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  1. P.P.S. I've completed the Sentinel class quest. I found it quite straight forward. I've also unlocked the 'fast' trait for my archer which lets me start with 50% mana.
  2. I've got 407 troops. The legendary troops are: Abhorath, Behemoth, Carnex, Jarl Firemantle, Marid, Medea, Queen Moonclaw, Saguaro, Scarlett, The great Maw, Urskula and Willow. They're mostly at level 1 but Saguaro is level 19 and Scarlett level 10. I don't have any mythic troops but I do have 71 of the purple coloured troops (can't remember what rarity that's called!) As for weapons, I've got 94. I do have 1 mythic weapon - Dragon's Oak. I've also got 36 legendary weapons. In my inventory, I've got 660k gold, 26k souls, 8k glory, 3174 traitstones, around 4,000 various jewels and about 360 ingots. Thanks again for helping! P.S. I've got all of the magic boosting kingdoms at level 10 and everything else at level 5. Also I'm working on upgrading the current artifact. I've currently got it at level 4
  3. Thanks for the reply. I don't have the angry mob but I do have leprechaun and Thrall. I've not got any of the weapons you mentioned. I've got the bombots and sunbird so I could give that a go. I'm level 66 with my archer but all other classes are at level 1. Some of the class trials have been hard to do, but others I've found to be quite achievable.
  4. Thanks very much for your response. There's a lot of useful information there. I do have twelve legendary troops but I'm not using any of them! Perhaps I should be? If I list them, could you advise? In the current team, Cogs double armour and Settite warrior also provides an armour buff. The team has a few weaknesses though. The major problem is that my mana doesn't fill up fast enough. I have the goblin to generate green orbs but I often find that I'm reliant on being lucky with the board. Of course the whole team falls apart if I lose Rowanne too!
  5. I've been playing this game for a while now so have unlocked a fair few troops and built up some resources but I've reached a bit of a wall! I'm using +2 Golden Cog, Rowanne, Goblin Shaman and Settite warrior, all around level 17. It works well for lower level battles. I build up Rowanne's armour and then use her Thorns spell. It isn't working on higher level matches though and is holding me back from earning the rest of the trophies i want to. The top priority is to build a team that I can complete Sin of Maraj with and start doing delves and building up underworld renown so I can get those trophies. What would be a good team for that? also, I have 500k gold, 5k glory and 5k souls as well as hundreds of traitstones etc. What's the best use for the different resources? Thanks!
  6. Thanks. I've just logged on and auto-popped three new trophies as both my characters are at full level lnow. Not sure what the thinking behind such a low level cap is but I don't mind. Hopefully it will make the game easier!! How do I claim the legendary mount? Is it free? There is one mount 9 a basilisk I think) but it costs 1500 gold.
  7. Tank. I have a second low rank halfling ranger character but she has always been very weak. I'll try Undermountain next and hopefully it won't be too hard. I've just done all the 'base' campaigns in the original release. I've not done any f the DLC campaigns. It's my Son's birthday on the weekend and we're going to visit his grandparents so I'll be away from my PS4 but I'll take you up on the pffer if you're doing another session in the future. Thanks for the reply.
  8. I voted first two options but instantly regretted it! My backlog is games i own but haven't started yet. I have a different category of 'backlog' for uncompleted games in my mind!
  9. Shameless bump!
  10. Well, I finished Dying Light. I don't think I've ever come across a game that so many people called 'Pawel' worked on, but that's probably the only thing that stands out about the game. Everything else felt bland and derivative. I only have a few trophies left for the plat so I'll push on and ge those last few but this is definitely one of those games I'll look forward to deleting off my system! 

  11. Fuck sake! I spent all last night until half one in the morning finishing up the collectibles for Dying Light and when I log back on this morning, it hasn't saved my progress! I've only got half the collectibles saved! I checked my cloud saves but there is nothing! Well frustrating! I'm looking forward to finishing this game - not really my cup of tea! 

    1. JoesusHCrust


      I was six collectibles away from getting the trophy but was too tired to continue. I thought I'd finish the last few off this morning! So annoying!! :)

    2. Rally-Vincent---


      So, a game with replay value...?

    3. JoesusHCrust


      It wasn't so bad in the end. It took me about 40 mins to get all the collectibles. I've finished the game now - just a few trophies left. To be honest I didn't rate it that highly. It was pretty bland and derivative. If you really like games like Far Cry and Assassin's Creed I suppose you might like it. 

  12. What can I do? I fancied getting back into this and having a crack at some of the DLC quests. I have a level 60 paladin with dragonbone gear. He used to be pretty powerful when I played a few years ago but when i logged back in recently, the difficulty level seems to have gone through the roof! How can I get back into this game? Any recommendations? Many thanks!
  13. Can't switch off my PS4 - even with the power button. I've held it in for several seconds but it doesn't work. Eventually I unplugged it! 

    It's the bloody PS store that does it! Every so often when I'm in the store, it causes my console to freeze and I can't switch it off! 

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    2. DaivRules


      I’m guessing the engineers that work on the console store work with the most ideal setup- SSDs and Gbps connection directly to the store with <1ms ping time because in the real world, that experience is the worst. I avoid it at all costs and try to use the PC/ mobile app store because of how bad it is. 
      An SSD and wired connection has made the PS3 store tolerable, but the PS4 store after jettisoning the PS3 and Vita content should have been significantly improved and it definitely has not. Sony is lucky people can tolerate that experience but I’m sure they’re losing sales and giving really poor experiences by not improving everything about the store. 

    3. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Ugh that is very unfortunate to hear! Mine has been doing kind of the opposite, where it just shuts off on its own then is very stubborn about turning back on... Like it starts up but then just shuts back down 5 seconds later! I eventually have to unplug it too for like 30 seconds and then it seems to be fine 🙄😅

    4. zizimonster


      Be careful with PS Now app. It occasionally freezes console too.

  14. Thanks. Sniper Elite v2 is only £1 more so should I go for that instead?
  15. It's now 90% off in the UK store. Is it worth it for 3 quid?