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  1. 1. There is an online portion, but not needed for trophies. 2. 3rd person RPG 3. Real time, spells and abilities have cooldowns that you cast in real time 4. I have personally spent around 80 hours in the game and am not very close to platinum, I could have done things quicker but 130 sounds about right 5. Cant say 6. I personally find mage and rogue most fun in dragon age games. If youre into romancing characters, Id suggest looking up a small guide as some characters can be difficult to get to like you, including gender and race. 7. The combat is a LITTLE bland at times, but overall I have enjoyed my time with the game, I would say a solid 7 or 7.5/10. Fighting the big bosses is really cool. 8. Inquisitor is the most difficult trophy, everything else is highly doable. If you build your character right, I think you'll be okay.
  2. The DLC trophies suck, the whole game mode isn't very fun so it makes it that much more painful when you die. It's JUST hard enough to be doable, but you'll want to quit the whole time. took about 1-2 hours each for both no death trophies
  3. I've got the Vice City Plat and 100% in TLAD. So I guess Notorious and Thug?
  4. I make sure to never play a game twice back to back, and switch up the genre as much as possible. Focus on one trophy at a time not one game at a time. Half my plats are "completed in 9 years" because i beat the game once 9 years ago and am finally getting back to clean up the second playthrough. If im having trouble with a game, I'll just move on to the next one for a couple days. I also try to ignore trophies on the first playthrough unless it would severely handicap me. Or I'll put on a mindless game like stardew, terraria, most shooters, and just watch a movie on my second monitor. Work towards some grindy trophies. Or if I am really burnt out, just go do my other hobbies, or read a book or something
  5. Things are getting wyald
  6. Artwork from the band Conan
  7. All the tomb raider trophies a friend and I spent maybe 10 hours launching grenades at each other, not necessarily cheesing, but close enough AdVenture capitalist: after about 2 months of legitimate playing I gave up and just time skipped for about 8 hours. most boring game ever, absolute regret downloading it
  8. Resistance 2, Far Cry 2, Crysis 2, Killzone 2, Bioshock 2, AC Brotherhood/revelations/3 All have online trophies tacked on to otherwise singleplayer focused games. The online trophies arent just play 10 games, they all have something ridiculous like 10000 kills or rank up to max level which is always at minimum a 25-50 hour grind and thats if youre boosting. These trophies wouldn't be so bad if that game was the only game you owned and you bought it at launch, but they arent, they came out at the same time as hundreds of other fantastic games and now the servers are completely dead and closed or require a minimum amount of players to start a match. These games all have about a 70/30 split for singleplayer vs multiplayer so theyre still worth playing but it would have been so much better if they just left out the multiplayer trophies. Every game was trying to be the new call of duty back then, most of them didnt even include a multiplayer function in their sequel. Also, any game that tacks on a single multiplayer trophy for ps4 games. I'm not buying PS+ just for your game. Evolve is also grindy and awful I've always thought the last of us had a really disappointing trophy list, the majority of it are collectibles, Beat the game on every mode and then more grindy multiplayer trophies. it could use some more combat trophies like the uncharted series or trophies to promote a certain style of gameplay some people may not think about.
  9. Pokemon is an anime. Its also a game.
  10. You probably only got Heronie 1, you have to unlock both clips.
  11. I believe if you change your date settings on your system it would enable to events and enemies will drop the loot boxes and grab bags
  12. After the latest update, I got the exterminator trophy (kill all bosses) after killing Golem. I haven't kill Duke Fishron either. I would assume most of the other trophies that required pre-1.3 content has also been cut out. Does anyone know exactly what may have changed? Obviously/hopefully all the pets that were cut out of the game are no longer required as well as the armor. I dont remember seeing the updated trophy requirements in the patch notes. I'm not sure whether they changed the requirements to include 1.3 content or not either. Anyone that unlocked "A Knight in Shining Armor" or "Pet Hoarder" lately have any input?
  13. Finally done with this garbage game. 7 months later. My only tip is transcend ASAP, all the descriptions wont make any sense to you so just use something like this I got an auto clicker to help with hiring, and another one to get the bonus from nogardnit, if I kept both idle it didnt appear to make any difference,