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  1. I think Red Dead Redemption 2 with around 350-400 hrs is probably my longest on PS. I’ve put a fair few hours into Kingdom Come Deliverance too! When I used to play on PC I played around 500 hrs on Morrowind and a similar amount of time on Oblivion.
  2. This looks interesting. Not my usual genre but I like the art style and setting. I never buy games at full price but will definitely get this in the future when it’s cheaper.
  3. I have quad bikes available in three colours in my base game. I don’t think that they come as DLC. I think they are part of the base game. In the UK PS store at current sale prices, it’s cheaper to buy the base game and DLC packs separately than buying the bundle. Just check that it isn’t the same in your country before you buy a bundle.
  4. Thanks so much for the detailed responses. I’ve bought the game as it’s on sale at the moment. I got a few of the dlc maps as well as they are only a few quid in the sale. I’ll download it overnight and start playing tomorrow.
  5. I really liked the hunting aspect of read dead 2. I’m looking for an open world to explore. I like collectibles, photos, plants hunting etc. in a game. Is this worth getting? It looks like a big time commitment to get the 100%. How is it technically? Good graphics?
  6. RDR2 is to other open world shooters as the taster menu at Geranium is to a Rustlers microwave beef burger. It’s such a masterpiece. You mustn’t pass over RDR2, although you might want to avoid the utterly awful trophy list! I’d also like to put in a request or two. You and I were talking about awful games and Albedo, Eyes from outer space came up. I’d like to read your review of that monstrosity and maybe some of the other short plats you have like Full Throttle remastered. finally, I want to make a really odd request, not for a review but for you to complete one of your unfinished games. You have one trophy left on Skyrim and it’s the one for getting all daedric artefacts. This trophy is a bunch of fun as there are some really quirky quests that you need to complete to get those artefacts so I’d like to challenge you to plat Skyrim!
  7. I don’t know him. I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice person. He’s a very wealthy, highly paid senior leader so I don’t feel he deserves any sympathy from me. I’m sure he doesn’t lose any sleep over all the negativity surrounding him online. It comes with the job and he is the public face of a large, profitable and successful business so he’s doing his job fine it seems. I find many of the trends in contemporary gaming (unnecessary remasters, lack of exciting new ip, games as service, lack of courage in developing inventive new gameplay etc.) to be frustrating but I’m more inclined to blame ‘the system’ and pressure to deliver financial outcomes than an individual person.
  8. Pointless. People’s grumbles are entirely fair. Resources put into pointless remasters of modern games are not available for developing new games.
  9. Yes, I do care and I wish I didn’t! I’ve spent hours and hours trying to 100% games that I don’t enjoy playing because I want to have a higher completion percentage. Whether a game has a plat or not makes no difference. It all contributes to your completion ratio.
  10. I’ve got to agree with pretty much everything you said about FC5. It just felt so……wimpy! We know our cousins on the other side of the pond take the whole religion thing a lot more seriously than us euro heathens but if you want to avoid talking about televangelist doomsday head bangers then DON’T MAKE A WHOLE FUCKING GAME PROMINENTLY FEATURING ONES AS CORE CHARACTERS, YOU PLONKERS! Ah, it could have been so good! What a shame. Mind you, you could say the same thing about every Ubisoft Far Cry game. Why bother hiring professional actors and developing an interesting story only to pour it down the nearest urinal and make yet another open world shopping list? Vietnam DLC was good, Mars was…..not. Skipping hand in hand through zombies with the famous Dr. B. was irie I’ve not played a coop game like that before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
  11. Still the GOAT username. 

    1. Deadly_Ha_Ha


      Best in the business

  12. I really liked the game. I’ve got no idea why the game got so much criticism when it first came out. my only complaint is the awful challenges that got tacked on after launch. An open world narrative game like Days Gone needs a hard challenge mode like I need a hornet sting in my face!
  13. An online game that lasted less than a year. Is this a record? It seems like an extremely short ‘lifespan’ for a game.
  14. Interesting results. I’m surprised that multiplayer is so much more unpopular than all the other categories. Thinking about the (many) games I’ve yet to 100%, multiple playthroughs and challenges seem to be the main blockers. In theory I’ll go back one day and play through some of my uncompleted games a second time and sometimes someone will taxi you so I selected s rank. I don’t mind challenge based trophies on games like racing games, fighting games or sports games where completing challenges is a core part of the game but when challenge modes are tacked on to narrative games I really hate that. Especially obnoxious is when challenges are added to a narrative game as DLC - like in Days Gone. It just feels like cheap filler rather than considered extra content that will enhance the gaming experience. collectibles and grinds I don’t mind as, as I’ve said before they are a way for low skilled but patient players like me to get UR trophies!
  15. Try Return of The Obra Dinn. An excellent and very unique puzzle mystery game.