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  1. To piggy back off of this, it'll say UNOFF at the top of the screen while you are playing (IIRC) if it's an unofficial tourny.
  2. Servers are back up (at least they were a few hours ago). Finally got my plat. Good luck to everyone else trying for this lol
  3. BTW how do you get so many diamonds lmfao NGL every time I see you at the top of the list I'm like "dude I wish you would stop playing the game so someone else can get a diamond."
  4. Just wanted to bump this to get as many eyes on it as possible. On topic: I was getting 715.97m at least 30 times before I finally got 715.98m. I would have been done with this game already by my save got corrupted in January and I didn't have a back up. Thanks Sony for your shit proprietary memory cards
  5. Game is on sale so I was looking at it but with 0% achieved not sure if that's because no one played this game or if it's glitched. Any info would be appreciated! "The Warband Win a game of Viking vs Viking Team Deathmatch"
  6. I was about to start this game with a friend of mine but we are both getting network errors and unable to go online. Is anyone else able to see if they are having issues? EDIT: So we both beat chapter 1 and then it let us connect to each other. Don't remember seeing that being mentioned anywhere as a requirement though.
  7. For magic:
  8. I've never changed my system time (NA Digital version) and I've never seen anything special from the Pets. Guess my game was glitched from the start lol
  9. I feel a game that was designed to be about simulating martial arts by nature would require some dedication and commitment, similar to how learning martial arts in the real world is. Now it's going to be a button masher. Just play a dynasty warriors game if you want to "whip some ass".
  10. Probably not, not only because that's a lot of extra work but because you can generally use the species identifier to figure out of you'll be able to fight the monster based on the sprite you see on the map. I guess I should include a link to the encounter guide on gamefaqs though so you can reference the [S Rank] monsters (which are monsters that ONLY join in battle, you can't find them on the map ever). Also wanted to mention I finished the automatic updating for eliminating monsters via skills learned at the bottom of each character's page. Just add your skill absorbed like normal ("1" in the "Obtained" column) and it should highlight the ability on the chart below. Get all 4 abilities and the monster name highlights green and gets a strikethrough.
  11. I had that happen like 3 times before I got 415.98. I'd keep trying if I were you to be safe, takes like a minute each time so IMO it's not that bad of an investment.
  12. Yeah I can get obsessive about games I really like and the last few nights at work have been dead so I've had a lot of free time. From my research, in general, you want to secure a few skills (or all) that belong to the end-game monster forms you want + magical heal + rain of life, then reserve the last slot for random ability absorption so that you build your prime HP up, eventually securing the last slot with a preferred skill and never absorbing again. I've finished my Human Techniques checklist as well. It has a section describing Zaraktheus's Spark difficulty value generation vs technique required and another section for enemies and their personal Spark difficulty values for easier cross referencing. Also updating my monster ability checklist (slowly) to automatically highlight obtained skills on the monster list.
  13. As the title states, I've created a checklist on google sheets to hopefully assist people with monster ability learning. It includes information about which monsters give which abilities so it may be helpful in planning forms as well. Please let me know if there are any improvements that can be made to this. I hope to make a character technique list as well, was thinking of doing magic too but that's not quite as difficult to visualize and organize in my opinion.
  14. I know this is really old but the model for the gun actually depletes the rounds in it (picture a revolver) but that's the only visual queue that you might need ammo. You can also manually reload with the square button with L2 held down. I think you get about 8 shots before you run empty and the game reloads for you.
  15. Is this the download list from the XMB? Under your account, same place you can find services list and transaction list? I had the same issue when I bought a season pass recently, I never checked before getting a refund but are you able to see your purchases in the PSN store download list?