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  1. Hey Everyone! Does anyone know how to not auto pop the trophies for PS5, I platinumed the game on PS4 and want to do it legit again? Does anyone know how to turn off the auto-sync or is this all on the backend through Bungie servers? Thanks!


  2. 19 minutes ago, Burstawesome said:

    I have been very interested in picking up Resident Evil 3 for a while, but hadn't pulled the plug yet. I just got the game from Best Buy yesterday and since this is multiplayer I want to get it started soon. I wanted to know whether it's going to be easy or difficult. Are the queue times long and is it because of no player base? And how hard are the trophies if done solo, since the guide seems a bit outdated, is it easy or slightly difficult? I am mostly worried about trophies that require a specific situation to occur, if there are any. Queue times are the main issue, don't want to start the game if I wouldn't be able to find a game.

    If you're only interested in RE3R then you have nothing to worry about. Project Resistance (the multiplayer mode) has its own trophy list. Happy zombie hunting!


  3. Yesterday, we discovered a fast way to boost this trophy. You need 8 players, 5  minimum (4 players for the squad being wiped and the booster(s)). Preferably you want the map Ruka as you can travel anywhere on the map via parachute. For the squad being wiped have three players press X immediately to pull their chute then cut the line so they fall to their death, the remaining player lands at the agreed upon location to be killed immediately for a squad wipe.


    We had three players get the trophy in the match using this method however they had a few medals under their belts.


    Using this method you can boost the squad wipe for one player within about 4-5 minutes as it takes 10-20 seconds for the squad wipe to respawn and about 10 seconds for the single player to parachute to the booster. I would also recommend EU servers with crossplay turned on, both hosts from EU. I'm from NA servers and we had Oceania players with us too and EU servers was the best for matchmaking.

    Happy Trophy Hunting!


  4. I believe I figured out how the Master Assassin trophy is determined. This trophy appears to be segregated between FPP and TPP in the Career tab in the main menu, my advice is whichever category you have more kills in stick with that game mode. To track your progress, go under career and look at your kills across all modes in your Perspective, TPP Solo (Season 7) + TPP Duos (Season 7) + TPP Squads (Season 7) + TPP Solo (Season 6), etc. for all seasons (for this example do not add in any kills in FPP). I noticed this more accurately tracked my kills (in the game's Main Menu > Career) when I hit 1,000 kills in only the TPP mode across all seasons the trophy popped regardless of having over 500 kills in season 7 in FPP. Good luck and happy grinding!


  5. 5 hours ago, thefourfoldroot said:

    From a trophy hunter Perspective it seems disappointing as you can change “accessibility” settings in a way that basically makes the platinum a non event. I feel that some challenge should be retained. I hope that doesn’t make me seem “ableist”

    My hot take has always been that if people want the challenge play on Survivor and grind out the trophies, but if someone wants to play with accessibility and on easy more power to them. It doesn't take away an advanced player's personal challenge but also allows others who severely struggle with games (i.e. individuals with disabilities or my 75 year old father, who's new to gaming and struggles with twin joysticks but is also a completionist) a fighting chance.

    No shade, just my hot take on accessibility in gaming.


  6. I'm a fan of cover-based shooters and RPGs, and the Division series is my favorite to date. The lore, the combat, and the moody world. Nothing beats walking around an abandoned NYC with Christmas decorations all over, or the moss-covered DC. The game is great with friends, but also I found a sense of peace walking around alone in these apocalypses. I can't wait for Div 3!