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  1. I'd have to say Fallout 76. With all the hate the game got I stayed away from it for almost a year and a half, but managed to pick it up stupidly cheap during one of the PS sales and thought what the hell, this was a few months prior to the Wastelanders update. Once the patch hit I finally decided to launched the game and OMG i ended up loving it so much I actually played nothing else until the platinum was mine. In the end this ended up to be placed much higher than FO4 which in my eyes was kind of mediocre, not bad but not good either.
  2. I played it not too long ago (maybe 6 months after release) and even doing the 400 medal trophy solo wasn't too bad. I did it in one of the newer areas and it took maybe 10 hours or so, atleast I remember I did it in a single day, very tedious but certainly doable. One thing to note tho is this game has quite a few places of frame drops, but if you can manage that its a pretty good game overall.
  3. To my own experience the climax battle with the 1-hit gun is the worst ever, made me quit the platinum some time back. Still cant find a way to get past the final room in that trial. I've been thinking about going back and retrying but still putting it on hold. Hate it. 0 and Kiwami 2 platinums were nothing compared to this one.
  4. As people said the Ones eliminator (and possibly Threes eliminator, but this one is easier due to being able to recruit 2 good players alongside you) are the platinum stoppers. Rest is just a huge grind with 100 free packs being the longest, since you cant speed it up. Can open one pack every 23 hours. However the Ones eliminator got significantly easier since the game became available on EA access (due to being more "new" players) but it's still not easy by any means.
  5. Thanks for this. Just realized people are still playing 19 so I went back trying to pick up some more trophies. Glad for the help with this one.
  6. Thanks for the replies people, looks like indeed the Spam boost is what's wrong. I tried again by server hopping after each invite, and got it a few minutes laters. Stay safe and game on
  7. Still not 100 myself, but from experience I can say some event are really good xp. The one near Fort Defiance, the events in the mines etc provide alot of enemies. The best one is probably the one where you gotta protect some human NPCs in a mine, cant remember the name tho. Also nuked zones ofc, but if there is alot of people there it might be hard to actually find any enemies to kill.
  8. Did anyone manage to boost this one? Or is it time to go and do rando invites to people? Read in the trophy guide that u are supposed to be able to leave and join the same team but no luck for me here. Been trying with 2 ps4's over a couple of days but no trophy so far.
  9. In addition to all the tips already posted, I personally found Aerith more useful to control in this fight. I had her as a high Magic character and I believe the magic stat affects her weapon damage. Atleast I found that she did alot more damage than Barret with normal attacks as long as you target the middle of the body (not the wheels). Also once you stagger the boss you can usually cripple the wheels real easy to make its mobility worse.
  10. Nioh Complete Edition is a completely separate download afaik (That's why it doesn't say "Currently unavailable" like it normally does), so there should be no problems.
  11. Think it's the third quest for Beckett where you need to find Edwin's Key. For me the quest marker never showed up which resorted me to google for it. Don't do this! Even if I found the key the quest didn't update. However, what you should do is go to your camp and store his bar, then log out and switch server and replace the bar in your camp. This fixed the issue for me.
  12. Must be some bug then, I was level 7 at the time. However when I logged back in after taking a break all worked fine. Thanks for answering tho.
  13. So I dunno if this might be a really stupid question but here goes: I crafted a level 5 weapon, but the game refuses to let me equip it, also it doesn't state if there is a special requirement or anything. Is this a bug or what do I need to use lvl 5 weapons?
  14. Well I'm EU aswell, finished first palace 21 days ago for example and still nothing for me. Oh well, guess I'll finish the platinum and see where that gets me, otherwise I guess it's time to go to the PS support.
  15. Most important tip that I could probably give is that there are no "auto-win" setup for the entire run, switch setups for boss battles. I never used the elemental materias in my weapons, but rather used them defensively paired with whatever element the boss was using. Other than that the above setup seems fine, revival is really useful to have on all characters along with 2 maxed HP/MP up even tho it might not be entirely necessary. Also I didn't think the Hard run was as bad as I got the impression of it to be, just be careful with the 1-shot super abilities of some bosses. Also I got the Götterdammerung before even starting on Hard, its totally possible to do it on chapter 17 Normal since you have to choose "hard" on the VR challenge anyways. As long as u are prepared with good level materias its not too bad, Bahamut is the hard part, but Manawall makes it much more manageable.