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  1. I waited to speak to the Hunter until I was finished with everything except the last boss, it unlocked my 80% first, then 50%, then 20%. After I killed the final boss it popped 100%. Does your backup have the final boss killed already?
  2. At time of writing: You have to finish the game before getting 100% at least once to unlock this trophy, it will not stack if you beat the game at 100% before you've beaten it once. Now I get to play it all over again. Yay.
  3. I just noticed the option today, not sure if it was available any earlier but I'm currently downloading the free PS5 upgrade.
  4. I was able to download the patch on wednesday, not sure when it went down. Hit me up if you need the dynamic duo trophy.
  5. Two players, but good luck doing it with two consoles lol
  6. Did you connect once a few years ago?
  7. Please post here if it does, really need to get these trophies.
  8. Too bad it isn't Sunday any more so we can't run some tests. I'll try to remember to do some runs this Sunday and see what kind of drop rates I get and post them here, also see if I also have the visual discrepancy that you have. From what I've read on Reddit though people don't suggest running these domains on Sunday due to the random nature of the drops, so I doubt there has been too much testing on it.
  9. Ah my mistake, I'm AR 35 and saw tier IV was 40 and just assumed it went up by 5s. My only other idea is that there is an overflow on the display such that they have 9 slots for items per line to display and they also only use 1 line for item display, so you only see the Adventure XP, Mora, Companionship XP, 3 green drops, and 3 blue drops. I wonder if you navigate to that section and scroll to the right if you would see the other rarities then display? Could be the drop rates are abysmal and you just had bad luck not getting any purple. I have noticed I'd get 2-3 green and 1-2 blue when I ran tier II domains but I haven't run any tier III ones yet so I can't attest to their drop rates.
  10. I think your issue stems from a low AR. If you go to (For example Domain of Forgery) a domain and enter the menu for it, you get 4 options: Domain of Forgery: City of Reflections I, II, III, and IV along with a recommended party level (15, 36, 59, 80). The first Domain challenge is unlocked at... 25 I want to say, the second at 30, the third at 35, and the fourth at 40 (it shows a red lock to the left of the domains you can't do yet and at the bottom of the screen shows what AR you need to be at). Unfortunately, tier I only drops Green drops, tier II drops Green and Blue, tier III drops Green, Blue, and Purple, tier IV drops Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold. I think what happened is you saw in the domain screen that the domain CAN drop all four tiers of items but didn't recognize that the tier you fought at is the highest you have unlocked currently which doesn't have the purple or gold items in the drop table.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I ended up playing a few more matches and it popped finally. Maybe it needed a server refresh or something? IDK I have noticed I don't get the XP/Results screen sometimes and when the trophy popped it was at that screen.
  12. I've gotten to Rank 6 with each Class (Rank 7 with Pyro) and as such unlocked all of the talents but didn't get the trophy. I made sure to hit Rank 6 on the last class while playing on the PS4 (I do play on PC sometimes as well). Anyone else had any issues? It took me a while to unlock the 5 exiles trophy as well, I needed to do it 3 or 4 times before it worked.
  13. I had 496/500 scrap for the first challenge. I started the game a few hours later and got some scrap. When I checked my challenges I had 0/2000 for the new challenge. I'm assuming something similar happened to you and the game doesn't do any rollover for scrap from the first challenge to the second. If that isn't what you are talking about and you haven't gotten any scrap for the second challenge since your last post you should probably restart the game IMO.
  14. I've been able to replicate it, and it's quite simple: On a brand new day where you are due for your 1st +100 XP boost (which I assume is a daily thing from the game's inception). 1. Play quick match 2. Play quick match 3. Play quick match 4. NEVER PLAY CASUAL OR RANKED That's it. As long as you only play quick matches you'll get +100 every time. I had +100 for 2 days, played 1 game of casual and lost it, went back to playing only quick the next day and it was back.