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  1. Oddly enough I also got the Loremaster trophy after getting 180 lorestones (there are 195 in total, 175 in the base game and 20 in the DLC).
  2. I won't count TLOU2 because it's only rare since it just came out, the platinum is actually really easy, so: COD Black Ops 3 (0.77%) COD WWII (1.59%) Terraria (2.06%) Thumper (3.52%) Dead Cells (3.70%)
  3. As @X-x-TheMayor-x-X said and in my experienece as well, collecting 200 food items in the same maps always works. With the use of the "Food Reserves" armor enchantment, you can get it in 1-2 hours of pressing L1 and collecting food, less if you have a friend to drop you food as well.
  4. I recently got back into the game and got all multiplayer trophies aside from the level 50 one in about one week or so of playing 3-4 hours each day, I'm currently level 42 and it takes about 3 co-op matches to level up as you can get around 30K-50K from each match. Also, you can knock out some of the multiplayer trophies while playing co-op. I found the most infamously annoying trophies (Multi-tasking and The Bomber) pretty easy despite not being obtainable in co-op. I got Multi-taking in the hero starfighters mode by getting 1-3 hero ships kills every match, and The Bomber by chasing down AI ships in public matches. And yeah, I had no problem finding matches in any game mode, I play on EU servers mostly in evenings.
  5. Senseless is one of the trophies that remained unchanged since launch, according to the wiki, so you'll have to get it legitimately. As for Close But No Cigar the 1.0 method will work as stated, you just need to beat the Cold Zero situation.
  6. Just tried it twice, I did get R6S v1.0 to download however the download stopped both times at around 70% due to the server not responding, I'm guessing some of the 1.0 files are no longer available on PSN, thus this method doesn't work for R6S, unfortunately. Edit: NVM, apparently it was a problem on my side. Just tried method #2 and it worked, I got the annoying "Close but not cigar" trophy by finishing the "Cold Zero" situation on 1.0. @Ac3dUd3-
  7. Does "Birds of a feather" require you to force pull 4 enemies at once? If so, does anyone know where this can be done? Edit: Never mind, just got it in "Cairn Docking Bay", right at this part.
  8. If someone is willing to boost "Map Room" today (in the next 8 hours or so from the time of this post) I will very much appreciate it. Please leave your PSN here and I'll contact you. Thanks so much in advance. PSN: Liav222 Edit: Got it, thanks guys, awesome community
  9. So it would seem Torchlight 2 is finally heading to consoles. Game is pretty fun, if you liked Diablo you'll definitely enjoy this. I beat the game on PC and might just double dip. Trophy list seems reasonable, most trophies are story related and the game is about 15 hours long. I can't recall how much of a grind it is to get to level 100 and I didn't try beating the game on Hardcore but I'd imagine it's not that hard, would love to hear from people who actually did either (or both).
  10. No new game plus is a huge bummer. I wouldn't mind playing through the story again but resetting all progress sounds too much of a hustle. Guess it's not for me. I hope they'll add it in a future update.
  11. Hey all. So I and a friend of mine found a method to exploit the checkpoint system and boost the most grindy trophy of the game, getting 10,000 orbs, in just a few hours. Start a mission (preferably a story mission because those give the most orbs) on the highest intensity available. Finish the mission and talk to the mission's NPC to claim your reward. Right after claiming the reward, the host should shut the game down from the dashboard and reopen it. There are a few seconds before the autosave kicks in. At this point, all of the players who joined the session will be thrown back to the main menu while keeping the orbs. As for the host, the game will remain unsaved. The host should now reload the save, let all of the players join back in, reclaim the reward and repeat from stage 3. Obviously, this can only be done in co-op and the host does NOT get to keep the orbs, only the players who join him. We did this on intensity 5 which gives 92 orbs for each story mission. Every instance of reclaiming the reward should take around 2 minutes including loading screens, making it by far the best method to farm/boost orbs. Cheers.
  12. According to the Wiki, they have a 20% chance to spawn in every map you enter (excluding boss maps) so it's feasible that you encounter one in almost every run, the key is of course constantly paying attention to your surroundings and exploring every map thoroughly. It's really easy to miss them since the glowing block thingy only appears once you get close to it. I think that with all my time with the game I only found like 3 to 4 challenge rifts.
  13. It feels like the PC version on ultra settings and locked to 60 FPS. Blood Money HD crashed for me twice in the mission "Till Death Do Us Part" (don't try to kill everyone, the game will crash after about 40~ kills). Other than that pretty smooth experience. Haven't played Absolution HD much but from what I saw it's also a solid port. Wouldn't say it's worth $60, only get it if you're a die hard Hitman fan and can't wait for it to go on sale.
  14. I did excatly that before even reaching chapter 6 and the trophy poped for me. It would appear that the mission isn't listed in the mission list unlike other honor mission which is a source for some confusion. I also saw people claiming that this mission isn't even required for the trophy. Anyways, rest assured that once you donate food / money, you're done with it.
  15. @EphemeralEcho Hi sir, could you be kind and enable content sharing on your Social Club and send your profile so that we can see your compendium? It would be immensely appreciated.