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  1. 175? i'm sorry i thought it was 170 i apologize. Thank you for your insight.
  2. I'm new to this game but I got this guy up to 170 finally where his skill is to unlock for Go for The Eyes and well i don't see it as a selectable option. Does it only show the 4 strongest ultimate attacks? I tried to kill off most of my people but their skills just greyed out there. Thoughts?
  3. so the artifacts/mods won't help my cr level.. ok thanks
  4. Hey all.. this is probably pretty basic but I need help. I have a level 30 character but my combat rating is a joke and I can't enter some levels I paid for. Is there a good guide how to upgrade stuff? I get new equipment with better stats as I've played but never figured out the modding and gem stuff. I'm not on the subscription. It is hard with all my money going to escrow but do I need a subscription to do these mods and stuff? I tried watching some youtube videos but they were not really clear and to the point.
  5. Well i got it. Thanks.. reload time on vehicle mode was a bit slow.. had to save the bot accessory clutch for the 3rd part and released it to help distract some of the bots.. of course it didn't kill anything but helped and vehicle mode for the snipers was good enough to get me through it... now to do starscreams special trophy and spend 100k in escalation
  6. Yes all upgrades purchased. Thanks for the tip on alt mode with megatron forgot about that. I will try that tonight. I was trying his normal blaster and the glass gas cannon but run outta ammo but the last bullet in his gun having 5x damage upgrade was helpful in previous levels.
  7. Any recommendations how to defeat the 3-4 waves of bots while trying to reconfigure Trypticon? I keep dying once the snipers come out on wave 3. It's the last level i need on hard mode.
  8. Long shot request I am in need of 6 hearts to my profile on lbp to get a trophy in lbp1. If anyone can help please sign into this site or game and look me up. Still working on getting 50 people to play a single level but that is pretty close now Https://
  9. Close ticket.. got it with a new friends help
  10. Greetings, I need help with this one and yes everyone has posted saying you can solo it.. well i got to level 4 or so and the mind switching scorpion kept pushing me out of bounds and resetting it's health to max and had like 20 minions keeping me from moving and attacking and such.. Anyways.. anyone else trying to work on this trophy? I'm level 65 sorcerer so not really a tank or anything but i soloed everyhing up to that point.. if it wasn't for the 20 mind switching minions i'm sure i could have progressed. Thursday or Friday evening? Maybe on the weekend? Anyone? i started a session for friday evening after i get off work but i can do it thursday even.. i need help sadly.. soloed most of it
  11. Anyone leveling up in mulitplayer that wants to boost with me? I was in a group before but the people that started it hit 100 then left so was just curious if anyone working on leveling up? I've tried deathmatches but the glitchy hacked characters seem impervious and then there are the ones that turn on a shield out of nowhere.. Anyways currently need 40 levels to get to 100 so i can get to unlock prime mode. Minor trophy cleanup after that... I am stuck at Defeating Soundwave on hard mode to finish autobot campaign trophies
  12. I can't seem to figure out how i take damage and the monsters don't most of hte time.. and there are barely enough potions to squeeze but.. stuck on i think mission 6
  13. Greetings, I was curious if anyone would be willing to help me get the two online trophies. I have to rescue more civilians currently as well but only 25 or so more and can solo that one but if anyone has a ps3 and the game i'd be greatful if we can setup a day and time to do what looks like 2 missions.. I'd imagine two levels would be all that's needed.. you beat level one solo for a high score. I'd imagine level 2 i can solo to beat your score then.. if you die on the second level and i'm the sole survivor i'd think that should cover both. Ohio, USA Eastern Time Zone. Best time- weekend if scheduled, working on some home maintenance projects on weekend but if scheduled should work out.
  14. I purchased it back in 2011 i believe.. sadly never got around to it really.. glad to see online section seems to work still. I'll have to hit up some forums to see if anyone else plays to work on online trophies.. i think i gave up on it when i kept dying on the last stage but cleared it this weekend.. so onto beating it with the other lions The game mentions dlc? was there ever dlc? i don't recall it.. googling: the arena of doom? too bad i probably didn't buy it.. idk i'll have to go through the 900 pages of downloads on psn to see if it's there.. ps3 is terribly hard to find things to redownload PSN profiles helped told me when first trophy was earned.. doesn't look like i have any dlc.. darn Edit: bought it a week later.. i'll tell my ps3 to redownload just in case