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  1. I'm on this trophy too but my game crashes so often it's unplayable 😪 Someone know if a fix will come soon?
  2. Have someone tried to delete the game and play on 1st version (by stopping the downloading of version 1.02) to try the That's wrap trophy ?
  3. I think that the trophies are only available in solo mode. Can anyone confirm that ?
  4. I've found a guide of That's a wrap trophy on Trueachievements .... : https://www.trueachievements.com/a347050/thats-a-wrap-achievement Well, it would be easy if it was just it. Just checked, the guy has not obtained the achievement ....
  5. Ok so we have confirmation that we need to build 15 beehives and we don't need to produce honey. Thanks for your feedback, I correct it in the first message 🙏👍
  6. I would be glad to offer a badge to every contibuter if it was possible 🙏😎
  7. That's why I've never found the repaint option ! Thanks for the information I add it to the first message 🙏
  8. Same for me man ! This community is just awesome and those enigma trophies were a real pleasure to solve. Thank you one more time to all of you 🙏
  9. Same for me yesterday ! The stats were not growing for me too. But for some days I thank that it was growing.... strange ....
  10. Thanks for your help 🙏 I add this to the first message and will update it when the time/distance/amount will be known.
  11. Perfect ! I update the first message of the topic 😉 @Anke and @ChrisHeckman : Can you give us more information about some trophies from my first message ? The ones where I've written no information for the moment. I saw that you already got them. Thanks guys 🙏
  12. I add the first information to the first message of this topic. I will try to use my 2 slots I don't use to find the number of days needed. Have one of you tried to change the date on the console directly ? (I don't have access to my console to try for the moment)
  13. I followed your 3 guides for every map and no collectible have missed. Thank you one more time for your great work my friend 🙏 I don't know how you found some of them 😮😮😮
  14. Hello everyone, My game has freezed 5 times since I play the game on ps4. Does anyone else have issue ? Someone know how to fix it ?
  15. Thanks for this information, I add it to the first message of the topic. If we have more information, I will correct or update it.