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  1. Pour your guts out over how disgusting and stupid the Spheda mini-golf challenges are. For me, the worst place to Spheda is Ocean's Roar Cave. The floor has zero traction so you cannot bump on it and somehow the air in the caves slows your shot speed way down. I mean, I just had one shot in Wandering Zappy where the distortion was an easy shot... and the fragment refused to fly into it! It was like I putted instead of drove the damn thing! ARGH!
  2. Time to start my Spyro Project, platinuming games with every letter of the name. For S, in May, Sl--- GODAMNIT! *scratch that - S in May is Shantae!* Anyone surprised at this? As you can see in the video, WayForward is releasing a special edition of their famous Kickstarter title with the half-genie hero, Shantae! This edition, which comes out in stores around May 8(at least for GameStop) has the following: It will include ALL DLC campaigns, both Risky Boot's Quest and Friends to the End. It will also have three costumes for Shantae. But these aren't just aesthetic! They are actual new game modes where Shantae uses the power of the costumes: A Ninja costume which lets her use ninjistu for movement and fighting purposes. A Beach outfit that lets her fire beach balls and gives her a bubble to float in. And an Officer outfit from another of WayForward's titles, Mighty Switch Force, which gives her the powers of a member of the Mighty Switch Force, like switching platforms in and out of the foreground. Anyone who is interested can discuss it. From what I saw from the Gamestop online shop, it's the same price as the original game, $40. I like this deal and will definitely buy it as an excuse to finally get back into platinuming Half-Genie Hero.
  3. I am not sure if this is the best forum to post this, but I decided to start a thread after dreading having to platinum Oceanhorn again. I don't hate the game but one certain trophy involving the piscine life made me cringe. Fish Sticks is probably my most hated experience in trophy hunting because of the Ghost Fish and Botfish and their gimmicks. I kept losing them because I'd get killed by the Botfish or the Ghost Fish would psyche me out and snap my line. 😫 So, this thread is for anyone who is interested in giving their horror stories of the most painful trophy they had to earn. It can be either a very difficult one(like my Fish Sticks) or one you didn't want to earn because it made you question your existence(I'm sure I will never touch the South Park games because, well, I am against South Park because it's so X-rated with its humor and the games are just as terrible, but I am not bashing the game, I'm just not a fan of offensive humor ). So open your heart and share the painful memories with us all.
  4. So I didn't know where to put this and I know that having this is not technically a checklist but I wanted to put this down in case anyone wanted to join in and do something similar. (I am sure someone will try to move this to Forum Games even though it is not non-gaming related.) Inspired by 360 Chrism and his videos detailing his Mario game BINGO challenges(follow THIS LINK if you want to check out his site and are interested in Mario Triple Bingo and stuff like that), I was inspired to do something similar. While I wasn't competing with anyone but myself, I thought it was a good way to force myself to earn trophies and move some games closer to their platinums... oh, and have fun while doing it. So unless you've come out from the Middle Ages, you know how to play BINGO. (Every church community usually has a BINGO night, I've participated in one church's BINGO night every week for a few months.) If you are from another planet or something like that, then the game is simple to play - you create a card with 25 spaces and put stuff in the spaces, then you try to accomplish the tasks to fill out spaces and try to fill out a row, column or diagonal and get a BINGO. There are many variants of this(I won a Blackout Bingo, which is basically filling EVERY space on the card; got a nice blanket for my mom ) but I'm focusing on Triple Bingo, which is getting a BINGO fillout on three rows, columns or some combination of those and diagonals. Here's an example. So here is my first BINGO card: Basically, the slots I have filled are all trophies I have yet to earn. I will update with my progress daily. First update was last night, stayed up until 3 AM to get slots. Progress: Played Oceanhorn and got Bouncer and Hat Trick but forgot that there are no crates to push onto enemies until after you beat the Forest Shrine. 😥 Played Digimonstory and got to Chapter 13 but still need to get to Chapter 19 so my Digi-Farm is maxed out and I can use it to max out CAM. JUST got my third island and upgraded it to Level 2. The other two islands are at max level but I would like to have three since 30 Digimon is a lot. I did get 100% CAM on a few Digimon(mainly to Digivolve Silphymon for my now max level Rosemon BM, though an Angewomon was the one that got me Level 99!) but I need a load more. Working on now: PS4: Getting Ventus to Disney Town in BBS so I can get Fantasista and Rapid Racer out of the market ASAP and get all of the Kingdom Hearts trophies off of the card quickly. PS Vita: Maybe more Digimon? Though I should start up Chapter 2 on DQB to get Redeemer of Rimuldar. I have a video guide on hand to help me out with that annoying Chapter.
