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  1. Just now, Kristycism said:

    No, it’s a micro transaction, so buying from another region is impossible.


    However, purchases are made within the game, not directly from the PS Store, so you may still be able to make the purchases if you load the game up. I’m not sure though as I don’t have a HK account. But if you really wanted to do the game, you could check that out first to see. 

    I see Thanks mate


  2. Hello guys. My account is HK based. and i read that i need at least 4800ish platinum to be able knock it down before server close. but it seems only us store still sell them? can i buy them via my us account and use them in my main account? if not. am i screwed and have to skip this game :/  thanks for replay :D


  3. 1 hour ago, POEman553 said:

    This may be a dumb question, but do the songs purchased/downloaded on the US store work for the EU version? There's actually 4 stacks for this game (PS3 US, PS3 EU, PS4 US, and PS4 EU). If you really f'n love singing, may as well get the Platinum?


    Also, keep in mind that the game doesn't use trophies until you have 10 songs in your collection. So buy SingStar Celebration or start downloading/buying tracks.

    Hello man. i did upload my media after finishing my song and no trophy is popped. anything missed? 


  4. On 28/08/2019 at 4:00 PM, Trope Hore said:

    English translation for those unversed in Frinch:



    Arena boosting method:

    • Requires 3 PS4s, at least 2 different public IPs, and all 3 accounts must be player level 1 to enter the arena (level any faction to 1).
    • TVs must be adjacent such that you can immediately tell whether both PS4s have matched together.
    1. Prep the "close app" command in the PS quick menu (such that you can hold the PS button and click X twice to immediately close app).
    2. Have Alt #1 start searching, then have your main search a few seconds later; open the PS quick menu and keep it open.
    3. When a match is found, the screen should flash, then you'll start loading in. Watch carefully, and close app on your main if you don't see both TVs start loading simultaneously.
    4. If they matched, have Alt #1 pause and concede the match. Otherwise, restart from step 1.
    5. Now repeat from step 2, but alternate to use Alt #2 this time.
    6. After these 2 wins, each Alt must match with an opponent of a public IP different than your main (a random, or the other Alt).
    7. Repeat everything from step 1. When an Alt has 2 losses, they must retire from the arena and re-enter, otherwise they won't match with you.


    Just be sure every user 'cleanses' his history by initiating a match with a different opponent, otherwise you'll just keep on searching...

    Not a bad trophy, only takes a couple hours

    Hello dude. i only have two accounts and two ps4. my main only matched with alt#1 once. and can never match each other ever since. so should i create another account alt#2 on my alt ps4 to match with my main?


  5. On 01/10/2019 at 3:47 PM, ars said:


    You get 1 from beating tutorial, 1 from reaching merc rank S, and 6 are hidden in infiltration quests. If that's not enough you can still buy one or all of the 10 DLC flags.


    So as long you got as little as 2 flags from online mode you are not screwed yet.

    sorry for late replying cause i was on vocation. since i can no long cancel current contract. am i have to finish campain to access infiltration or how? sorry i am still new to this game. i already got 13 flags. need 6 hidden and S rank flag

    Edit: I got all hidden flags. so far 19 need one more S rank flag. thanks your heads up man


  6. On 30/09/2019 at 1:47 AM, ars said:


    He's always in the capital you're contracted to. He never appears if you're off contract, which I presume was your mistake - accepting end of contract before visiting the capital for the flag...


    If you're desperate you can still sign a contract for at least one more flag, perhaps with a faction other than Fiel so you'll reduce hostile factions to one. I've been informed you can again access all the single mode quests after staying offline past a full 24h War regardless you're in contract.

    Hello dude. I forget to close my contract before server closure.  I still need 6 offline single mode maps. am I screwed ?


  7. Hello i read from other website that minercraft story mode will no longer support since June 25 even cannot possible download episode etc. is that possible? i redeemed digital game that already delisted on offical game store before. i wonder if it made physical copy useless before i got hands on? 

    ps: i ordered physical copy from amazon just  now. and it takes time to ship to China. really worried about that


  8. Hello guys H4H P4P please

    please heart me 


    please also heart this level and give this a play


    will return in favour


    :silver: Crowd Pleaser: A level you published got played by 50 people (Currently 9/50)

    :gold: Create: Your published levels were hearted by 50 people, you were hearted by 30 people (Currently 50/50 & 11/30)





    have done yours

    i have played yours please play mine:




  9. 3 hours ago, skateak said:

    White Night got delisted? I bought it way back in July 2015 but never played it. Any specific reason it got delisted that is known?

    Activision delist a fewer games due to license issues. white night is considered one of them. you can find it nowhere except hongkong store


  10. 4 hours ago, VirtualNight said:

    Obviously there is a chance that the hackers got a break and you were lucky enough to play during that moment. I actually heard recently that some people got the opposite effect of the derank, which is all xp and medals/badges unlocked; however this causes most of the trophies to pop together which results in a flag from PSNP unless you delete and remake your acc to remove those unsynched trophies or you hide the game.


    Whatever is the current status of the hackers, i remind you that the servers will be shut down on 31st January of this year, so even if the hackers stopped to hack everyone (and so just some; i absolutely refuse to believe that no one gets hacked anymore) you should not have enough time anymore to begin this game from scratch.

    two points, if they are not that capable and we can do all those things to make ourselves no longer vulnerable. here is still a chance to plat even only 10 days left :D

    otherwise, if they are so skilled and we can do nothing but got hacked and i just some kind of lucky guy. i would suggest delete this thread since it may trigger the hackers...



  11. although i had been warned a fewer times by the threads that my state might got hacked. i and some other recent boosters are still managed to get all self boosting stuff done in 180hours online time. note that roughly 50-80hours are just automate 5mins session boosting the wins times.so for guys still want give it a try before too late. there is still a hope. in the last 10 days.

    personally i still don't get the detailed senario of how people get hacked. but my personal setting is glitched ranked room with specified clan protected. me and the other alt account in the same specified clan which is created by my account. as far as i known. i clan leader wont be  allowed to invited to another clan. so maybe hackers wont get your state? also keep your trophies hidden in PSNProfile until you are in safe area(like get all boosting done). 

    here is my thought of how i manage to get boosting done in last 3 weeks sneakly. hope it will help some of boosters that no yet infected by previous state hacking.


  12. On 1/8/2019 at 4:31 PM, Leenewbe said:

    orcs must die will be going down 10:00 a.m. (UTC-5:00) time, Monday, 8th April, 2019.

    game will be delisted and no new accounts will be able to be made in the next 90 days.



    a 400 hour plat for any sadists out there wanting to start it now, this is one i will not be attempting. ;) 



    How do I get free in-game currency before the games shut down?

    Just log in. It will not happen immediately or automatically. At least once per day, we will grant copious amounts of currency to all recently active players.


    seems you can get currency everyday. does it accerate the progress to plat??