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  1. Multiplayer trophies put an expiry on the platinum. Many games I have gotten every single trophy except for the few multiplayer trophies that I can never get because the servers are shut down or entirely dead
  2. Thanks for the giveaway The christmas tree fell on me like 5 years in a row, and looking back it has always been funny to me
  3. 1) More Ratchet and Clank 2) Half life 3. This is too depressing of a choice, so I'll just pick a slightly less depressing pick of Resistance 4.
  4. It's been a while since I got it, and I was in my early teens when I did the majority of the it may be skewed, but Call of Duty World at War was definitely the game that made me rage hardest. As for my 2 rarest, Terraria, did it solo as I dont have PS+. Took the longest, but it was relatively stress free. Rock band 2 would be next most difficult just due to the time required to get good at all the instruments
  5. The book of unwritten tales 2, that game was truly awful. Awful writing, awful controls, awful puzzles. The only game that I played solely for the plat and didnt enjoy at least a little bit
  6. Titan Quest was my favorite game on the PC, and I would say that yes it is 100+h to plat, it kind of depends how lucky you get with your drops and which classes you pick though. You essentially have to beat the game 3 times and the campaign is 20-30 hours on normal mode? On legendary you will die A LOT, sometimes in 1-2 hits. PC had a lot more control on kiting abilities, so I'm guessing the later boss fights will be much more difficult on PS4 and require quite a bit more grinding to be able to take more than 1 hit from the boss
  7. Mortal Kombat
  8. Trials Fusion: Full Throttle III - Complete all Full Throttle challenges in first 8 events Anyone thats played Trials games knows how hard they can get. This one took a couple hours per level and a couple levels of blood pressure Trials Fusion: Unyielding III - Complete all Unyielding Challenges Same reason as above, this one I think was harder even though its less of a rarity, you have to do the entire level without tilting the rider, there were a few sections that almost made me give up on this trophy Black Ops 3 - No one will believe you - complete campaign on realistic You die in one shot...although this was quite difficult, I actually really enjoyed it. completely changes the way the game is played. I made it harder for myself though, I didnt unlock the right weapons in the first playthrough Arcania - Geek - platinum To get this, had to beat in on the hardest difficulty mode. For a game that isn't very stable or polished, when the combat usually ends in your death in 1-2 hits it can be quite challenging. Probably the hardest skill wise of my plats, but not super hard in general. like 7/10
  9. I have about 50 games that I own on disc format and still have the urge to play. Classics like Deus Ex, Xcom, GTA 4, and Mass Effect 3, games that still hold up. I have maybe 20 more digital games to play too. Maybe another 20 that I intend to buy sometime if I ever find them used or in a PSN sale. Out of my 112 PS3 games, I have platinumed or completed (to where the only trophies left are multiplayer or DLC I wont buy) 42 games, 38%. a good portion of that I just have 1 or 2 trophies left to beat it on hard mode or whatever and a couple others I have the plat but I also have the DLC, (Fallout 3 and NV) so theres still some work to do. I would say I am 50% there to completing everything.
  10. Each mission took me about 4 hours just doing my best to get to the next checkpoint before I die. You need to get really good at knowing where your cover is because you will need to run to different cover spots when you get surrounded by grenades
  11. I guess the PS3 just doesnt exist anymore
  12. Luckily, I own the account that I want to change my ID to, so as long as it is free, I can do a swap. Made this account probably 11 years ago when I was a young teenager, I've transitioned all my other usernames to the other one except this. PSN is the only remnant of Deadlocked11 out there
  13. Yeah, the new update did change a lot, but I think the menu and crafting system is 10X easier to use and figure out now though. Once you get used to it, it really becomes. Things did keep crashing for me too though, but I found that so long as I didnt equip any dyes ALL the crashing went away. Uncharted 4 introduced a new mode that is kind of like COD zombies, where you can buy upgrades and weapons based on your performance, but its your team vs. waves of AI A couple other recommendations, Dead Rising 2 or 3, Dead Nation maybe? Warframe is a free to play, and actually really well put together. I played through Resident Evil 5 coop which was awesome, you can get it ps3 or 4, Resident Evil 6 is alright too
  14. Terraria or any of the borderlands have great coop, maybe some of the call of duty zombie modes? Or Rock Band 2/3 if you wanna delve into that, some of my favorite coop gaming times were in RB2 Dead Island Some of the Far Cry series Uncharted 4 All have good coop too