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  1. Does this affect the availability of updates/patches for disc games?
  2. Fallout 3 and NV get glitchy once you near the end and your save file is ~8mb in size but still mostly playable. I got the plat in both with no game ending glitches, just minor setbacks. Although I haven't gotten the 100%, people say if your save file is too large to do the DLC by the end of the game, start a new game and focus on the DLC early before the lagging starts
  3. why are you spamming your channel here with clickbait titles...this is something my 13 year old cousin would find entertaining
  4. Start the game on a blank PS4 profile, then if you end up getting that trophy, link the profile back to your PSN
  5. The S.T.A.L.K.E.R games would be amazing to replay. If they had a slightly less clunky feel they would be absolute perfect games.
  6. I know, lots of mixed information out there since the PSP and PS4 versions are so different. I platted this game a little while ago so if you have any other questions I can try to answer them
  7. Sword art Online - Re: Hollow Fragment - 300 hrs I beat the main game at 120 hours at lvl 130, then the last 5-6 trophies took an additional 180 hours to complete. Get to lvl 200, complete a list of 140 different missions, kill 100 high level bosses (~5-10 minutes each) and complete a list of 128 challenges that all require grinding themselves
  8. junioronepiece's response is not correct, completely different mission The boss that needs to be defeated for this boss is an optional boss at the end of the game. It involves a minor spoiler regarding certain partners You MUST complete this AFTER you beat the final boss for a first time if you want to get the memories trophy in one playthrough Beat the final boss first, then click "continue" instead of New game+ to ensure you get all the memories in the proper order
  9. All the soulsborne games have oddly high completion percentages. Personally, I wouldn't say they're as hard to finish as most people say, but the plat usually requires some grinding or very careful planning. Especially Demon's souls, I think if it didn't have the duplication glitch, it would be a <5% rarity
  10. I completed it in 3 months total, I got most of the trophies normally opening the game once or twice a day. I the last stretch I got fed up and used time skip, even with time skip it took me another 3 or 4 days to get the last 2 trophies I suspect that if I had not used time skip it would take me another 3-6 months
  11. So what is the difference between Shadow of the Colossus remake and Spyro/Crash remakes? The developers of the SotC didn't create a new term in an interview to describe their game?
  12. No, they are remakes, are you maybe thinking of reboots vs remakes? Remasters just replaces the textures and updates the graphics instead of the engine
  13. 1. Shake Spears. Such a garbage game, free on PS3 for a reason. It doesn't even work properly, you need to turn off your internet connection to even play it 2. Book of unending tales 2. Painfully slow, not even all that funny and its pretty much only completable with a guide because the combinations of items/dialogue are absolutely random at times. Unless you want to try every combination and exhaust every single line of dialogue in every order. 3. Crappy idle games, Adventure Capitalist, Clicker heroes especially, you can get 80% of the trophies fairly easily, but the final one takes months 4. Super Dungeon Bros. You need to play it co-op otherwise it is practically unbeatable, the enmies don't scale depending on the number of participants....really stupid design decision 5. Space overlords. Completely broken, awful game. Cannot believe playstation gave this away for free, this game is anti-advertisement. Imagine you get your new PS4 and sign up for PS plus the first time and you get the jankiest PS Vita PS4 port game possible and they are advertising it like they're doing you a favour. They should remove it from the store
  14. The only person that will judge you for these games is yourself, if you see the point in erasing all the other games that you enjoy because of a few cheesy/bad ones, then that is fine. I personally would not reset No one will scrub through your profile to see all the crap games you played, just work on some games you enjoy How would your trophy obtaining change if you got a new account? Do you plan on not looking at trophy lists before you decide to play a game? or are you only going to play games that you can plat and look impressive? Or will you fall back into your same trends and eventually buy My Name is Mayo
  15. Full Frontal Assault is a spin-off Deadlocked is the 4th in the series, and not considered the best. But still a more fun experience than FFA For full experience, play either the PS4 Ratchet and Clank version, or buy the PS3 remastered trilogy and play them in order. Then play Deadlocked--->Future tools-->Crack in time-->Into the Nexus, then if you fell in love with the games, play All 4 One and Full frontal