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  1. Do you need 6 people minimum to create a full boosting group or 4 is enough?
  2. I guess you ignored my comment and other people comments entirely, since more than one person answered this. As for people saying its nearly impossible or very hard to boost this, the majority of the trophies i got by matchmaking with my friends and we still do this for bloodpoints boost and new DLC trophies. Seriously, its totally boostable.
  3. You can't do any trophies in private lobbies and its very tricky to match up in public matches, but its a lot less work than Friday the 13th. This is only in terms of platinum tho, some of the DLCs have really hard trophies that requires a lot of hours even with boosting (Huntress, Legion and Pig imo). My tips, if you want to boost it: - Find a solid group with (at least) 3 people. Commitment its a must on this plat! - Make sure everyone is from your country, since the game tends to match up people from the same region. - Everyone must be at the same rank or at least in the same color range. Another way of doing it (much harder than the above): Send msgs to the survivors/killer while everyone is still in the lobby asking if they can help you with X or Y trophy, i did a good amount of trophies this way. Not everyone will help, especially with this having one of the most toxic communities in online gaming, but a lot of people will gladly help. PS: Soon they will implement the dedicated servers, so i don't know how this will affect boosting. Hopefully it stays the same, cuz even being tricky its still very doable.
  4. If you have the Monitor & Abuse perk unlocked for Myers i'm pretty sure it helps a lot.
  5. If i remember correctly, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 don't have any online trophies. Is the platinum listed as unobtainable for another reason?
  6. I know i'm late as feck, but i'll answer this in case future players still have doubts about this version: - LITE Version isn't new, its already happening for a few years on the previous versions. - This version only contains MyClub mode basically. - You can't get trophies on this version, but you can build a team on MyClub with LITE and use later on the full game if you want.
  7. I tried one time and even sacrificing all four i didnt got the trophy, only on the second attempt. One thing that may have something to do with it is that, on the first attempt, i got the Ruthless Killer status at the end, while on the second one (the one that gave me the trophy) i got a Merciless Killer status.
  8. Be at the same rank as your friend or friends and keep timming the search with them. I had no problem finding my friends since we were at the same ranks or even with 1 rank difference.
  9. Here is what i think about each MyClub trophy in this year's version of the game: MyClub: 1st RANKED MATCH win - Easy peasy. Ranking Recognition - Same thing. Ace Signing - This can be tricky or not be a hassle AT ALL. Everyone got at least two 100% Black Ball agents this year from Konami on PES 2018, so just keep playing and it could be the same thing this year. One of Our Own - If you play a lot this should come naturally. Eye for Talent - If this works the way i think, it could be fairly easy. Just buy cheap scouts for a 100% combination of a Gold Ball player. Global Giants - This should be the last trophy you will get. It will be a HUGE grind! I did a quick combination here with my PES 2018 players and got 2.302 strenght using this players: MAIN TEAM (All Gold Balls): Sergio Asenjo (Lvl 38) / Marquinhos (Lvl 41) / David Luiz (Lvl 34) / Jordi Alba (Lvl 41) / Bellerín (Lvl 39) / Yaya Touré (Lvl 33) / Matic (Lvl 29) / Marco Asensio (Lvl 39) / Steve McManaman (Lvl 38) / Gabriel Jesus (Lvl 41) / Mbappé (Lvl 41) SUBSTITUTES (All Black Balls): De Gea (Lvl 34) / Thiago Silva (Lvl 32) / Miranda (Lvl 33) / Piqué (Lvl 32) / Alex Sandro (Lvl 38) / Douglas Costa (Lvl 32) / Callejón (Lvl 32)
  10. Yes, it was the first trophy i earned when i tried a couple of months ago. I didn't even started the Single Player, just did the minigame, logged into the MP screen and the trophy popped.