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  1. Oops, i meant to say Nightmare difficulty. And no, this changes are not exclusive to AKUMU.
  2. Best of luck to you mate! I have pretty much the same goal regarding my backlog but only left a humble topic listing my platinuns in this part of the forum. Have to agree, Shock and Awe Extreme is the biggest problem in Arkham Asylum's completion.
  3. AKUMU is identical to Nightmare (not Survival) in terms of enemy placement and behavior. The only difference is really the One Hit Kill rule for you, this will make a lot of situations not hard per se, but VERY annoying and frustrating. Especially when enemies with automatic weapons start to appear.
  4. Ghostface will also help a ton with I See You. I you don't want to spend money to do this trophy quickly, you can just use NOED or Haunted Grounds if you got Spirit.
  5. To be honest, if Eidos or Square Enix haven't stated anything about this there's still a chance that is a temporary issue. Don't give up just yet mate.
  6. Yes, you need to do a time UNDER 19.7.
  7. If i remember correctly, they had reported a few days ago that they would make Multiplayer free for everyone, not requesting a Gold membership anymore.
  8. To me, you experienced the weakest of all (Ascension) and the best portable (Chains of Olympus). Like Dr_Mayus mentioned, just play 1-3 and i'm sure you will have a hell of a good time.
  9. Man, this topic is an invite to a lot of unnecessary spoilers. lol
  10. Dunno, maybe because some people likes First Person Shooters and just like to have fun with videogames? Geez.
  11. They definitely do.
  12. I was wondering if they will release a physical version of this or if it will be exclusively digital.
  13. Yes, you can get extra tokens on the DLC if you need more. I spent too much tokens on other stuff and when i needed to buy all suits, had to rely on the challenges from the DLCs.
  14. Nice new games to the list, what are you thinking about Golden Abyss? Congrats on the wedding btw!
  15. Your best bet would be to search for boosting partners. Also, all trophies can be done in private matches if i remember correctly.