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  1. That anime was weird as hell. It was all about drinking each other drool. I really love the scenes when the girlfriend put her finger into her mouth and gets a good amount of drool on her finger in order to feed it to her boyfriend but it still weirded me out. The anime was good though but still very weird indeed.
  2. I learned about this game from the free PS plus video and I thought it was a medium/easy platinum because as of March 31st the PSN Profiles rarity is 21.30% and the PSN rarity is 4.1%. But according to the trophy guide, the difficulty is 7/10 and 50 hours which doesn't really add up to the rarity as something ranked that difficult would normally have a rarity of 5% or rarer for PSN Profiles. I did some digging and found out a debug mode or admin control was found and that is probably the reason why the rarity is in the uncommon range for the platinum. It does look grindy but even so, the game doesn't look that challenging even if you didn't use the admin controls. I never played the game before but from the videos I saw, the platinum just looks grindy. I guess its really based on the penalty for death. Is the penalty for death like Rust where if you die you lose all of your items and some exp? Or maybe like a Tale game where you have to save manually and when you die you respawn with the exp and items of your last save. Or do you get to keep all of you exp and items? Because if you get to keep all of your items and exp then I would think this game wouldn't be hard to platinum because if you are having trouble on a stage, you could leave and grind and get stronger and go back to that stage to beat it. But if it's like Rust or a Tale game then I can definitely see the challenge.
  3. I think blaming it on culture is just another way to say censorship which I think is messed up for countries to be able to do that. If someone doesn't like something then that is ok because that is their opinion, but what's not ok is to make it illegal for others to use that something if that something is harmless. They are forcing their opinion on other people even though it doesn't affect them at all. Their opinion shouldn't affect other people's items at all because it doesn't affect themselves. If the item is harmless then it shouldn't be banned no matter what the culture is. I can understand banning or restricting items such as guns because people can use guns to hurt or kill someone. Now their opinion matters because it affects them as well. but a video game is a harmless item and for that reason, countries shouldn't have the power to censor items just because of their own beliefs. There has to some sort of safety reason or some other good reason to ban something and "culture" is not a good reason.
  4. It seems mostly censorship to me. They can fix Import laws by making you pay taxes in both countries. That's what they do when you buy something from another country and get it shipped to the country your in. Thanks to that you can buy almost anything online as long as you are willing to pay taxes in both countries and its legal in the country you are in. Its messed up but it works. If they don't allow that video game to be in the country then its censorship.
  5. So basically the reason why PS will not allow you to shop in different countries is that people from different countries create laws base off from their own opinion that restricts other people from buying a harmless video game that will not hurt anybody. When I think about it, that new Senran Kagura got delayed either in NA or EU because they didn't allow there. It just shows how other people can make life much harder for other people just because of their opinions even though it doesn't affect them at all.
  6. I'm not asking how to buy games from other countries because I already know how. I'm asking why PlayStation doesn't allow you to buy games from different countries using the same account. Why can't my Canadian PSN account hold currencies from the U.S and Japan or any other currencies PSN allows? I don't really understand why they would stop you from shopping in other countries PSN stores. Even if they want you to use the currency of the store your shopping in that would be ok. For example, if a Canadian were to shop in the Japanese Playstation store, they would have to shop using Yen and not CAD. If it was like that I would be happy because I wouldn't have to make multiple psn accounts in order to shop in other countries. The main reason why I ask this is because of that new trophy reward system they added not to long ago which gives you money in your psn account for collecting trophies, but the catch is only Americans can sign up for it. So I can't sign up for it because I'm a Canadian and I use CAD. However, if they allowed PSN accounts to hold as many currencies as you want, anybody from any country would be able to sign up for the reward program because they could just shop in the U.S PSN store. I want to know whose fault is it that we cannot shop in different countries on PSN. Is it Playstation's fault? or is there some sort of law that forbids Playstation to allow such a feature? Because in my eyes, a feature such as that could only bring more money to Playstation's pocket. It would also benefit the people who move to a different region. Because if a person who lives in North America and owns a North American PS4 were to move to the U.K which is in Europe, and if they didn't know the trick to buy games in different countries (which most do not), they would have to buy a new European PS4 and make a new European account in order to buy games in the U.K. Plus they lose all of their trophies and any other things their old account had. So whose fault is it that we cannot hold as many currencies as we want?
