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  1. Careful. Undertale was a horrible plat and very quick and easy so not really what you were asking for. It wouldn't be 'special' in my opinion, but you can see the problem here! One person's special is another person's awful! Go for the Witcher 3. Maybe try a speedrun or something if you've already spent a lot of time on it. EDIT: I've looked through your profile. Why not set yourself a trophy goal? You have quite a low completion ratio. How about going back through your backlog and trying to increase your completion rate? You could pick a game that you particularly liked but for some reason didn't complete as your 100th platinum. I'm such a nerd that I actually made a spreadsheet in Excel of all of my uncompleted games and how many trophies I have left to complete them. That way I can 'mark them off' as I complete them (or just earn more trophies on them) and I find it satisfying to do that.
  2. I hope this is true! I would love to see a new KOTOR game.
  3. No, it's not right. Yes, it is a blatant cash grab!
  4. Haha! That's actually pretty accurate! I do indeed love zoology. I'm a 'lovey' person too!
  5. All of your trophies are 'tales of......' platinums. I don't know what that says about you but there's something very pleasing about word patterns like that!! Maybe you're a funny person and you like languages? Hard to tell much from a profile! P.S. funny as in good humoured rather than odd!
  6. That looks interesting. I've always enjoyed ND's games and I like fantasy genre games best so I'll be thrilled if their next title is a fantasy title.
  7. There are plenty of bigger issues in the World but this is a forum to discuss games! Dishonesty and selling a broken product are the fault of the seller, not the buyer. Personally, I don't buy games at launch because it seems to me that it has become industry practice to launch games i nan unfinished state. Someone said that $60.00 is not a lot of money. For many, it is. I could not afford to spend $60.00 on a game - that's my weekly food shopping bill!
  8. It's a tense time for many of us whenever there's a new generation of consoles released. I'm concerned that major Western RPG franchises will go to Xbox/PC and you're concerned that there's going to be an exodus of JRPG titles. I think DaivRules is right though. It's far too early to really know what's going to happen and we shouldn't jump to conclusions from a few very 'early days' articles. Worst case scenario is that these speculative articles 'create their own reality' as people react to these speculations and move away from the Playstation. I'm sure things will not be as bad as they are being made out to be. I expect some of these articles are sponsored by Microsoft to convince people to leave PS as ' xbox will have better exclusives'!!! Stay calm. We'll find out soon enough and if the rumours are proven to be true, it's not the end of the world to have to switch consoles.
  9. Spot on. It's bollocks. I don't use Twitter so don't know the correct terminology but if you scroll through the 'conversation' under that post, no one can find any incidences where anyone has called for the game to be censored. Using the 'culture war' to boost one's career is par for the course in certain sectors nowadays.
  10. Murdered: Soul Suspect is a nice detective title. Return of the Obra Dinn has been mentioned above. See how much you can complete without a guide. It's a proper detective game with very little 'hand holding' and would be very hard to complete without a guide! What else? Heavy Rain is a good detective game. L.A. Noire has been mentioned.
  11. No way to get DLC unless you already had a load of platinum to spend. You can still get the trophies for the DLC characters' lore if they are on 'free rotation.
  12. I hate it! It's one of those games that I really wish I hadn't started as I now feel compelled to come back to it to finish it but honestly, the thought of playing it again makes me feel a bit sick. I just find it incredibly stressful to play! The constant flooding with dozens of enemies - it just feels tense and stressful! I hated the Batman games too and this is very similar. If there was some sort of crowd control to give yourself some breathing space, it might be OK but....yes, as I said...Stressful!
  13. I did it! Honestly. I feel like crying! I have tried hundreds of times to clear this level and just been totally stuck! In the end, I used Oscar Mike (who I'm most comfortable with) with a shard generator, health generator and recoil reduction. I built every turret and drones. I didn't read Lord Bane's response before completing the level but basically did what (s)he suggested so thanks for that excellent advice and thanks to everyone else for the tips! Because the game has a jokey theme to it, I expected it to be easy but honestly, this level was tough as hell! No idea how I'll clear it on advanced difficulty! Now I just wish the servers were up for a few more weeks as getting the plat by the 25th is going to be a stretch!!
  14. Another game I'd love to see would be a new Mass Effect game. Controversial I know but I actually enjoy ME Andromeda! A new ME game would probably persuade me to get a PS5 although back in the real world, I can't really afford one!
  15. It was Fallout 4 the persuaded me to get a PS4, so it would be another Bethesda RPG that would persuade me to get a PS5 right now - TES 6 or Fallout 5. Neither of these are coming any time soon and even if they do come, they may be Xbox/PC exclusives so this is pure fantasy!