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  1. I don't know what exactly triggers the coins to be saved but i guess its only starting a game, which is risky because crashes, and buying stuff(guaranteed to save coins). So be sure to only grind as much as you need and then buy something so the coins get saved.
  2. Good point. There is a good amount of coins to collect (got me ~65k) which can save you 1-2 hours of grinding.
  3. Like I said, once you unlocked the last challenge in the school(and maybe failed it at least once?) you can just complete the Sprint Exercise again and you should get the trophy. Also just found this: Thought i was the first one here to stumble upon this but clearly I'm not. So maybe it's not specificly the sprint exercise but maybe other practice stuff too, but i can't confirm on anything but the sprint exercise.
  4. You don't actually need to level up your other gender player. If you create a player in the main menu under "My Player", it will have all the stuff unlocked as you highest career player. My male career player is level 28 and i created a female and all the stuff up to level 28 is allready unlocked. But since you have to farm sooo many coins anyways, you might aswell play through the career again. __________________________ The Sprint Exercise That now makes 3/3 people i know, who tried and it worked for them. Is it safe to assume that this trophy is bugged in a good way and this method works? Would be helpfull if more people try and report on it.
  5. Thanks to you, I figured out that you don't even have to complete challenge #10 for the trophy. After getting frustrated by this challenge, I just did sprint training again and after completing it, the trophy popped. I don't have a grade next to #10, didn't successfully complete it in careermode and only have 95% at the school but just got the trophy. I don't know if I've done anything special what might triggered this to happen, but if someone struggles with challenge#10, you might wanna give it a try.