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  1. I Hope they do pop soon as they fix it, not because of the last worm standing, that is bugged for me aswell I have 7 wins no trophy, but my challenger trophy is bugged aswell stuck on 14% and I have 20 completed so it should be 40%. That one is more of a pain if you have to do another 50 if it doesnt use stat page.
  2. same won 6 times still nothing
  3. To be fair I think the max level and grinding is smart on their behalf, if you reach max level to quick you get your plat and alot of players like myself will move on. this holds player retention longer. the grind isn't that bad as it's a pretty fun game, nearly level 25 in 15 hours play time if its under 50 hours its a good plat, considering there are games I've had to grind for hundreds of hours for the max level this is ok.
  4. Any news on this? been 4 days. won 3 today and still the last man standing trophy isn't popping
  5. Just won a game and no trophy pop for me, which is frustrating -.-. Australia here I don't know what server i would be connected to. edit: won 5 games now no trophy pop
  6. I know this is a bit late but for others that are looking to do this, doesn't matter what char your on, all you need is a level 20 vaal summon skeleton, a separate summon skeleton, rise raging spirit, faster casting, and a golem gem for good measure. Just go to a low level cast skele and raging spirit and run around till vaal can be casted then spam raging spirit till you have 20 and cadt normal skele and you'll have it with ease.
  7. I've came to get the plat on the ps4, as I'm a trophy hunter but I usually play poe on PC, I've done 151 maps out of 159 only some rare maps left was about to do the last few but trophy hasn't popped for all red maps being done? Not gonna bother if I can't get the trophy feel like I've wasted ny time -.-