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  1. hey there. just gather people willing to boost this game. make sure you have got VIP pass already since it has been removed from store. i have two copies and two ps3, sorry open a thread for boosting because i have not got any trophies yet in case mess list up :>
  2. i saw some complains on its official support forum. seems the xbox360 version also suffers. seems no offical statement for this shutting down yet. it would be sucks if they close the server without any information.
  3. batman origins seems closed since Jun 11.always say error code 3. i wonder if someone can confirm that closure?
  4. this online server seems down since Jun 11. always say error code 3. i know that the server should have been close years ago. just want to confirm if its permernent closure?
  5. portal2 is no longer obtainable since May. i see no people got online trophies since then. Damn they not even post a single notice for closure time!!!