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  1. Mindi your guides have increased my platinum count massively, thank you.
  2. I tried in the current Weekly Tower Iron Man match to pick up the kendo stick and on both occasions the opponent took the weapon off me but dropped it immediately.
  3. Superb analysis, I use Ruby Riddle and Ruby Sonya. For Riddle I always hold square and x for his signature and finishers so you execute the move and get credit rather than submission. I'm currently at 56 tokens with the diamond market unlocked and three chapters finished. 126 for the first two and 118 in the third due to the handicap tornado tag matches which kick my ass.
  4. Two wrestlers who helped me considerably in proving grounds legendary are Ruby Riddle and Ruby Sonya Deville. Both are fantastic strikers with incredible chances to stun when you spam square allowing you to hit signatures and finishers without the opponent reversing. For ladder matches I use Riddle or Amethyst Kofi as they have quick climber.
  5. I've had a few trophies autopop. Proving grounds tower and chapter I unlocked on PS5 and then entered the proving grounds menu on PS4 and both trophies unlocked. 10 and 100 myfaction wins didn't autopop but they did unlock on the next respective wins 11 and 101. Everything else I had to do twice.
  6. SPOILERS I was able to get this trophy on the PS4 playing the Mixed Match Challenge, unfortunately you're supposed to lose to Roman Reigns and then you have to win an awful Money in the bank ladder match which took me so long to win as nobody wanted to climb the ladder only knock me off. After that match you have a feud with Kevin Owens, which is where I won the title yet the game said you have to let him damage you to further the storyline where Roman Reigns helps you win, then there's a triple threat. However I found a super easy way to win the title on the PS5 without having to win the Money in the bank, I completed the mixed match challenge like before and you have to damage Roman Reigns a certain amount before a cutscene, yet I was able to win by submission and unlock the trophy even though I failed the objective.
  7. I'm happy the PS5 resize feature is working again. I messaged you a while ago and it worked on and off, but I saw I wasn't the only one having the problem.
  8. 1. Arrested Development 2. Scrubs 3. Community 4. 30 Rock 5. ER The first four were easy choices but the fifth was difficult as I've seen so many fantastic shows over the years; Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Elementary, The Good Doctor, Chuck could easily have made it into 5th.
  9. Spot on assessment. I adore PES (Pro Evo to me) but that doesn't mean I'm going to waste my time bashing Fifa on their forums. Enjoy what you enjoy and don't worry about anyone else.
  10. Your suggestion was perfect. I did a quest with Randvi and then I could fight the old lady.
  11. I have just encountered this bug. - I tried the mission after I finished the story and with my latest save and no fight. - I tried halfway through the Wrath of the Druid DLC and no fight. - Loaded an earlier save where I just finished the game before completing other areas and no fight. This is getting really irritating, even though the thread is in the PS5 forum, I encountered the bug of the PS4 Pro version of the game.
  12. I used Trophy Tom video. Bought a pond and placed it outside my office, filled and drained the pond 15 times until the trophy unlocked. Credit : Trophy Tom
  13. Just unlocked Gardener. I restarted my PS4 like you said and grinded the skills on my save I restored and unlocked it, weird.
  14. Every trophy unlocked for me bar one; Gardener. I unlocked all the skills but that trophy didn't unlock. Luckily I had a save from a few days ago so I'm just trying to grind to get all the skills again.
  15. Yay we've been saved. Your trophy videos for the main game were fantastic, thank you so much.