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  1. I am doing the same as you, hoping to finish the platinum soon. Do you have an issue with the map not displaying all the collectables? They only show up on my mini map, when I am near. Makes it very difficult to collect everything especially since it is spread out between 3 different characters.
  2. MLB the show 2017 This was enjoyable. I decided to go back and play MLB 2016 just because I usually get sports games every other year due to not much changing. I enjoyed it very much.
  3. Just bought the Handsome jack collection if anyone would like to play either of the two games add me...usmcjr09
  4. Add me for watch dogs 2 coop


  5. Can you do this with two people or does it have to be solo? Im a DC if anyone ever wants to team up.
  6. You can add me for group play, currently lvl 57 DC. Enjoying the game.
  7. One of my fave games from ps3 was kingdom of Amalur. Id love to see this remastered..however since the game company no longer exists I doubt it'll happen. Also Heavy Rain.
  8. I work in Law Enforcement. What (if any) Platinum are you most proud of?
  9. Really enjoys games by Quantico im jealous of the heavy rain plat..nice job.
  10. You are AWESOME! Thank just need to find the two I'm missing in the Desert, and the 10 I'm missing in Tear. I'm not sure how I am missing 10 in Tear unless its from the jump and the end or unless i missed a side path all together but find this highly unlikely as i have all the other collectibles.
  11. Add me, always on PS3,PS4, and Vita Some current games im playing are BF4 knack Resogun Need for speed AC4 Killzone-Mercenary Wipeout 2048 DCUO
  12. anyone can add me very active on ps4 and vita USMCJR09