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  1. Yeah. Those trophies are earned too fast. Hide the trophies and move on.
  2. Freebies are rolling in this month.
  3. I was 37 when I completed Master Ninja back in mid-December.
  4. I tested Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 with a dummy account and encountered no issues.
  5. You can get the theme now. If it still says coming soon, then refresh the page.
  6. Yeah, it's a damn shame that regions outside of NA can't get this cool stuff.
  7. Just got my avatars. I can't wait for the premiere of the final season.
  8. It can be a bit confusing, but eight people missing from the leaderboard were taken off due them getting reported then flagged. They either had to hide their trophies -- including platinum -- or they're off leaderboard entirely.
  9. You can only change your PSN ID to names that are currently available. Unless Sony decides somewhere down the road where inactive names can be freed up after a definitive time, you won't able to get a desired name that you want.
  10. Pretty much the only way that you could lose trophies is that if you earned them but forget to sync your account before changing your PSN name.
  11. Unfortunately, the flag will have to stay up like the others has said because you are essentially responsible. By not syncing your trophies before the issue of your PS3's modem came up, you ran the risk of having those trophies pop up out of sequence with your save file by using your brother's PS3. I'm sure that it an honest mistake, but it would've been better for you to start the entire game from scratch with a fresh save just to be on the safe side. If you want to be back on the leaderboard, you will have to hide that game, then earn a single trophy, sync up your trophies and then finally update your profile.
  12. Having done X and X-2 early in the year, I wouldn't mind X-3 at the very least after the debacle SE did with FFXV. Now will it come out during the current gen or next gen PS5?
  13. #40: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Master of the Secret Arts - Obtained all trophies. It was a fine game despite the questionable storyline of Ryu going emo while dealing with the Grip of Murder throughout. It certainly fixed issues that plagued the original version. Ultimate Ninja difficulty was cheap to the core with the grabs, it almost had me taking my DS3 controller and throw it towards my TV. Completing online mode was a definite grind since not many people are on there, but I got through it. The scythe clearly made the Master and Ultimate Ninja trials more tolerable. Time for me to seriously think about which game should have the honor of being the 50th Platinum.
  14. The game definitely felt like a Big 12 game.
  15. Things are looking here for me.