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  1. I've been able to replicate it, and it's quite simple: On a brand new day where you are due for your 1st +100 XP boost (which I assume is a daily thing from the game's inception). 1. Play quick match 2. Play quick match 3. Play quick match 4. NEVER PLAY CASUAL OR RANKED That's it. As long as you only play quick matches you'll get +100 every time. I had +100 for 2 days, played 1 game of casual and lost it, went back to playing only quick the next day and it was back.
  2. Just did this with my friend playing Valerie with myself playing Tyrone. He is high enough rank that he can buy infinite molotovs so he did so, and I pumped up my melee damage with perks and used a sledge hammer while buffed with yellow herbs. Took a few games but we eventually got it. He said 6 molotovs would kill the plant outright so I also made sure I started with 1 via perk, just to have in case he got grabbed so I could free him.
  3. I don't know what level it is exactly but Annette gets a perk around level 20ish that gives all enhance buffs whenever you use an enhancer, if I read it correctly. Maybe it's that?
  4. One of the modes explicitly says on the menu before you select it that you won't earn Trophies and reduced (or none) RP if you play that mode.
  5. I'm gonna keep it in the box and never look at it ever again, much like the vast majority of things I buy.
  6. Went here: Did robo-chat, answered the 7 questions to get to live support. Live support guy helped me.
  7. Yeah I just tried twice as well, I was able to get a refund from Sony after they had me restore my licenses and initialize the PS4. EA help was thoroughly garbage, this is all the guy said to do: "I would request you to please perform these steps: 1) Make sure that you dimensions are 510 x 126 2)I saved the file as a png to give the converter something to convert but you can also jsut save it as a jpg. 3)Go to [] [ and upload the banner. 4) select Best Quality. 5) Convert to jpg and download 6) I used Firefox to upload banner to Battlelog. 7) If Battlefield is running, restart it." I asked him what he was talking about and he said this wasn't their problem, talk to Sony. Bunch of idiots over there I swear.
  8. Sorry to necro but to answer the question for anyone looking in the future, I unlocked the ability to do the challenge at Rep 50.
  9. FarSideOfSaturn is AMAZING! Thanks a ton man!
  10. I'm gonna have to take you up on this as well.
  11. How the hell did you beat Ardyn and Ravus? I guess I just suck haha
  12. Friend of mine is playing with his PS4 offline if I recall correctly and hasn't been prompted for the update, he said he just unlocked the level 99 chocobo trophy about 30 minutes ago.
  13. Not at all.
  14. I took your image and made a spreadsheet in google drive anyone can make a copy of if they prefer it: Just go to file -> make a copy to make your own. The have column is for the amount of whatever you have earned, the total is required, the need is how many you have left.
  15. Accidentally bought 2 copies of this from gamestop. Here's the extra code for whoever wants it. BT6M-PENH-L74T