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  1. Fifa 20 - nice % for that one! Ive always had fifa platinums elude me
  2. Hi mate, Brilliant, yeah i have been working on 15 recently actually. Yeah that's fine ill eventually get to div 4 . I just didnt want to have to achieve div 4 before 30th August as that would not happen lol. Thanks for the info.
  3. Hi Edinhon, i dont suppose you know if this also affects the reach div 4 trophy?
  4. Is anyone available to help with the pro club trophies on this game? PSN - JordanTboy
  5. Does anyone fancy teaming up to complete all of the online trophies at all? Pretty much need them all.
  6. I found Stunt races to be the best/most fun way to get to 100
  7. Hi all, I struggled with this trophy as it also did not pop various times, however last night i came home from work and loaded a game straight into an online game of Descent (1st NYC mission) I used just the pistol only, no medkits, turrets, wire, knife etc. At the end of the mission i had the Pistol and the cause no friendly damage trophy pop at the same time. If you all follow ERKAWEST'S method this will work, for me i attempted this trophy the first time i turned my console on that day