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  1. Yo, congrats on the Raven plat! This is how i managed to cut my PS3 backlog by half in less than a year, just doing easy and quick stuff. You started your project pretty well. Cheers!
  2. It's worth nothing to mention that, iirc, the servers are closing soon. I would check that before starting just to make sure.
  3. Hey, nice plats collection! Some really cool stuff like Assassins Creed II (proably my fav from the series) and Far Cry 3 (also my fav!). I also see some cool games on your backlog and even on your Hall of Shame. For your backlog, seriously, give The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom some love, really underrated game. Don't know if you're into this stuff but there's currently an event about to start to help people on cleaning all or at least some part of our PS3 backlogs. I won't flood your topic with links or anything, but if you're interested its called The "Oh god the PS5 is coming out soon and I have so many PS3 games left" Event and you can easily find the thread on the Community Events section of the forums. Cheers and good luck on your PS3 project!
  4. Probably a Macro with the Remote Play.
  5. I did the plat last year and, iirc, you still need the online pass to play the co-op but its free to download.
  6. Some people mentioned the very first Assassins Creed for the PS3. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i dont think that game features a trophy list. lol
  7. Hello everyone, i would like to participate! It's my first event so i hope i can get enough motivation to have at least a decent performance. lol I only managed to buy a PS3 around a year ago and started working on the games i want completed since then. Some i already completed on the Xbox 360 but would really love to have the platinum or 100% on the Playstation. Games that are already on my trophy list: - Batman: Arkham Origins (29%) - Grand Theft Auto IV (18%) - Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator (2%) - ICO (18%) - InFamous 2 (8%) - Mass Effect 3 (2%) - Mortal Kombat (34%) - Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (28%) - Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers (13%) - The Jackbox Party Pack 2 (95%) - Virtua Tennis 4 (27%) Games that i own but haven't started yet: - Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! - Dead Space - Dead Space 2 - Demon's Souls - Dragon Age: Origins - Dragon Age II - Gran Turismo 6 - Mass Effect - Mass Effect 2 - Shadow of the Colossus Wish everyone good luck and hope we can have a good time fighting our PS3 backlogs!
  8. And the trophy should be renamed to The Hunt is My Stress.
  9. I could see an update coming since they said you would be able to make party chats between the PS4 and PS5 or something like that. But i can't for the love of God understand how this new system would help. lol
  10. Man, i'm so glad other people feel this way. The time you spend doing DLC cleanup could've been used into other games since we have several types of DLC trophies nowadays: NG+, Challenges, Story, Multiplayer, etc.
  11. I would like to know that aswell, i'm in the same boat. lol
  12. It is doable for weapon upgrades, can't confirm for skills tho since Grounded disables some by default. I'm nearly finishing mine with the tweaks activated while using a guide for the supplements and parts spots, already got the trophy for the weapons, lets see what happens with the skills.
  13. I love The Evil Within 2 cover art, the color conveys a calm and peaceful feeling, when the game is all about despair and loneliness.
  14. Oops, i meant to say Nightmare difficulty. And no, this changes are not exclusive to AKUMU.
  15. Best of luck to you mate! I have pretty much the same goal regarding my backlog but only left a humble topic listing my platinuns in this part of the forum. Have to agree, Shock and Awe Extreme is the biggest problem in Arkham Asylum's completion.