  5. Well, the trophy list for this game has come out. What do you think about the trophies? Me, I think it really depends on how much of a Shantae fan you are. The trophies for the Ultimate Edition are like night and day to the original edition and I am sort of glad I didn't jump into this because the Ultimate Edition trophy list, to me, is total garbage. The list is a whole mess of miscellaneous trophies, and the one thing that killed my interest in this edition(and saved me money) is the trophy for completing Hardcore Mode. After seeing a playthrough of this mode, I am glad the original edition doesn't force you to play through that nightmare mode. Call me a coward, but I prefer to enjoy the game's difficulty and Hardcore mode is very difficult. Having to survive through all of the bosses in Hardcore mode for a trophy is not something I like to do. For RPGs, I'll forgive difficulty-related trophies because you can just over-level and have a safe health buffer. In action games like this, not so much since you have to be seriously precise to avoid getting a Game Over so many times you give up out of frustration. Any discussion on the trophies is welcome.
  6. I've almost completed a trophy guide on the site for this but before I can submit it for approval, I need some help on names: What is the name of the Construct you buy stuff like Speed Sandwiches from? I called him Shoppington, but I have a feeling I am wrong. What is the name of the big blue Construct with an axe Lili has to follow to get into Rust Grove?
  7. I've got 100% in all the DLC so far but my account says it's only at 89% because there are two more packs - the Infinity War one and the Ant-Man one. But they aren't on the season pass yet. Anyone know the release date?
  8. Welp, I earned four trophie in that rail-shooter that would label me a pervert, Gal*Gun Double Peace. It looks like the only games that I can stomach to complete are the two LEGO games I started(LEGO City Undercover, I'm pretty far in it, LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Sly 2. I'll also get a few trophies here and there but not complete every backlog game I have in hopes of boosting my percentage to the goal. I'm at 88.33% now, so I don't know if I can complete this challenge.
  9. Well, only got one Birth by Sleep trophy for using Rhythm Mixer 20 times, so now my percentage is at, what, 88.29%? Just kidding, but I don't know if I can have the time to play any games on this account because I have four games started on my new account and Wizard101 to deal with (only two and a half days for the Five B.O.X.E.S event!) and I just got false teeth installed so it's going to be a long slog considering that all of the games I have unfinished were unfinished for REASONS. Maybe I'll try to work some more on my Vita games so I can multi-task but I doubt it.
  10. Sorry I haven't done anything on Day 1 - I was too busy on my new account with three games: Buff Knight Advanced, LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7, and World of Final Fantasy. I'll punish myself by spending all day tomorrow collecting Spheda medals in Dark Cloud 2.
  11. Okay I forgot who said it, but someone said that you could register a game for multiple events. As for me, I am already working on what I am going to do for this event to meet my goal. Here's what I plan on doing: Work as hard as possible to get the platinums for Dark Cloud 2, LEGO City Undercover, Sly 2 (for Vita) and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (since I already got the Critical Competitor trophy, I am just speeding through Beginner Mode for each character so I can get them all to Level 99 through the level up glitch and make the super-bosses slightly easier. Still, expect LOTS of baby-rage over the Mysterious Figure. Increase my trophy rank for Criminal Girls (doubt I can survive past the final floor though I did plat the game when I rented it off of GameFly years ago) so it will increase the % by a fraction. Don't think I will touch Gal*Gun Double Peace ever as the thought of shooting girls with love arrows to make them go wild is not something I am comfortable with. Had no idea what I was smoking to purchase and start playing that game. Will also see if I can increase the trophy ranks for Kingdom Hearts re:Chain of Memories, inFAMOUS Second Son (maybe TRY to plat it, but I can not stand the cutscenes anymore) and LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Will also see what I can do with the rest of my untouched Vita titles. At least get to Chapter 20 on Digimonstory for that second-to-last story trophy. Good luck to everyone!
  12. Okay, sounds interesting! A game which doesn't punish you for neglecting your farm animals is always a good thing! However, I am already in an event that forbids you from buying new games so I might have to get this for my new account.
