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  1. I played this game many times over and over on the NES i knew almost all secret areas that hop you to the last level. What @chiino82 said that is a boring trophy list because this game deserve better, love it
  2. Hi trophy hunters, i tought this trophy was glitch to and it is a littly glitchy, but the thing is you must wait a little time when it pops. I played all the stacks on both my accounts (Richie_Rich_NL & The_Punisher_NL) and i was searching for a solution to pop this 🏆. And the key to this solution is in Chapter 2 when you do the last bridge puzzle with the key in the purple section and complete it you must wait. In this movie it took almost 3 minutes to pop but it can pop quicker but its a weird trophy to pop. I hope it could help you guys. Here is a link to a video i made, i hope it helps
  3. LOL i had problems to moving the Rocks 🪨 in Level 3. If i push the left rock it teleport me to the right Rock at the other end 😂 but i had no problems with the trophys they popped perfectly on both accounts, i played the EU version. Tomorrow i will do the NA version on both accounts. Happy New Year 🎆 Everybody
  4. Hello ZiziMonster, thanks for your message. I have 2 accounts both i am hunting trophys. The 3th one is a American account is was logged in for buying games so 3 accounts where logged in. I normally play a lots of games and sone of the accounts are logged in and it never happen that i get multiple trophy pop for the same trophy. But i made a Video so if PSN Profile Mod needs it i have it to show them what happen. Thanks again and have a nice weekend, cheers Richard
  5. Hello PSN Profiles I have a question, i am playing Deep Abyss Korean Version on my main account Richie_Rich_NL and i am also logged in as The_Punisher_NL and Richie_Richie_US but if i recieved a trophy it popped 3 times for all the accounts and some trophys i earned i did not get and must play it again to get the trophys. for exsample i finished level 0, 1, 2 but i only get the trophy for level 0 and 2 so i missed the trophy for level 1. I replay level 1 and it popped and i see that the timestamp for level 1 is 21:28 and level 2 is 20:55 i dont get it. Can you tell me if this game is buggy because its strange to get 1 trophy and get this trophy on all 3 acounts thats logged in. Can you figure it out if this is normal because this is the first time that thus happen to me. I hope to hear someting about this problem. Many many thanks Richard