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  1. Ultimate was discounted at Halloween i think? So im sure it will be back, I picked it up at around 20€ or somewhere close to that.
  2. I think I saw somewhere that up til now every game that recieved a ps5 upgrade (not backward comp) has had their own trophy list. Is that true? Reason for asking was that Im considering picking up the Control Ultimate Edition during the Black Friday sale. I know you can never be 100% sure in the end since the game wont get the ps5 upgrade until next year, but atleast its a good chance if every game until now has it. *Tried looking for a similar topic so feel free to delete/lock if already answered.
  3. Can also add that 2W 2T and 1L is also enough for Div 4. Im horrible at online play so im happy it worked out.
  4. Also noticed there is no 100 login reward requirement this year, which is positive. It's taken down to 7 daily rewards. No more 3 ½ months for plat.
  5. If I remember correctly they said it's not getting a ps5 improvement, but you can play as backwards comp on the ps5. I could be wrong tho, correct me in that case.
  6. For me personally in 20 the Ones Eliminator was the toughest trophy, managed to get in after alot of grinding tho. Not looking forward to do it again. Not sure what the HUT Rush thing is since i havent read much about the game, might be tough. Also happy the Threes trophies are gone apart from the Mascot one, but that is cake walk. Unless I completely missed them in the trophy list.
  7. Monster Hunter Iceborne Name: Master the Hunt Quality: Gold Description: Defeat all monsters in the Arena with a target time of 6 minutes. Rarity: Ultra Rare probably The time here might be a bit off, been a long time since I played the game, but I do believe all normal monsters are beatable in 6 minutes. (This is not counting the special encounters, basically the ones you can get crowns for). Also would require the game to keep track of best times. In fact, 6 minutes might be alot considering you can use Dragonator and Falling Rocks, but you get the point behind the trophy.
  8. Thanks. It wasn't like this at midnight, guess it took Sony a while to make it available and me being impatient.
  9. I preordered the Trilogy back when it was first released, but now whenever I go to download Mafia 1 it just tells me to pre-order. How did everyone else do it that preordered?
  10. Looks like this was just bugged. Restarted the game and all of a sudden all my played rounds had been accounted for, but a bugger is no trophies has popped (hcp +13.6)
  11. Not getting the handicap rating. Just keeps telling me to play handicap rated courses, but which are those? Can you do this on career mode? Or is this something to do outside of career?
  12. Man this is so silly in one way, but makes so much sense in another. Thanks for posting this, awesome!
  13. Haha I see you. Of course the easy answer is to just play whatever you havent completed yet. Thing is with my current approach I find it hard to not get burned out. So yeah, this topic actually helps bring perspective in to different approaches. Also I find 72% to be low, nothing to be impressed about. I'm more inclined to be impressed by people who manage to keep a perfect profile while not only playing Ratalaika games.
  14. Thanks for all the input, it's really interesting to read all of your comments. Makes me even more motivated to maybe try out some of your methods. I really like the idea of having a spreadsheet, how weird it may sound because more often than not I go to my trophy list these days and just pick a game thats not 100% when I want to clear some old trophies. A spreadsheet would definately help with that.
  15. Just a curious topic on how you people are working on your backlog. At one point in time I was at sub 50% completion, but decided I had the motivation to try to get it higher. Right now I'm sitting at almost 72% so I have made quite the progress since then, but still sitting at around 4200 unearned trophies. Whats your trick to getting % up? I've tried alot of different approaches, with going back to old games and focusing on 1 game at a time. Also tried using the trophy advisor here on the site to get the high % trophies out of the way. Right now I'm mixing new games with going back to old games. I know that for every new game you 100% your percentage is gonna go up as well, but just curious how other people are working on their %. I know I am never gonna reach 100% since I have a lot of trophies that are impossible to get as of now, but still looking to get it as high as possible. Feel free to remove or whatever if this has been discussed too much in the past.