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  1. Any news on the patch or have the devs abandon the game?
  2. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 for me, the Story and Nightmare modes were fun but grinding out all crew levels was an agonizingly long process....
  3. Thats a real shame, i really enjoyed this game. Its one thing if you cant complete a game because its to hard but another if you cant complete it because of the lack of support from the developers. Unfortunately happened more often lately. But thanks for the information!
  4. My personal favourtie would be Nuclear Throne everything fromt the music to the design of the characters is amazing and unique. But its an extremly hard platinum. I played well over 100h and was only able to achive 50% of all trophies. I also played Enter the Gungeon but quickly lost interest because the start of a round always felt kind of slow and demotivated me.
  5. Are their any new informations on an upcoming patch for these trophies? Its a real shame that they didnt do enough for this game, the base concept is pretty enjoyable.
  6. Thanks a lot !!! finally got the platinum. I found all the stars exactly at the positions you described And I only needed 47, there is still one star missing in "raising a child" but I still can't shoot it. Anyway, it was a fun game, trophy wise a bit annoying cause there is so much dialogue going on at every level.
  7. I am very close to getting the Platinum on this Game, I only have 3 Stars left but I can't seem to find them. Maybe someone already found them and can tell me their location? 1. The first star in level 8 "Prom" 2. The first star in level 17 "Tracing Center" 3. The first star in level 18 "First Child", I think it's at the start of the level up on the star but I cant shoot it maybe it's not the right one