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  1. Not sure if Rivals count for this, but HUT champ season does count since that's the way I got it, before Rivals even was released. You qualify by being high enough rank in the HUT champ qualifiers that runs during the week, or collect 2000 HUT champ points by playing Rivals. Once in the HUT champ tournament that runs Fri-Sun every week you need to be top 10k for any sort of reward, but that shouldnt be too hard.
  2. RE2 remake - First scary game plat I manage. Days Gone - Really enjoyed this one despite it having some issues. Death Stranding - Odd/Mysterious game, didn't become boring to me. Borderlands 3 - Well it's Borderlands, and I love the series. Sekiro - Just as with Borderlands, I'm a huge FromSoft fan. Along with RE2 I both platted and 100% steam for these games. Main reason for these 5 to be top is because the trophy lists never became a chore to me, you all know when you're really fed up with the game and just grinding out the final trophies. Few honorable mentions which could probably have made the list: Control Kingdom Hearts 3 Judgment Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order As you can see from the list I'm really satisfied with the games of 2019. Even tho this year didn't have any RDR2 or God of War levels of game, we still got alot of top games in my eyes. However my body is oh so ready for 2020 with TLoU 2, FF7, Cyberpunk, Persona 5R, (most likely RE3 remake too from the PSN leak earlier this week.) And this list is still only the first half, and I might have forgotten some of the top of my head.
  3. Main backlog Platinum/100% atm is Skyrim, quite a grindy one but atleast got all the missables so it's just grinding left. Tho I'm mixing it up with new releases to keep it fresh.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Only got the ps4 version and finished most of the story stuff already so was just considering if it's worth going back for a cleanup or just let it be. Will never get up to an overall 100% completion anyway cause of games with closed servers so what's a few unearned trophies in the long run anyway, still would like to get it as high as possible tho
  5. Ok, so I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere about it not being safe playing online because of trophies autopopping which makes psnp flag you, however I can't find this thread anymore. Was it only for the ps3 or should you still stay away from the ps4 online mode? Tried scrolling back a few pages of topics but could find nothing, really sorry if I'm tired or blind or both and missed it. Would appreciate any answers all the same.
  6. I was standing next to its leg, it was near the area where you first meet it, it stands there and u can walk up to the legs of it
  7. If you have all Seven Archives and total of 19 logs it should be all. No idea how to fix tho, both trophies of mine worked fine
  8. No 1 Archive 1 is the giant orb in the puzzle room with the fans in the first world. When you are up by the treasure chest on the ledge you can scan the orb
  9. Entry number 2 in Archive One should be the workbench in Hermit's Abode in Bogano. Was missing that one aswell but walking there I could scan the workbench for it. Also enemy no 3 in Kashyyyk is the Jaw Plant. Basically the giant bug traps in the tree/water area
  10. Has anyone found Entry #1 in Archive Five under Cordova's Journey? Even if you can't remember where you got it, the name of the file should point to some clue as to where to get it so that would be very much appreciated. EDIT: Found it the old fashioned way by searching, was the Giant bird in the Tree area if anyone else is missing.
  11. Is anyone else having trouble finding the final part to get to 100% map in the Imperial Refinery on Kashyyk? Got all secrets, echos etc but map stuck at 96%. EDIT: Seems like Im missing an echo, no 5 under Imperial Occupation, guess its back to searching.
  12. How weird that not everyone thinks the same, silly world we live in. Honestly I've stopped caring about reviews since like 10 years back, we live in a connected world so just hit up a youtube/twitch vid and see for yourself if its something for you. However, my 2 cents. Was a bit worried before starting, but im now about 25 hours in and cant say anything else than I can't wait to play more. Story has me hooked and cant wait to see where it goes, also I find the gameplay to be fine, it keeps giving you new tools to play with in a nice pace so for me it hasnt felt repetitive or boring so far, but I can still see why it isnt for everyone, but then again I dont think Kojima ever wanted to make a CoD or some other shooter, Honestly cant see why people are even hating on games, if it doesnt look good, leave it and move on with your life and play something else. But as soon as a Triple A game isnt for everyone, the hate-trains starts choo-ing.
  13. Already own both games, but I'm happy people who havent, get to play Nioh and maybe get some more people interested in Nioh 2. Reminds me I need to finish of the remaining DLC trophies aswell.
  14. Currently around 4900, been trying to clean up some old games inbetween new ones, atleast I raised my completion from 40ish % to about 62% now. Safe to say I will never reach 100% cause of trophies on games where servers shut down, but I'm taking 1% at a time and see how far I can get. Would really like to aim for 80% but that's probably gonna take forever. Even was considering starting a new account due to the unearnable trophies, but figured I dont want to throw a 10 year old account with several thousands of hours into the bin, and in the end you are really only doing this for yourself so I got rid of that thought.
  15. Also done with the 100% finally, and as previous posters said, its such a lazy effort to bring more content to the game. The challenges were atleast somewhat fun, except the randomness of the bike challenges, but the NG+ Survival 2 crap is just dumb, they just made all enemies bullet sponges, I actually counted on one of the light armored enemies towards the end, he could stand 24 (most shots in the legs/arms) shots from the high end handgun (cant remember name) which is just plain stupid. Shame really, because the first time around I really enjoyed the game. Atleast now I can delete the game, hopefully they are not gonna add any paid dlcs later.