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  1. Some but not all trophies will auto-pop. Im nowhere near the platinum but play on both versions and I noticed trophies like "Bus Parking Simulator" didnt autopop. I had to play 10 squad battle games on both systems for that one. So im guessing this will be the case for other trophies like the skill games etc
  2. First off, tried to search for a similar topic but search results came back with way too much to filter through em all but if anyone feels this has been covered I'm sorry in advance. But what is your favorite game with an Ultra Rare Platinum? I'm looking for something fun to work on over a long time, doesn't matter if the game is just grindy or hard to make you age 10 years while doing it, but I do want it to be a semi decent game atleast. I know this is a subject of oppinion but thats why I'm asking here to get some inspiration to actually research through a list of games. Currently working on Terraria but from what I hear this game won't stay UR with the new 1.4 patch. Have a great weekend.
  3. The grind is real. I was hoping for a non 25% list, but this is pretty extreme. However I will be doing 99 hardcore on an offline character, that way you can atleast backup your save from time to time to avoid a complete wipe.
  4. Shortages are expected in to 2022 from what I read, so finding one sitting on a shelf probably will be hard. On-topic tho I got both mine by preordering (which I doubt you cant do anymore)
  5. Yeah, I started the game, disabled online, quit back out and re-downloaded my old save from before patch and still got those errors.
  6. I tried disabling online features and Im still getting the save errors when opening chests etc
  7. I'm getting these save errors with whatever I do, every single enemy killed etc. Be careful, I insta-quit the game and re-downloaded my save from the cloud which was from before updating. So im staying off until they fix this. Do not want a save corruption.
  8. Ah, that explains it. Never seen it before since this is the first game i actually pre-order in a very long time. Thanks for clarifying!
  9. Just noticed my preload unlocks in 19 hours 40 minutes which is 2PM on the 22nd where I live. Anyone else noticed this? Guess it's a worldwide release at some eastern timezone.
  10. Popped as soon as I logged in to FUT so guess it's resolved
  11. It's a fine line to balance on as a trophy hunter. More than once I have found myself keep playing a game I dont like purely because of obsession of trophies. Which made me kind of burn out in the end, result is not a single platinum in over 6 months now.
  12. So, basically I can't enable the 120 fps option for some reason and looking here for help. A rundown of what I've done: - PS5 set to performance mode in settings. - Monitor obviously supports 144 hz Still the 120 fps mode is greyed out for me, anyone got a clue what to do?
  13. Ultimate was discounted at Halloween i think? So im sure it will be back, I picked it up at around 20€ or somewhere close to that.
  14. I think I saw somewhere that up til now every game that recieved a ps5 upgrade (not backward comp) has had their own trophy list. Is that true? Reason for asking was that Im considering picking up the Control Ultimate Edition during the Black Friday sale. I know you can never be 100% sure in the end since the game wont get the ps5 upgrade until next year, but atleast its a good chance if every game until now has it. *Tried looking for a similar topic so feel free to delete/lock if already answered.
  15. Can also add that 2W 2T and 1L is also enough for Div 4. Im horrible at online play so im happy it worked out.