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  1. i encounter issues last night as well. my progress in operation mode is not saved. hope they will get it fixed soon :/
  2. I see Thanks mate
  3. Hello guys. My account is HK based. and i read that i need at least 4800ish platinum to be able knock it down before server close. but it seems only us store still sell them? can i buy them via my us account and use them in my main account? if not. am i screwed and have to skip this game :/ thanks for replay
  4. hello guys. hating to disturb but i wonder if online is so dead that this trophy can only obtain by boosting? i looked up some servers but none of them have any players in lobby. thanks for any reply
  5. Hello man. i did upload my media after finishing my song and no trophy is popped. anything missed?
  6. issues solved! have 2 alt accounts on your alt ps4. and let them match with your main in turns. note that: i found that matching random in between will increate chance of matching your main. hope it helps. as far as i tested. no extra public ip is required
  7. Hello dude. i only have two accounts and two ps4. my main only matched with alt#1 once. and can never match each other ever since. so should i create another account alt#2 on my alt ps4 to match with my main?
  8. Hello guys. i try match my alt in arena to get wins. but only succeed once. my main is 1W0L now. and cannot match with my ALT no matter what. any thing i missed to get it working? thanks in advance
  9. sorry for late replying cause i was on vocation. since i can no long cancel current contract. am i have to finish campain to access infiltration or how? sorry i am still new to this game. i already got 13 flags. need 6 hidden and S rank flag Edit: I got all hidden flags. so far 19 need one more S rank flag. thanks your heads up man
  10. Isn’t it already too late. Server is already down TT
  11. Hello dude. I forget to close my contract before server closure. I still need 6 offline single mode maps. am I screwed ?
  12. hey guys. I on my trip to another place. cannot confirm current states. but I forget to close contact before server down. I still need 6 offline flags. am I screwed? some thread said single mode quest will blocked me
  13. i got many many death while reloading no luck to unlock it. not seeing people complain it. is that just my own issue?? :/
  14. Hello i read from other website that minercraft story mode will no longer support since June 25 even cannot possible download episode etc. is that possible? i redeemed digital game that already delisted on offical game store before. i wonder if it made physical copy useless before i got hands on? ps: i ordered physical copy from amazon just now. and it takes time to ship to China. really worried about that
  15. Hello guys H4H P4P please please heart me https://lbp.me/u/Ur_Big_Bad_Papa/levels?p=1&l=12 please also heart this level and give this a play https://lbp.me/v/q306dws/activity will return in favour Crowd Pleaser: A level you published got played by 50 people (Currently 9/50) Create: Your published levels were hearted by 50 people, you were hearted by 30 people (Currently 50/50 & 11/30) @MattyH16 @gamingslegend @evanzo7 have done yours i have played yours please play mine: @darthben98