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  1. .
  2. The character tendency does carry over.
  3. Xcom 2 definitely. It just isnt my type of game.
  4. Yes. I continued seattle day 2. i was at the start of the chapter. Then I quit to the main menu, started an encounter, turned on all modifiers and went back to the main menu. After That I couldnt continue my grounded playthrough.
  5. Same thing happened to me. I lost all of my progress. I was playing on permadeath. :/
  6. I still can not get the achievement for collecting all license plates. It is the only achievement left.
  7. Naruto Storm because you have the other ones.
  8. Hi I need help with changing lanes. Psn INiko_Stimec
  9. Definitely dark souls 1
  10. Dark Souls😋
  11. Lords of the fallen
  12. Shadow of mordor. It is a really fun game.
  13. AC Unity you are almost done.