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  1. If you still have a North America key I'll take it! =)
  2. I believe I figured out how the Master Assassin trophy is determined. This trophy appears to be segregated between FPP and TPP in the Career tab in the main menu, my advice is whichever category you have more kills in stick with that game mode. To track your progress, go under career and look at your kills across all modes in your Perspective, TPP Solo (Season 7) + TPP Duos (Season 7) + TPP Squads (Season 7) + TPP Solo (Season 6), etc. for all seasons (for this example do not add in any kills in FPP). I noticed this more accurately tracked my kills (in the game's Main Menu > Career) when I hit 1,000 kills in only the TPP mode across all seasons the trophy popped regardless of having over 500 kills in season 7 in FPP. Good luck and happy grinding!
  3. My hot take has always been that if people want the challenge play on Survivor and grind out the trophies, but if someone wants to play with accessibility and on easy more power to them. It doesn't take away an advanced player's personal challenge but also allows others who severely struggle with games (i.e. individuals with disabilities or my 75 year old father, who's new to gaming and struggles with twin joysticks but is also a completionist) a fighting chance. No shade, just my hot take on accessibility in gaming.
  4. I'm a fan of cover-based shooters and RPGs, and the Division series is my favorite to date. The lore, the combat, and the moody world. Nothing beats walking around an abandoned NYC with Christmas decorations all over, or the moss-covered DC. The game is great with friends, but also I found a sense of peace walking around alone in these apocalypses. I can't wait for Div 3!
  5. Can anyone confirm if trophies can be unlocked in Quick Play Classic mode? Jeff Kaplan confirmed Blizzard was looking into it in September and I haven't found anything since.
  6. Game of the Year Released in 2019: Resident Evil 2 Remake Game of the Year Played in 2019: Nioh
  7. My wife and I picked up Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and are really enjoying it. She isn't a gamer but this one cracked though. Here's to platinum 47!
  8. Yes, I would like to delete trophies to games I don't like and know I won't go back to. For example, Emerald Shores or Sonic Racing, I know I won't go back for those platinums and don't have any interest in seeing them over and over.
  9. Full price, no plat, hard pass...