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  1. After the craze of remastering games, I've kept saying to a friend at work there is only one set of games I want remastered and without even saying he remembers everytime and that is.... Mass Effect Trilogy. I buy three types of games day one and that is Pro Evo, Mass Effect and Artifex Mundi and I would definitely buy the Mass Effect Trilogy remaster.
  2. Thank you for the information, I purchased the game through the Hong Kong sale too and kept trying every few days but saw the error. I absolutely adored Life is Strange Season 1 and Before the Storm so can't wait until all episodes are released to experience this game.
  3. I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I've done the vita trick many times and just earned two platinums on my US account ready for my main, the problem is with the email app. I've used it many times before and changed the settings to imap like before (as I still use hotmail) but I keep getting an error message that I cannot send or receive emails. My error code is C2-14389-5. I've tried the look the code up online and the suggestions are not working. EDIT - I made a gmail account and joined the new century and the email worked.
  4. Thank you so much, I loaded up another pre-made prison and found the last snapshot. You should definitely do a guide as some of the trophies are difficult for me, not sure about others having problems.
  5. I loaded up multiple of the pre-made prisons and was able to unlock 26/27 Escape Mode Snapshots, does anyone have an idea which room Rage unlocks in? Most of them I loaded from one single prison called 'Clandestine Cove' which was brilliant.
  6. I thoroughly enjoyed Prison Architect, so much I never wanted to play The Escapists as I worked really hard to build a successful prison for people to escape, but with this game doing a escape version I want to try it out with an added bonus of trophies so I can get my 100% back. Hopefully there can be a good guide on the trophies as some on the PS4 like all grants were difficult as it took ages for the classes and manufacturing of items but with prisoners and guards everywhere it didn't take long for good morale and a successful prison.
  7. This list is superb, I see no win x amount on myclub. Superstar was hard and Legend last year was terrible. I always get PES and I see the platinum as an added bonus. Unfortunately like most years the get the best players, you'd be more inclined to spend real money to get gold and black balls or if you grind gp you can get points to use rather than myclub coins.