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  1. For the weapons trophy if you buy all weapons quit game and reload your game they should pop in the loading screen.
  2. What i did is unlock all weapons and restarted the game and they all popped , for the banking trophy you need to earn money 5 times so you need to make a profit for it to count.
  3. They probably shut down psn cuz they probably got another intrusion or something. Lol i have 2 ps4 and both of them get errors like crazy everyday , black death screen 1 or twice a day , man it can hardly run the interface without insane lag spikes, im about to burn them both.
  4. The collect all artifact one is semi missable since it can carry to new game plus. You need to craft them aswell for the trophy to pop. The hunt all maps trophy is not missable but i had the game bug on me were some of the hunt maps Wouldn't show anymore even if i restarted the game. My 2 other playtrough were fine.
  5. Borderlands 2 is so badass that y after 7 years its still getting dlc's, caint wait to blow shit up!
  6. I caint wait for the day where i see a lvl 100 profile with just ratalaika games. It will be a completely worthless profile in my opinion and a reminder that taking the easy road is definitely not rewarding. Some of us have put our heart and soul in these profiles. Looking at a profile filled with Ratalaika games almost makes me puke. Especially when his trophy count is 10 k and hes got 9,999 comon and 1 uncommon.
  7. The problem with easy games is ppl that play the same game 6 to 8 time , to me i just ignore them they are nothing but safe zone gamers. And not everyone has them fyi.
  8. Like i said up to devious dongeons it wasent so bad, so yea those games were good...So if you read my post correctly everything your saying is actually wat im douing.
  9. Of course its easy , this company only makes easy trash games , it wasent so bad up to devious dongeons, but now they have to release 2 games per week ohh my bad i said games wat i ment was trophy list's.
  10. What i did is delete my local save file then download my cloud save. Worked perfectly for me.
  11. No trophys are glitched now, evryting in the game is fixed, and yeah its perma death but backing up your save can make this very easy.
  12. Maybe he was given the chance to tes the trophys by the telltalle franchise . If thats not the case and they show unlocked he definitely hacked them cuz those dlc’s are not out yet. And maybee ghost accounts can screw up ur time stamps. Im not sure cuz i never used one.