developer go back and label a trophy as impossible to obtain. I agree that they should, it would make things a lot easier!

    3. Sergen


      @ResoluteRock I'm assuming that statement was targeted towards this website marking the trophies as unobtainable. It'd be beneficial information to be aware of, however I'm guessing the effort required to do such a thing would make it take a long time for this website to catch up with those types of games.

  5. 921 cars... I almost got the trophy


    I'm doing the "Car collector" trophy of Gran Turismo 5 ... I have 673 cars, and I am buying one car per model, that is, I do not have two identical cars xD

    1. OhDearDevilRun


      Wow, can have your own dealership..

    2. ee28max


      One of the grindiest trophies ever. Good luck, I'm looking forward to seeing you earn it. :) 

  7. F*ck, I was doing the GTA: TBoGT missions... to get the trophies of "Past the Velvet Rope" and "Gold Star" that has to do with the objectives of each mission, I have the 26 missions at 100% and I do not jump any of the trophies. Will I have bad luck? :'v

    1. MidnightDragon


      Have any saves before you got 100%?

    2. Edgar27AP


      @MidnightDragon I think I have one, but today I will try not to play it, yesterday it bothered me too much in a mission that did not stop to fuck me

    3. Edgar27AP


      @MidnightDragon I already skipped the trophies, I just had to repeat each mission and pass them all again and they jumped me... I keep wondering if I really have bad luck 🤔

  8. Take away my eyes, take away my ears, take it all away from me.

    Take away my arms, take away my knees, you can blame it all on me.
    Take away my heart, take away my soul, take it all away from me.
    Take away my dreams, take away my goals, you can blame it all on me.
    I'm a mess and I will always be. Do you want to stick around and see me drown?
    Fuck, I'm about to lose it all, I'm a drunk and I will always be, beggin baby take my hand before I fall back down...

    Taking all the trophies of "Dark Souls 2", I only need the trophies related to magic / pyromania / miracles / spells ... and I have rude with a miracle that is obtained when you reach level 3 of an oath and is online :'v



    Ufff, I changed the "Android" to my phone and I released 4Gb ... 2Gb less of the Operating System (previously it occupied 5Gb, now it's only 2.5Gb), and part 2Gb of I do not know why it did not have anything really downloaded or installed, so now if I can update the app and download at least two games xD 

  11. My top 5 would be: 1- Borderlands: Since I played the first one I fell in love with... 2- Grand Theft Auto: Nothing to say in particular, I've been playing GTA since PS1 with GTA2... 3- Hitman: I remember that he controlled that bald assassin as a child, and I think he never gets to finish the first game of this saga... 4- Need For Speed: I have always liked driving games, and NFS marked my childhood (including also Gran Turismo but I prefer NFS)... 5- And at the last I have a difficult decision between Devil May Cry and FarCry, so it would be 50/50

    So far he is the only boss who has bitten me so much... Bell-tower gargoyles "Dark Souls 2"




  13. You're gone and I got to stay high, all the time to keep you off my mind. Spend my days locked in a haze, trying to forget you, babe.
    I fall back down, got to stay high all my life to forget I'm missing you.

    1. Temmie


      That song held a lot of truth for me too. <3 


    I do it, sometimes that bullet that you lack is the one that saves you



  15. Me at all hours every day



    1. lordguwa


      i had that happen in school :( 8th-9th grade was my lowest points.