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  1. Not at all.
  2. I took your image and made a spreadsheet in google drive anyone can make a copy of if they prefer it: Just go to file -> make a copy to make your own. The have column is for the amount of whatever you have earned, the total is required, the need is how many you have left.
  3. Accidentally bought 2 copies of this from gamestop. Here's the extra code for whoever wants it. BT6M-PENH-L74T
  4. Best way to grind levels for this would be to get at least a group of 4, go to asia-pacific server, and look for team games with a sector map (back in and out till you find it). Then get one team to cap one zone and the other team to cap the other and let them extract if they aren't close together. When you get 2 that are close together (at most 3-4 seconds walking distance is preferred) just swap caps. 225 xp NORMAL (775 x3) each cap. 1 hour of this gets ~24 levels with normal XP. With triple you're looking at probably 1 1/2 prestiges per hour.
  5. Friend of mine convinced me go get SYNDICATE to help out with trophies.
  6. Add me as a Legend please. I've done: Demon's Souls Dark Souls Dark Souls 2 Dark Souls 3 Bloodborne
  7. Made some new ones: password1! password1! password1!
  8. All done, thanks to everyone.
  9. I JUST bought the code from and downloaded the pack, so it IS still possible to get access to it. Proof: