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  1. This isn't working very well for me. I'm not sure how you're getting to level 6 so quickly but for me, of the half a dozen times I've played a match, I only got to level 6 once before my minions destroyed the opposite team and that one time, I only had a few minutes left so only did around 100k damage.
  2. Slightly old news now but Microsoft have recently purchased ZeniMax media for about 7.5 billion dollars! Bargain! This is a major bummer for people like me who would sell their own grandmother to play Elder Scrolls 6 or the next (offline, not shit) Fallout game. It seems very unlikely that these would be released on a rival console now (although they may well be available on Steam). It gets worse too because obviously future Dishonoured, Doom, Quake, Prey, Rage, and...others, I'm sure I've missed some won't be on PS5 either and neither will the new Starfield IP (is that what it's called) that I was really looking forward to playing. I can't afford multiple consoles or a PC and I really want to play all my games on the same platform because I love going for the trophies and leveling up my profile. Microsoft has a bazillion dollars in the bank and the Xbox One did pretty poorly against the PS4 so will this set a precedent of them buying up well known (or less well known) publishers/developers and starving PS5 players of desirable IPs? Are we really happy with more God Of War games in exchange for not being able to play TES 6 or the next Fallout? I hope that the PS5 will remain a viable console and not be starved of good games. I really don't want to switch to Xbox!
  3. I'm excited about this. Amnesia was a great game.
  4. Thanks. That's useful info. I suppose I'm a Californian then, unless there's a 'cheaper' state? Thanks. That's helpful to know. I wasn't going to bother with an Asian account but there are a few games available on the US store that I'd like to buy. I might set up and AS account in the future but probably just stick to US for now.
  5. Thanks for your help everyone. I set up a second account (JoesusICrust - my less famous brother. He changes water into vinegar instead of wine) and got the trophy. I've got another question though! If I want to set up accounts in different regions do I have to fake an address in a different country? Obviously my address and postcode are in the UK so would I need to find some random address and 'post code (I believe our colonial cousins call it a 'Zip code') to set up a US account for example?
  6. It's like a Wikipedia entry, not a trophy discription! Yes, some of those are hilarious. I want to play that game now just because of the trophy descriptions.
  7. Thanks! That's very useful.
  8. Whilst I agree with your ethos, I think that's a little harsh. If some people enjoy upgrading their profile and enjoy climbing the leaderboards as a specific outcome, that's their prerogative. I find Nitro's response unusual but if he is really serious about his (or her, can't assume) leaderboard position, then fair enough! Personally, I think the number of dead profiles on the leaderboards combined with the fact that not all live PSN profiles are on them makes them fairly meaningless but if they have meaning for others, then fair play to them!!!
  9. No. How do I do that? Won't I have to pay to access the PS network or does it not really work like that? As you can tell, I'm really clueless when it comes to technology!
  10. Sorry, this is a very basic question but I'm currently trying to get some of the trophies for Battleborn and some of the tasks require you to have a second controller so that you can 'play' as two 'players' (essentially 'self boosting' a trophy). I've connected a second controller as 'Guest 1' but it isn't letting me play in a match, apparently 'Guest 1' isn't logged into the PS network. How then do I go about using a second controler to 'boost' a trophy as this seems to be a technique I see mentioned quite often but I've never figured out how to do it! sorry if this question has been asked before elsewhere and thanks for your help!
  11. I'm playing it on my own. Maybe if I had friends to play it with it would be more fun. I think it's also the fact that the servers are closing down soon so I 'have' (obviously I don't have to do anything but you know what I mean) to play it before it's gone for good.
  12. No wonder this game never really took off. It's so bland! I want to try and get at least some of the trophies before the servers shut down in January next year but it's just painful! The graphics look nice, it has a nice art style. That's about it really. Apart from that, it just feels like a shopping list! How are other people finding it?
  13. It hasn't worked sadly. Someone else above mentioned the same problem and they had to skip to the next set of ingreddients (drakes teeth) to complete the quest but it hasn't worked for me. I've killed dozens of drakes and nothing has dropped!
  14. Just confirmed! Progress tracker will be a feature on PS5! Yes! A really good feature. I wonder what other features we'll see?
  15. I hope so! I'd like to play it but probably not badly enough to fork out much money on it. I feel like there's been a lot of online multiplayer games recently on PS+ (although not this month) so some more single player options would be good.