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  1. So you think every user HERE lives in the US and everyone can spend a hundred dollars in a console? "That's expensive?", sorry, this made me laugh. I'm staggered with your limited sense of reality. As for the other situation, i do agree that some game companies don't act the way they should with their customers (us, gamers), but your idea of taking advantage on them just makes you the same, dishonest. And you know something else? By doing so, you're not hurting the executives that makes such greedy decisions about their products, they can easily cover the damage on their pockets, but you are directly affecting the employees who doesn't have NOTHING to do with it.
  2. Oh, i see. Well, very easy platinum, i'm sure you won't have any issues with it. Give me a heads up if you make a checklist here or i you already have one. Cheers girl!
  3. Thanks Princess, what are you missing on it? Just NG+ or the DLC aswell? I already got 100% on it actually, AMAZING game! Haha
  4. Totally agree. I can name quite a few games that i enjoyed A LOT and the trophy list was so poorly made. Also, i didn't experienced any problems with Mad Max. I know some people have, so i will just leave this here as my personal experience with it. The game was very enjoyable for me and i would play it again if i had the time, even owning the plat already.
  5. Actually, i wasn't killed by Anima when she accidentally saw me on that part where she goes through the mirror. She just stood by me, laughing, and i couldn't move forward since she didn't crossed the mirror, had to restart from a previous checkpoint.
  6. Don't know if it has something to do with your problem, but are the game and DLC both from the same region?
  7. The only unobtainable i have in my profile (so far) is FIFA 14. I'm not even a FIFA player. Hahah
  8. Bruh, this two statements of your comment are just pathetic. - A LOT of people don't have money to spend on this type of console, assuming that every gamer should have one is laughable. - Only because someone made a mistake, it doesn't mean that others should take advantage of it. This is an awful mindset.
  9. Thanks man, thats really cool! I voted The Last of Us - Part II.
  10. It's definitely a decent game! Like i mentioned on my description about it, there's some minor technical issues and the annoying problem with Finn not always looking at the direction you want. This makes the combat a bit frustrating, you feel that it's lacking precision. At first the map might seem confusing but after some exploriation it will become very familiar. Trophy wise, the only problem (if you can call that) that i had was on the "no upgrades" playthrough because of the last boss. It's tough but totally doable without too much trouble.
  12. Would he still be flagged for getting LVL 25 and 50 trophies in a modded lobby but LVL 100 legit on another character? 🤔
  13. Look, spamming other people inboxes is not cool, everyone know how annoying it can be. With that said, it's really cool that you are still trying to find a way to get the online stuff and not just bitching about it like a saw in many other cases. Props to you for keep trying after so long, this is how progress is made. Best of luck for you, cheers!
  14. Totally agree, and you don't need to go far to see examples of what this games could become. Just look at Frozen Free Fall for example: even the trophy guide mentions that you can buy power ups with real money. Also, according to the same guide, it's a 1/10 difficulty that requires 100 hours, probably due to the insane grind to overcome the paywall of this mobile format.
  15. Thief is not a hard plat, don't know why is an UR. Yeah, the game is not great but say that the reason is because it is bad sounds nonsense to me. It's decent enough if you like stealth. About Evil Within, one of my all time favorites. Got the 1000G on Xbox 360 and the plat on PS4.