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  1. When I was at the featured bases, the base computer acted like my own base computer built on an already claimed site, but when teleporting to other peoples bases from the nexus, the base computer says "checked in as guest" right away. I entered the multiplayer mode to do this, maybe before it wasn't working because I was only able to play in singleplayer mode, since the PS+ purchase page pops up as soon as you try to enter MP. Glad we had a free MP weekend I could try it out
  2. Update: PS+ is required, it does not work on the "featured" bases
  3. I've been trying to get the "Reunion Trophy" via the Space Anomaly method, I've visited all 3 of the "featured" bases and tried interacting with the base computer, but I get a message that says the site is already registered and I cannot build on it. leaving the only option as "Leave" Am I doing something wrong? Discovery servicies are online Multiplayer and Cross platform are enable I'm playing in singleplayer mode because I do not have PS Plus - I'm guessing this is my problem, but the guide says PS+ is not required Any idea of whats going wrong, or an alternative method on achieving it?
  4. A co-op game you can carry him might be fun Something like Resident Evil 5 if you've already beat the game, let him do as much as he can without letting him die, or any of the Borderlands games Here is a website with info on Co-op games and to what degree they are co-op (couch, online only, etc)
  5. Friday 1:34 PM
  6. can we trade these for bethesda exclusives plz
  7. I had more trouble with Maria, beat Kos within a couple tries using Ludwigs big boi blade, no items or summons, I probably leveled up a little bit past what I "should" have been, not too crazy high or anything, but thats the beauty of the game, you can decide how hard you want it to be. Just keep practicing, lvel up 1 or 2 times, try again, rinse and repeat
  8. The PS3 has been marked for digital death, it won't be long until digital releases for the system will no longer be supported, whether that is updates or just straight up download of purchases. I dunno about you guys, but I still have nearly 40-60 games I need to finish on the system, I think it is completely possible that I won't get them done by the time they cut services, I've downloaded everything I can, and at least I'll have a ton of physicals to play what I can
  9. They just nearly closed the entire PS3 Store, I can pretty much guarantee they will never bring this back to PS3
  10. Does this affect the availability of updates/patches for disc games?
  11. Fallout 3 and NV get glitchy once you near the end and your save file is ~8mb in size but still mostly playable. I got the plat in both with no game ending glitches, just minor setbacks. Although I haven't gotten the 100%, people say if your save file is too large to do the DLC by the end of the game, start a new game and focus on the DLC early before the lagging starts
  12. why are you spamming your channel here with clickbait titles...this is something my 13 year old cousin would find entertaining
  13. Start the game on a blank PS4 profile, then if you end up getting that trophy, link the profile back to your PSN
  14. The S.T.A.L.K.E.R games would be amazing to replay. If they had a slightly less clunky feel they would be absolute perfect games.
  15. I know, lots of mixed information out there since the PSP and PS4 versions are so different. I platted this game a little while ago so if you have any other questions I can try to answer them