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  1. Thanks! I may reinstall tho I deffo had it happen to me on the PS5 afew times
  2. Does the game still crash all the time in Roguelite mode?
  3. Hey, there isn't many guides but the normal campaign there isn't any missable I don't believe (I've got all trophies bar Roguelite) The only issue is the Rogue Lite mode, the game constantly crashes so its near impossible to finish this mode. I reached out to the developers who apologised and said they'd pass on to the people who ported the game (Jandusoft) but I can't imagine anything will change this late down the line
  4. Hi, Looking for the platinum for the base game if anyone can help. Mainly all colours of wool, the enderdragon trophies, portal and on a rail. Any help would be appreciated PSN - damethodman
  5. I got mine as a preorder. Dont even know what the difference is or what it does?
  6. Hey, I need to boost the 3 co op trophies if anyone can help? I'm playing the EU version PSN damethodman- Drop me a friend request