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  1. Don't try on easy difficulty they don't even bother trying to grab you. I did it on a normal skinny molded.
  2. Playable raven would be pretty sweet. im hyped.
  3. I feel like its all about the mindset you're in when playing a game you need a game that will put you into a good mood. If you are in a bad mood even something like a loading screen can annoy you, maybe try something like persona 4 that always makes me pretty happy.
  4. Rogue Galaxy FF12 Valkyria Chronicles
  5. today i am watching Girls und Panzer (avoid commie subs at all costs) Valverave
  6. im hype as long as its not too expensive im new to the arc sys but i love blazblue and P4A ind im not sure there is enough info to make a thread about the blazblue anime
  7. probably 500, good to see the NZ rep in this thread.
  8. gud.
  9. It was great to have a challenge for once my only problem was you took more damage when parrying the metal gear then you could deal to it and you would need that checkpoint halfway through i think once you got past the metal gear the fight was only a little harder than the others.
  10. yeah i stopped trying recently feels good but also a bit sad i dont really play as much any more well on my PS3 at least.
  11. no.
  12. I have a solid blue controller and a black one i had a red one but it was a fake one and every part of that controller was broken within a month
  13. Holy shit they actually fixed Sunny she is now a likeable character instead of that mess kojima made in 4