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  1. Unless it's been patched in a recent update you are able to join the game up until the end of round 63 and you'll still earn the trophy, you don't have to of been in the game from the start.
  2. Thought I would help out and drop the locations for the hidden places that was added along side the dlc today (Needs to be downloaded from the store). Drive along the hidden paths shown in the images below and you'll eventually come across a view with an eye icon next to it, simply drive up to it and press triangle. Location 1: Location 2: Location 3:
  3. Seems like the dlc trophies are now obtainable.
  4. I had planned on picking this game up at some point since I've only heard good things about it and with it currently being on sale for such a low price it's too good of an opportunity to miss.
  5. The trick to doing the collectables after completing the game, especially when you're only missing a few in each chapter is to work backwards. If you clean up the collectables in the correct chapter order (start to finish) you'll have to keep reloading your "complete" save after finishing a chapter because it will overwrite your progress and won't let you select a chapter past the one you are already on. Working backwards helps speed up the whole process and shouldn't cause you any problems.
  6. Does anyone have any tips on unlocking these trophies? I've played to round 40+ and also attempted to get them on the Rush game mode but have had no luck.
  7. Unless they free up old usernames that haven't been used in awhile it's going to be pretty pointless imo, Most usernames are taken now.