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  1. It should have the option for English text in the JP retail version of the game since it does for the other regions. I have the NA retail version of the game and I can change to different languages via the game settings.
  2. #47: Magicka 2 You Are The Special Get all other Trophies. Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 I was pleasantly surprised by this game. Took me some time, but it was a good way to start getting back to RPGs this year. The game’s campaign was pretty short, and there wasn’t much stuff to do once you finish the single player aside from going after the trophies. Cooperative mode is the prominent feature on this game, and I had plenty of fun playing this with random people.
  3. It will automatically change to a new name assuming your PSN name and forum name are exactly the same, I think. I changed my PSN name and my forum changed automatically. I'm a premium member.
  4. Thank you very much for this, @Sly Ripper. Hopefully, this halts the restlessness people had for over a month.
  5. And that's why we can't have nice things... yet.
  6. It no longer matters whenever you cheated or not. The game will remain flagged. If you want back on the leaderboard, hide your flagged game and pop a single trophy.
  7. For your sake, you better be right. Because if @MMDE finds any more questionable trophies, your chances of returning to the leaderboard goes up in smoke.
  8. Let's see how many people can stay patient enough before the change offically goes live.
  9. Stop the weaksauce excuses, man. Nothing you say will get you back on the leaderboard. Goodbye, cheater.
  10. You're off the leaderboards. Goodbye. Stop wasting our time.
  11. Yeah. Those trophies are earned too fast. Hide the trophies and move on.
  12. Freebies are rolling in this month.
  13. I was 37 when I completed Master Ninja back in mid-December.
  14. I tested Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 with a dummy account and encountered no issues.
  15. You can get the theme now. If it still says coming soon, then refresh the page.