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  1. Probably late, but from what I've read on the game's Steam board, all trophies can be obtained in coop with the exception of "I'm not afraid of any work" (Complete 7 Challenges) Update: apparently green hell difficulty is single-player only, so that trophy as well.
  2. Yes, it works in all 3 games. The game's trophy data is saved on a separate file so reloading saves doesn't affect the tracker. You can farm combat trophies at any point.
  3. I attempted those trophies almost from scratch last week on 1.5+ and they only popped once I've gotten 100% of each category. I've also asked around in the Stardew Valley Discord community and people confirmed it is the case.
  4. Worth noting that the platinum is now quite a bit longer for players who haven't done Gourmet Chef, Craft Master, and Master Angler - the newest update added new stuff that is required for those trophies. This mainly affects the Craft Master trophy because most of the new crafting recipes require you to complete the "Special Orders" (which are like the help requested but longer). Note that for "Master Angler" you need 100% of the fish including the fish that are exclusive to the Night Market and Ginger Island, as opposed to earlier versions where you only needed the base game fish. The "Legendary II" fish are not counted as new fish thus not required. Few tips I can give to people who are going for Fector's Challenge right now and are bad at twin-stick shooters: Get the "Key To The Town" from Mr. Qi in Ginger Island (sold for 20 Qi gems), that way you'll be able to access Gus' saloon without waiting until 12:00 am. There are plenty of old guides you can follow if you don't know what upgrades to purchase and when. If you're cornered and about to die you can press the touchpad before getting hit to reset without quitting to the menu to save some time. If you get hit, restart the day immediately, there is no way around this. ONLY when against the final boss, you don't need to quit to the menu if you get hit, pressing the touchpad will reset the level and your death won't count and you'll still get Fector's Challenge, I tested this myself. Although I'm not sure it works for the other 2 bosses, I only tried this on the final boss and it worked. Good luck and have fun people.
  5. Yes, it does work. You don't need an actual PS4, to do this, only the 2 versions of the game and a backup of your 100% PS4 save.
  6. Unfortunately no. Saves only transfer from PS4 to PS5.
  7. The only 2 trophies that won't auto pop and have to be done manually on the PS5 are "So Many Hits..." (100 combo) and "The Untouchable Spider-Man" (complete a base without taking damage). I did both of those requirements on the PS4 version before transferring my save, and still, they didn't pop. This is basically a non-issue because both are very easy and can be completed withing 5-10 minutes but just so you guys know.
  8. According to the Steam achievements, the 1 million monsters should come pretty easily considering 40% of the players got it, also 17% on collecting 7 legendary sets make it look not too bad at all. The real grind seems to be is the finishing blow trophies, if I'm reading this correctly you need to pull off almost 2000 finishers with 4 different abilities (some of them are specific to a certain classes I'm guessing) on a specific type of monster. I didn't play the game but considering those achievements have 0% to 0.1% accomplishment rate on Steam, it seems like one hell of a grind (or just broken).
  9. Oddly enough I also got the Loremaster trophy after getting 180 lorestones (there are 195 in total, 175 in the base game and 20 in the DLC).
  10. I won't count TLOU2 because it's only rare since it just came out, the platinum is actually really easy, so: COD Black Ops 3 (0.77%) COD WWII (1.59%) Terraria (2.06%) Thumper (3.52%) Dead Cells (3.70%)
  11. As @X-x-TheMayor-x-X said and in my experienece as well, collecting 200 food items in the same maps always works. With the use of the "Food Reserves" armor enchantment, you can get it in 1-2 hours of pressing L1 and collecting food, less if you have a friend to drop you food as well.
  12. I recently got back into the game and got all multiplayer trophies aside from the level 50 one in about one week or so of playing 3-4 hours each day, I'm currently level 42 and it takes about 3 co-op matches to level up as you can get around 30K-50K from each match. Also, you can knock out some of the multiplayer trophies while playing co-op. I found the most infamously annoying trophies (Multi-tasking and The Bomber) pretty easy despite not being obtainable in co-op. I got Multi-taking in the hero starfighters mode by getting 1-3 hero ships kills every match, and The Bomber by chasing down AI ships in public matches. And yeah, I had no problem finding matches in any game mode, I play on EU servers mostly in evenings.
  13. Senseless is one of the trophies that remained unchanged since launch, according to the wiki, so you'll have to get it legitimately. As for Close But No Cigar the 1.0 method will work as stated, you just need to beat the Cold Zero situation.
  14. Just tried it twice, I did get R6S v1.0 to download however the download stopped both times at around 70% due to the server not responding, I'm guessing some of the 1.0 files are no longer available on PSN, thus this method doesn't work for R6S, unfortunately. Edit: NVM, apparently it was a problem on my side. Just tried method #2 and it worked, I got the annoying "Close but not cigar" trophy by finishing the "Cold Zero" situation on 1.0. @Ac3dUd3-
  15. Does "Birds of a feather" require you to force pull 4 enemies at once? If so, does anyone know where this can be done? Edit: Never mind, just got it in "Cairn Docking Bay", right at this part.