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  1. Are you talking about the new Senran Kagura game that was delayed in North America because Sony forced Marvelous to censor the dressing room?
  2. I only played The last of us once and that was only because it came with my ps4. I never had a ps3 only a ps2 so TLOU was my first PSN game. I did like the story but as you can tell from my trophies from TLOU, I only played it on normal and I only went through the game once. Now I have never played RDR 1 or 2 but from what I see from reviews and gameplay videos I see on youtube, the game has replayability for most people. TLOU is one of those games where you only play it once, maybe play online for an hour or 2 and never touch the game again. I'm not saying that the game is bad. The story was great! But in terms of gameplay, it is not for everyone. I'm sure there are some people who replayed the game but I know for a fact that at least 80% of people played through the story once and never touched the game again. The game is not really replayable for most people. RDR however seems to have a lot of replayability. Like I said before I have never played RDR 1 or 2 before but I can see why everyone loves it so much. So I would have to say RDR2 will be better then TLOU2. Also RDR and TLOU is not really comparable. The only thing that they have in common is the fact that they are both 3rd person shooters.
  3. This website will show you how to use the debug mode for all 3 Jak games https://jadtech.miraheze.org/wiki/Debug_Mode but to teleport go to a warp gate and before you press Circle, hold L3. While holding L3 press Circle and all of the warp gates will be unlocked.
  4. You can teleport to the other side of the citadel thanks to the debug mode but you still need to get the orbs and the files in that driving section.
  5. There is an option that allows you to teleport to the red sage hut using the debug mode. You can do that and do the spider caves first. Once you get all of the orbs in the spider caves you can use the debug mode to get every powercell. Or you could get every powercell in the game expect the spider caves until you do the level. Either way you just don't want to use the debug mode on the spider caves until you get every orb in the level. Every other level is fine. Its because those centipede things drops orbs when they die. If you use the debug mode and you already have the powercell from the centipedes, then the final one you kill won't drop the orbs. I guess you could also just not debug the centipede powercell but I would just get every orb in the spider caves before I use the debug mode for the level just to be safe. I learned that the hard way months ago.
  6. Guys even if the PC or Xbox one version of the game outsells the PS4 version 10 times over, it won't send a message to Sony. Senran Kagura is not a well-known game. Its no Destiny or Call of duty and its no Naruto or Tales game. I'm not saying that Senran Kagura is not a popular game, but it's not popular enough for Sony to notice a sale difference. Buying it on another system is not going to make Sony say " oh shit we should stop censoring games" the game is just not big enough for them to notice. That's just the sad reality of it. There is nothing we could really do.
  7. Wait is imtimacy mode like the dressing rooms in Senran Kagura PBS and Estival Versus? Sorry I never played the first Senran Kaguya games so I don't know if they are the same. Does it have nudity or does it block the tits with lights just like PBS and EV? Either way, Sony shouldn't be forcing them to change it if you ask me. People are buying the games for a reason. Make it so accounts that are under 18 can't see the 18+ games and make an option to not show 18+ games on the store and that should solve their problems. I don't understand why games with nudity should be banned from PSN. Like seriously I would think that seeing a shiton of blood in a game like Killing Floor 2 would be a more mature game than seeing a female's body parts. Even anime allows the tits to be shown and not get an A for adult rating
  8. Its been like that for at least 4 hours. I got the plat for ratchet deadlocked and I been trying to update my profile but it says it's under maintenance. I searched the forums and I couldn't find anything so I thought it was just me so I didn't make a forum talking about it. It looks like its the whole website
  9. I already have the trophy so I can't test it out but what you guys are saying is that no one can get the platinum if they don't already have the flashpoint trophy? That sucks
  10. You can't play Story missions with other players. You can only do Scout missions with other players.
  11. I'm pretty sure the trophy unlocks after buying everything in all 3 subclasses. Not after completing the quest to unlock the subclass. EDIT: nvm you are right. I was thinking about D1
  12. Then I'm pretty sure that they want you to level the 3 classes normally then. I don't have any proof since I haven't even opened destiny 2 since the new DLC and I already have all the trophies but the Prestige trophy, but I'm sure that is the reason. You are going to have to play the campaign and get to level 20 without using boosting.
  13. I haven't played the new DLC yet so I don't know what boosting is but if this "boosting" means skipping to lvl 20 from the start of the game then chances are they made it so you can't get any of the level trophies by using boosting which would make sense because then people can get all 3 of the classes trophies in minutes while before it took hours.
  14. My only concern is that the game will start dying in a couple of months. I don't want to rush the trophy in order to get the trophy before the game dies out but Bandai Namco games usually die out after a couple months which would mean a longer wait time in between battles. I don't know if I want to get the game or not and it's not just because of the trophies, It's because Bandai has disappointed me in the past. First with the SAO GGO game. The Online side of the game was just terrible and if I remember right, they made it so you can't even get exp while playing online. Next was with Attack On Titan 2 which was a game I really liked. I read the manga and I'm a huge fan of the anime. To be honest I think I I'll get NTBSS just because I liked Attack On Titan 2. The offline part and even the co-op side of the game was great! However, the pvp side was pretty bad. It seems like there is an offline mode in this game but can you do offline battles? Because like I said before, the online part of the game will start to fall after a couple of months so the 1000 battles trophy will be harder to obtain.
  15. I haven't even bought the game yet but I'm looking at the trophies and it looks like it is going to be a very long grind. There are trophies asking you to finish 100 battles as a different class type. And there is a trophy asking you do complete 1000 battles. Now I never even played this game before. I didn't play the beta so I don't know how long a battle last, but I'm guessing 1 battle last for around 10 minutes. If that is really how long a battle last then the game will take AT LEAST 170 hours to platinum. The game doesn't look like it will be hard to platinum but instead, it will be very grindly