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  1. Searching for a boost Partner for the online trophies. Just add me and write: worms 2 boosting Psn: Erik_Australien Cheers
  2. Excellent. Found it. Thanks guys finished it too. Quite challenging. For the cross control dlc do I need to buy this game as well for the vita? Looks like you have to spend more than $300 (game, dlcs, motion controller and camera and the vita) all up to get 100% in lbp 2
  3. you are right. But I just figured out that I created my account in new Zealand where I lived 2 years ago and I can't change my country to Australia. Worst country to creat an account 🙁. Any other ideas? Cheers Erik
  4. Hi Guys i need your help with the dc comics cant buy it anywhere her in Australia, not even in psn store. The only thing what you can by here is 3 DC Comics Costumes. do you have any idea how i can get the trophies? i heard if you join somebody in the DLC you can still get trophies even you dont own it. can somebody confirm that and give me a hand to get these trophies? Thanks heaps Erik PSN: Erik_Australien .