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  1. With that description atleast we can still hope for some FFXVI info. Especially with Yoshi P saying the game is pretty much done.
  2. Just a friendly reminder to snag that free PS Plus Adventurer pack for anyone who might have missed it. I saw it by accident on the addon page on ps store.
  3. Everything carries over into Hard mode, basically playing on Hard isnt really a "New game+" either. It's been a while but i want to remember that you do Hard mode from chapter select and can do chapters basically in whatever order that you want. Someone can correct me if Im wrong, been a while since I played. All i can recommend however is to do basically everything (Max out characters, level up the correct materias etc) before tackling Hard, since it really is Hard. (No ethers etc so no easy way of restoring MP) EDIT Quote from trophy guide:
  4. I agree, im usually not the "graphic" kind of person, but even I react to how bad this game looks some times. It's not even near the graphic quality they were able to pull off in Nioh R or Nioh 2R on the ps5, and those games even run at 120 fps. Im disappointed.
  5. My hope is for one of the side missions to be a "classical" FF end game optional boss. By the looks of it, this might be it, and might keep the rarity down a bit: Havent been keeping up too much since I want to go in as blind as possible, Im having faith tho as i like most FF games + Nioh etc.
  6. For me, as an inexperienced GT player, this seems really hard. Those gold licenses scare me, but then again, the only thing im concerned about atm is getting the online trophies done. Then I can enjoy the rest at my own pace, even if it takes years
  7. Oleg or whatever his name is should be accessible pretty early if you have the patience with one of those chariot tombs. He wrecks face until you can get mimic
  8. Late game you can kill him as a red invader in a later area. It looks like you have to finish his quest in Volcano Manor first tho, since he didnt invade me until I helped him with his invasions. And after killing the Manor boss you cant complete any quests in the Manor area I would definately add this as a missable. But incase you miss it you can get it in 5 minutes in NG+ anyway so its not the end of the world.
  9. I read you got the boss already so well done, but in case anyone else reading this for tips. As someone said, caster with adula's is a reliable strat. What I did for my first run was using a Str/Fth build with Blasphemous blade from Rykard. Then with mimic just spam the weapon skill, also makes this fight a joke. The thing with Elden Ring is the mimic ashes kind of destroys the bosses in this game. As soon as you get aggro from boss, just leg it for a bit until boss re-focuses mimic and then nuke for a few seconds again. I know she heals, but at this point in the game you should be able to out-damage the heal, she also staggers pretty easy. But in conclusion I agree that the triple whirlwind attack is bullshit, ive seen a video of someone managing to dodge the whole chain but it requires some insane inputs.
  10. I'm glad there actually are games like this, that requires some thought process, involvement and engagement. Even looking at the leaderboards, this game can be platted in under 10 hours most likely (I know the no.1 clocked in at just over 5 hours but that probably took some setup before earning the first trophy) so its not like u lose out on 150 hours if u have to go again.
  11. Favorite part - Combat, the world and story (both main and side stories) Negative part - Gauntlet run (I really did NOT enjoy that part, rubberbanding opponents and weird controls, just felt clunky most of the time) and climbing felt bad at times.
  12. Can't say that Im getting less excited to play after reading the initial reviews. Friday cant come soon enough.
  13. Also another tip for 2nd boss, right at the end of phase 1, before triggering phase 2, go pick up a fresh weapon from the racks. Blocking/parrying while carrying a weapon removes the chip damage, so might make it easier. Might be obvious but thought I'd mention it.
  14. Not sure what triggered it, but when the enemy was staggered and lying on the floor, I used a takedown and he smacked him with the staff over the face. I know what you mean, ive seen alot of of that takedown aswell, but when fighting the enemy in the museum where you get the mask collectable I somehow managed to pull that one off.