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  1. I’m off to hospital. I had a severe case of cellulitis start on Sunday and it’s got much worse very quickly in spite of taking antibiotics orally for it so I’m going to enjoy my first experience of intravenous antibiotics. I can’t wait. I’m not remotely nervous of needles and hospitals, honestly! 😬😭

    1. AJ_Radio


      Sorry to hear this. Hope you get better.

    2. MidnightDragon


      Feel better 

  2. Audibly lol'd at your username

  3. I’ve just finished my supernova playthrough and thought I’d share a few thoughts. It’s not difficult at all and will only take maybe three hours max to complete so don’t be put off by it! I sided with the board on my playthrough but I don’t think it matters too much. If you side with the board, make sure you have a decent lockpick skill. You’ll need a lockpick of 30 early on in the game so make sure you spec some points into that. You’ll need 100 lockpick and 100 hack by the end of the game in order to avoid a hard boss fight so bare that in mind. after edgewater (doesn’t matter who you leave in charge unless you have other story trophies left to get) you can pick the lock on the safe in Gladys’ office to get udoms seal. If you can’t pick it without getting caught, just kill Gladys and her guards and pick the lock in your own time! Apparently there’s a trick to avoid going to Monarch too but I never figured it out. after Monarch, on Tarturus you’ll want to follow this guide to get three passwords and then make sure you have 100 lockpick and hack to hack R.A.M and avoid a hard fight. Don’t forget that you can reset all your skills on the unreliable if you need to. Make sure you have a high persuade skill so that you can get the prisoner ID for your camouflage device. If you’re siding with Welles you’ll need a persuade skill of 100 by the end of the game but won’t need such high hack and lockpick skills. You can avoid the missions on Rosewater by just flying to cascadia and running to stellar bay. You don’t need the navkey from Gladys.
  4. For anyone following this, just to be clear, you can have Reed or Adelaide in charge. If you’ve left Reed in charge, you’ll need to kill him before going back to Akande after clearing the airwaves on Monarch. If you left Adelaide in charge, you don’t need to kill her.
  5. New Vegas. Fallout 3 is an excellent game too mind. I’m glad I played them on the Xbox though as apparently there were serious performance issues on the PS3. Although NV had pretty poor graphics, it was just so varied. The different factions really were radically different and different choices led to totally different play through experiences. I wish they’d make more Fallout games. If they released a different one every year I’d be happy. Unfortunately Bethesda seem to want to focus on online multiplayer content. A shame as they really are the masters of the big single player rpg experience.
  6. Well, I think I’m done. Unfortunately I didn’t get all the challenges completed. I ground hard to get through the Old Town challenges but when I realised the Slums were even harder, I ran out of energy! honestly if you haven’t started the game yet, I wouldn’t bother. It’s not a terrible game, just very average. The main trophy list is quite achievable but not all that exciting. The DLC lists are harder. Overall, the game is nothing new or amazing. There are much better games out there!
  7. This is on sale at the moment. How is it? How hard? Is it a fun game? Glitchy? Any info much appreciated.
  8. I’ve just finished tower run which took me around 4 hours. Very hard. I thought the slums one might have been easier because they are ‘medium’ instead of ‘hard’. I don’t know who came up with the difficulty ratings but so far, first assignment seems worse than any of the ‘hard’ routes and I’ve not done favela fever yet. honestly, I hate it when dlc adds challenges. It just feels like cheap filler. Worse still when dlc content is way harder than the main game, locking you out of 100%. Not confident I’ll get these done in the last day but I’ll keep trying!
  9. Will this event mode help with the other challenges as well? I still haven’t completed all the challenges in the main game .
  10. I’m one of these weirdos that actively enjoys collectibles! Jedi fallen order stretched my tolerance though! RDR2 was fine for the most part. Going back and finding the creatures for the squirrel statue is a step too far even for me though! The rng is just horribly frustrating. Collecting things is one thing, not being able to collect them because of rng is another though!
  11. I’ll look out for that when I return to this game.
  12. Let’s hope they fix the trophies this time. I’m still sore about Mafia 3!
  13. This is a joke. They can’t even spell my name right. Nobody approached me about this. Surely I should get royalties? I’m going to have to get in touch with my legal team.
  14. It’s not an RPG. As the doctor says, it’s more like Arkham Knight. I’d say it’s more like a fighting game. I personally hated it! I love the setting but the game wasn’t to my taste at all. You’re constantly swarmed with multiple enemies and building up combos is a major part of the gameplay. If that’s your thing, go for it, but it isn’t an open world RPG!
  15. Play them in order. Rdr2 is an absolute masterpiece. The trophy list is horrible but the game is really special! The way the ending is handled and how it ties up with the first game is really well done so you won’t be disappointed.