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  1. I own the PS4 game on my account and I've been playing couch coop with a friend on his PS4. He doesn't own the game. I've been the only one getting trophies. It could be different if both players own the game, or in some other variation, but I haven't tried.
  2. This still seems to be happening. Is there a way to fix it? I found this thread (over a year old) when looking for a solution. I'm seeing it the issue here, for example: https://psnprofiles.com/guide/7476-persona-5-dancing-star-night-trophy-guide The trophy guide trophies shows in Japanese, even though I have my language set to English, and the trophy list shows in English.
  3. I tried playing Rival Wings and didn't get the PvP trophy. But Front Lines worked.
  4. The only blocked scene I noticed was the ending cutscene. I think the rest of the game is unblocked.