  7. This game has crashed a lot and I'm pretty sure it's from having too many towers and balloons on the screen at the same time. Sometimes after I reboot the game after a crash my save will be corrupted. Thankfully the PS4 automatically creates back up saves so I don't have to worry about losing anything but this game has corrupted my save file twice now and has crashed over 15 times now within a week and a half time of playing. I'm using a PS4 pro. Is this happening to anyone else?
  8. For me its Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time at 3 years 3 months and it's not because the game is hard or anything like that. The only hard trophy is the My Blaster Runs Hot mini-game trophy but other than that the platinum is pretty easy. The reason why it took me so long to get the platinum trophy for the game is that at the time I was using PS now and my internet connection was bad. I am a big RAC fan. I used to play the first 4 games on the PS2, but I never had a PS3 until a couple of months ago. So I used PS now and I played ACIT, A4O, FFA, and ITN for the first time. Since my connection was so bad, I could barely play, but I managed to get the platinum for ITN which ended up being my very first platinum trophy ever and it gave me the boost to trophy hunt for fun. But since my connection was so bad, I couldn't get back into PS now because I kept getting disconnected. Fast forward to October 2018, I got myself a used PS3 and I platinumed all of the RAC games on the PS3 and that is the reason why it took me 3 years and 3 months to platinum Ratchet and Clank A crack in time. If I had a PS3 back when I first played ACIT I probably would have platinumed the game within a month just because I know I would have rage quit and come back on the My Blaster Runs Hot mini-game. But I'm not going to lie, I was thinking about giving up on the platinum just because of the My Blaster Runs Hot trophy. Thankfully I ended up beating the mini-game. If that mini-game trophy wasn't a thing I would have platinumed the game in a couple of days.
  9. In order to sync the vita, first you must be online, and then go on the Vita trophy app and then it should sync. If that doesn't work click on the 3 dots on the right bottom of the screen in the trophy app and press "sync with server" you might also not be online on your vita. Check that as well
  10. Too bad this is only for Americans. I live in Canada and I can't sign up for this program. Why can't they just give me USD credit? It's better than nothing.
  11. What's the point of trophy cheating anyways? Like on youtube when someone buys view bots they do it to make their channel look big and people who use bots hope that youtube won't catch them. If you don't get caugh it might help grow your channel. but hacking psn trophies is not going to help you in any way, shape or form. So what's the point in trophy hacking?
  12. I never knew this site had a cheating hall of shame. But they probably removed it because people probably harass the cheaters and the cheaters probably complained and so the admins removed it. That's my guess anyway.
  13. Someone from the guide team made a post about it. Changing your name means making a new profile. Your trophies will carry over but things like trophy cabinet, premium, forum profile and post, guides, and profile views will not carry over
  14. Like 2 months ago I was playing Ratchet and Clank 3 on Vita. My vita was online and logged in to my PSN. I got the Mini Ratchet trophy and I closed the game. I didn't sync my trophies and I turned off my Vita. My Vita ended up dying so after 2 months I charged it back up and when I synced up my trophies on my Vita, Ratchet and Clank 3 popped up on top of my trophies list even though I played a lot of other games after it and I have a missing timestamp for the Mini Ratchet trophy. I'm not sure exactly what caused the missing timestamp but know that even if you are logged in you can still get a missing timestamp. I know this was on Vita, but the same thing might happen if your PS4 or PS3 doesn't sync up your trophies and you turn off your console. Heres the link to that trophy list
  15. Did they really not add Madara? Like they could have removed Kakashi, Gaara, Boruto and even Kaguya as long as they added Madara. Who thought Madara was not worthy enough to be in the damn game?