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  1. i encounter issues last night as well. my progress in operation mode is not saved. hope they will get it fixed soon :/
  2. hello guys. hating to disturb but i wonder if online is so dead that this trophy can only obtain by boosting? i looked up some servers but none of them have any players in lobby. thanks for any reply
  3. I see Thanks mate
  4. Hello guys. My account is HK based. and i read that i need at least 4800ish platinum to be able knock it down before server close. but it seems only us store still sell them? can i buy them via my us account and use them in my main account? if not. am i screwed and have to skip this game :/ thanks for replay
  5. Hello guys. i try match my alt in arena to get wins. but only succeed once. my main is 1W0L now. and cannot match with my ALT no matter what. any thing i missed to get it working? thanks in advance
  6. Hello man. i did upload my media after finishing my song and no trophy is popped. anything missed?
  7. issues solved! have 2 alt accounts on your alt ps4. and let them match with your main in turns. note that: i found that matching random in between will increate chance of matching your main. hope it helps. as far as i tested. no extra public ip is required
  8. Hello dude. i only have two accounts and two ps4. my main only matched with alt#1 once. and can never match each other ever since. so should i create another account alt#2 on my alt ps4 to match with my main?
  9. sorry for late replying cause i was on vocation. since i can no long cancel current contract. am i have to finish campain to access infiltration or how? sorry i am still new to this game. i already got 13 flags. need 6 hidden and S rank flag Edit: I got all hidden flags. so far 19 need one more S rank flag. thanks your heads up man
  10. hey guys. I on my trip to another place. cannot confirm current states. but I forget to close contact before server down. I still need 6 offline flags. am I screwed? some thread said single mode quest will blocked me
  11. Isn’t it already too late. Server is already down TT
  12. Hello dude. I forget to close my contract before server closure. I still need 6 offline single mode maps. am I screwed ?
  13. this online server seems down since Jun 11. always say error code 3. i know that the server should have been close years ago. just want to confirm if its permernent closure?
  14. i got many many death while reloading no luck to unlock it. not seeing people complain it. is that just my own issue?? :/
  15. Hello i read from other website that minercraft story mode will no longer support since June 25 even cannot possible download episode etc. is that possible? i redeemed digital game that already delisted on offical game store before. i wonder if it made physical copy useless before i got hands on? ps: i ordered physical copy from amazon just now. and it takes time to ship to China. really worried about that
  16. How did ppl manager to get this? i hardly find any ppl online nowadays is still possible to get this trophey?😂
  17. Hello guys H4H P4P please please heart me https://lbp.me/u/Ur_Big_Bad_Papa/levels?p=1&l=12 please also heart this level and give this a play https://lbp.me/v/q306dws/activity will return in favour Crowd Pleaser: A level you published got played by 50 people (Currently 9/50) Create: Your published levels were hearted by 50 people, you were hearted by 30 people (Currently 50/50 & 11/30) @MattyH16 @gamingslegend @evanzo7 have done yours i have played yours please play mine: @darthben98
  18. Activision delist a fewer games due to license issues. white night is considered one of them. you can find it nowhere except hongkong store
  19. for some reason. it seems that game itself not yet delist from hongkong store. perhaps its labeled in chinese(in game text still should be enlish)? no clue yet. you could still buy it in full price https://store.playstation.com/en-hk/product/UP0002-CUSA01535_00-ASIA000000000000
  20. So its April 2nd. has UBISOFT turn it back?...
  21. i have done above p4p play mine please https://vita.lbp.me/v/se7ch update: has done above. P4P
  22. Help How can i copy other level and republish? THANKS ADVANCE😁😁
  23. https://vita.lbp.me/v/se7ch P4P, will return the favor soon
  24. https://vita.lbp.me/v/se7ch P4P, will return the favor soon update: has done above P4P
  25. although i had been warned a fewer times by the threads that my state might got hacked. i and some other recent boosters are still managed to get all self boosting stuff done in 180hours online time. note that roughly 50-80hours are just automate 5mins session boosting the wins times.so for guys still want give it a try before too late. there is still a hope. in the last 10 days. personally i still don't get the detailed senario of how people get hacked. but my personal setting is glitched ranked room with specified clan protected. me and the other alt account in the same specified clan which is created by my account. as far as i known. i clan leader wont be allowed to invited to another clan. so maybe hackers wont get your state? also keep your trophies hidden in PSNProfile until you are in safe area(like get all boosting done). here is my thought of how i manage to get boosting done in last 3 weeks sneakly. hope it will help some of boosters that no yet infected by previous state hacking.