  13. If there is a slot still open, I'd like to join up for the summer. I am going on another event in my new account but I want to close this account's flow of activity by getting up to its 75th platinum by the end of the year, so this will be a good event to motivate me. Since I am not playing on this account much, my current completion percentage is 88.24% and I hope to get to it up to 94%(+5%) by the end. I know that's not really much but since I will be playing on two accounts at the same time, I don't want to overexert myself. My main goal is getting five more platinums. I will try to avoid starting up any new games until the event is over even though I will get some new games for my new account(Grim Legends 3, etc.). My goals for this event are completing the following: LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 (aka the last DLC when it comes out) LEGO City Undercover (plan on playing this for my new account too as I love this game's open world) Dark Cloud 2 Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (since I am going to be "blank accounting" the first two main games for my new account, and the disk will remain in the PS4, might as well get this game out of the way. I am doing beginner runs and need to finish them, only 2/3 of the way past the first) At least one of my Vita titles, probably start Sly 2 over and try to get it one-and-done. Also have Digimon Story nearly complete in the story mode, just need to do all of the Chapter 19 side missions and then enter Chapter 20.
  14. Will this let you tolerate me, Kent? I don't want to get into a debate on this thread but I do want to let you know that I did put a lot of time into this account and do plan on atoning for my behaviors. I'll take the 12-step Nintendo Switch Program to curing OCTS(Obsessive-Compulse Trophy Syndrome). That's all I will say on the subject.
  15. For the record, I said I'll work on some games. I know that multi-tasking two accounts can be a challenge(considering how I am also on PC gaming a bit) but I will, at the very least, make an oath to hit 75 platinums on this account, which is easily doable. I'll just dedicate some time in the day to this account, some to my new account, and some to Wizard101.
  16. Ugh, why didn't I plat this game for the event instead of months ago? J/K, I don't think Ratchet can handle a bow. I'll see if I can find some games to fit this event for either this account or my new account.
  17. It's not the main mode I'm worried about. It's all of the miscellaneous trophies and Hardcore Mode, which is far more dangerous. I am never a fan of having to complete crushing difficulties for a trophy. I put up with in some of my games because I love those games, but this is not just a difficulty spike, it's also a trolly move - you end up fighting spider women in Tassel Tower, when your first encounter with one in the original was the second part of Hypno Baron's castle, the second-to-last stage!
  18. I tried that game. I got tired of it after beating the first dungeon. This game is whack even for Nippon Ichi.
  19. Okay, I'll try to work on some games this summer. Look for a post in your thread later. And to Toogie, are you going to PM my event badge to me at the end date? I did complete all of the games for the event except the Bonus Game.
  20. Yeah, that happened. Should have known that it had online trophies. I am going to try something different. Any game that looks interesting is getting tested first before I put it on my account. I'll put up a thread in the checklists later on the new account.
  21. You know, I was given this same song and dance by my own dad just half an hour ago. Why? Because some people who claimed to be from Yahoo said they were going to terminate my e-mail account because someone was hacking my computer and it turned out they were from the same people who "fixed" my computer and tricked me into paying $399.99 for a license. Now they want to sell me anti-hack software for $250. I am just glad I didn't give them any bank information or I'd be in serious trouble now. I'm not that stupid. I guess it's true, the more things change... I do love to get trophies, I really do, but I can't get over the fact that I want to have 100% on my trophy account, and you're right, I am falling into the same self-destructive trap. Maybe I should just turn off trophy notifications.
  22. It's a "fun" account which will only have games that I enjoy playing, so I won't put any games like My Name Is Mayo or inFAMOUS Second Son on it as I didn't enjoy those games. Right now it has 11 platinums on it but I'm struggling with Eventide because for some reason the game didn't count a card and it's hard to check. Had to delete everything and reinstall it. No, as I said, this is for games I like to play, and otome and Telltales are games I despise. While the early games are easy, the later ones will take forever to platinum. I'm sort of doing it alphabetically and have Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, World of Final Fantasy, and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age as well as Ni No Kuni II set up for this account.
  23. I promise I will platinum Dark Cloud 2 on this account at least. Also, my new account name is SquidBaronet. Guess why.
  24. I don't think any I am playing right now works as a Bonus Game as there are no real easter eggs in them. I'm working on a "fun" account right now so I might not be playing games on this account as much. (Also got sucked into MapleStory again too, so there is that. ) If I think of something I'll let you know, but for now I've completed the three games necessary for the event.
  25. That is one cool Easter Egg, Toogs. Unfortunately, I am going to be dropping out of earning the bonus badge. I just don't feel the desire to continue playing LEGO City Undercover for now. I did complete all of my games for the theme, though.