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  1. They clearly didn't realise that what they'd done wasn't allowed so I think it's fine for them to start a dispute in order to clarify the rules.
  2. Honestly in my opinion, it's far, far sadder to waste time pouring scorn on someone who invests a huge amount of time and effort to be the best in their hobby than to spend time stacking Ratalaikas. Just live and let live! Why the need to be so judgmental? If playing 20 minute platinums isn't your thing, don't do it! For others, improving their position on the leaderboard is their hobby and it's just as legitimate a hobby as stamp collecting or football or astronomy! Personally, I went through a stage of playing very easy platinums but I stopped enjoying it so I stopped doing it! Easy! Anyway, good on you Ikemenzi, a truly impressive achievement. Fuck. Tell me about it man! Every bloody day I have to wake up, and at least 80% of the days I have to wake up earlier than I want to!
  3. Here's my fantasy system: Every game gets a platinum, and then extra DLC is counted as a seperate '100%' list. This isn't the system in use though, so for now, like it or not, we have to do all DLC to get the S rank. The reasons for that have been laid out in detai labove. There's plenty about life that I don't like, but for the time being we will have to complete all DLC if we want an S rank for a game.
  4. I agree to a point. It's frustrating that our completion percentage is affected by content that we don't own, but those are the rules. Generally, I don't find that DLC really adds much to most games and I dislike having to make a choice between completion percentage and spending money on DLCs I don't necessarily want but PSNP is just following Sony's conventions. If we want to get really philosophical, then greed is the cornerstone of all capitalist endeavours! DLC is designed to make money, as are games, as are games consoles etc. so there will always be some credibility to the 'it's just greed' argument. I suppose if people dislike 'greed' that much, they should campaign for a socialist planned system where the people's games console is made by the people for the people's entertainment!
  5. No. I asked the same question before. Both on your playstation and on this site, a game isn't considered '100% complete' until all DLC are completed. I too wish this wasn't the case but it is!!
  6. OK. Thanks. I don't have a smartphone so can't use an app but I'll try the webstore. Gutting that I've already missed a fair few games but at least I've realised now! Thanks for the advice! It's a bit bollocks though that you can't just use the store on your ps4 isn't it! I'm looking at the store now and it's a bit of a faff. I'm not very tech-minded! I live pretty much off grid when it comes to technology!
  7. I've just watched a Playstationgrenade video where the bloke says 'don't forget to add the ps5 game to your library if you are intending to grab a PS5 in the future. Well, yes, I am intending to get the PS5 one day and I would love to have a bunch of games ready to play when I do get it but I can't seem to figure out how I add the PS5 game to my library. Is it possible or is the host of that show just talking rubbish? +
  8. Really? Was any reason given as to why? The CRT is 4 people. This seems very.....lean indeed! 85,000+ cheaters removed and 4 people to do it! The team needs expanding!
  9. I'm not overthinking! I agree with you. My thoughts are exactly what Daivrules has written above. I'm just saying that because CRT methods have to be confidential, you run the risk of a storm in a teacup where people make assumptions about the CRT methodologies!! This whole thread seems crazy to me. We haven't got any evidence that the CRT are issuing flags based solely on exophase times!
  10. The CRT have to keep their methods confidential so typically disputes are resolved with little or no info available to us plebs. I don't have a problem with that, but I suppose it creates the possibility that you'll end up with half a dozen pages of people confirming that exophase doesn't accurately record gaming time when the CRT didn't rely on exophase to make a decision!
  11. I was agreeing with DrBloodmoney's comment rather than criticising this game. I'd gone rather off topic! I personally don't have a big issue with Christian themed games. I do have an issue with children being presented with what I'd consider to be confusing, supernatural and often frightening material before they are old enough to really understand different viewpoints and critically analyse information for themselves. Whenever a game or company makes explicit political or religious statements in their products, people are going to complain. Look at the outcry over Disco Elysium for example. It doesn't make it right or wrong, it's just how things are.
  12. Yes! Exactly. I had a row with my wife the other day because I was really unhappy that my son was being asked to read Muslim prayers at nursery. She couldn't see a problem but I said that I didn't want them getting in his head at 3 years old. It's the same reason I won't baptise him or send him to the ('outstanding' rated) local Catholic school. I've got no problem at all with Muslims, Christians, Jains, Sikhs whatever but I have a big problem with the indoctrination of small children. I'm not religious but I do have a very strongly held set of beliefs. The difference is that 'hard left' types like me don't try to get infants to sign up to our club!!!
  13. They didn't earn any trophies as a result of the hacked lobby though. I think that's the cornerstone of this dispute. They claim that the hacked lobby didn't pop any trophies.
  14. Me too! I was really looking forward to Death stranding but I just find it so dull! So far it just seems to be endless carry/fetch side quests. The setting is so original and the graphics are incredible but the gameplay hasn't gripped me yet. I'll come back to it later. Yes, I played it before on Xbox 360 and it was excellent. Definitely one I'll get again in the future.
  15. Am I being blind? Where are your reviews for the first ten? Also, I think your scienceometer might be miscalibrated. H:ZD was beautiful but profoundly derivative and unoriginal in its gameplay. When something looks that good, and is superficially that original, but is just another UBIsoft sandbox beneath the surface, science demands that its awesomenessnessability is reduced accordingly!