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  1. I can confirm this is lifetime kills. Now what I did because this bugged out for me, was that I messaged PubG support ( ) every week for two or three weeks. They asked for my platform and user name. The next patch the trophy popped on my next kill. My buddy ArtVandaley26 did the same thing and that was how he got the trophy. Honesly, message support, give them your info, and keep following up. You should get it if you have more than a combination of 1,000 kills (Side note I would stick to one perspective TPP (Third Person Perspective) or FPP (First Person). Good luck!
  2. I didn't need to reinstall the game, I only deleted my profile through their website and went back for the glitched trophy and it popped second time through. Good luck! This worked for me. Create saves frequently and it's not difficult to complete Suit Only Silent Assassin.
  3. It's a bummer Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics didn't include the trophy progress tracker for the PS5 trophies. It would be nice to know how close you were to the hive missions as I heard that was a big complaint with the original version. Still, I'm excited to jump in for the first time.
  4. Hey Kal-El457, we had two people from European servers (specifically England and Wales I think?) and they were the hosts for each squad. Granted this was also the first few weeks the game came out on PS5 and I'm not sure how the lobbies are now. Good luck!
  5. I recommend playing duos or squads and when "you" knock the player toss a grenade to finish them off. However, if your friend/teammate knocks them and you finish them with a grenade, it'll count as a grenade kill for your friend/teammate and not you even though you killed him. The tracking is award to the player who knocked them. I would recommend playing with crossplay turned off as the games are filled with a stupid amount of bots and they never stick together, knock one finish them off with a grenade and rinse and repeat. This trophy was murder before bots were added. If you want to play in Solos mode I can't stress enough the importance of cooking the grenade, (Hitting L1 with Type B Controls) count 2-3 seconds toss and this will exploded almost immediately upon impact, giving the opponent no time to run when they hear it hit the ground. Also carry 2-3 grenades and keep logging away. Good luck!
  6. PubG - 0.86% Overwatch - 1.87% For Honor - 3.14% The Golf Club - 3.88% CoD Advanced Warfare - 4.38% I legitimately enjoyed chasing all five of these. 😁
  7. ShinigamiSensei- is a completionist through and through, with 212 completed games out of 218 (that's crazy cool!). They are also a massive final fantasy fan timing their 40th, 50th, 75th and 150th platinums to Final Fantasy games!
  8. Just won a match on PS5 USA region and no trophy.
  9. Hey Everyone! Does anyone know how to not auto pop the trophies for PS5, I platinumed the game on PS4 and want to do it legit again? Does anyone know how to turn off the auto-sync or is this all on the backend through Bungie servers? Thanks!
  10. Only trying to help. I heard nothing but negative things about resistance. Good luck.
  11. If you're only interested in RE3R then you have nothing to worry about. Project Resistance (the multiplayer mode) has its own trophy list. Happy zombie hunting!
  12. Yesterday, we discovered a fast way to boost this trophy. You need 8 players, 5 minimum (4 players for the squad being wiped and the booster(s)). Preferably you want the map Ruka as you can travel anywhere on the map via parachute. For the squad being wiped have three players press X immediately to pull their chute then cut the line so they fall to their death, the remaining player lands at the agreed upon location to be killed immediately for a squad wipe. We had three players get the trophy in the match using this method however they had a few medals under their belts. Using this method you can boost the squad wipe for one player within about 4-5 minutes as it takes 10-20 seconds for the squad wipe to respawn and about 10 seconds for the single player to parachute to the booster. I would also recommend EU servers with crossplay turned on, both hosts from EU. I'm from NA servers and we had Oceania players with us too and EU servers was the best for matchmaking. Happy Trophy Hunting!
  13. If you still have a North America key I'll take it! =)
  14. I believe I figured out how the Master Assassin trophy is determined. This trophy appears to be segregated between FPP and TPP in the Career tab in the main menu, my advice is whichever category you have more kills in stick with that game mode. To track your progress, go under career and look at your kills across all modes in your Perspective, TPP Solo (Season 7) + TPP Duos (Season 7) + TPP Squads (Season 7) + TPP Solo (Season 6), etc. for all seasons (for this example do not add in any kills in FPP). I noticed this more accurately tracked my kills (in the game's Main Menu > Career) when I hit 1,000 kills in only the TPP mode across all seasons the trophy popped regardless of having over 500 kills in season 7 in FPP. Good luck and happy grinding!
  15. My hot take has always been that if people want the challenge play on Survivor and grind out the trophies, but if someone wants to play with accessibility and on easy more power to them. It doesn't take away an advanced player's personal challenge but also allows others who severely struggle with games (i.e. individuals with disabilities or my 75 year old father, who's new to gaming and struggles with twin joysticks but is also a completionist) a fighting chance. No shade, just my hot take on accessibility in gaming.