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  1. Dark Souls 3. Never was able to play the dark souls series ^^
  2. L.A. Noire. Wonderful game
  3. Amnesia Collection
  4. I finished all the achievements in rebirth and afterbirth. I am going to buy the physical copy. Hopefully the 1000000% trophy will pop after meeting the requirements. Not loooking forward to completing the ultra Hard challenge. SPEED and Brains were frustrating enough ^^
  5. The walking dead collection, Because I love the series.
  6. Do you mean the skills that you get from some minibosses and can be used with the d-pad? Those are not counted as attacks.
  7. Because diamond addict is for getting diamond in every world. That means that you have to resque all teensies. For the gold one you also have to get all the gold trophies for collecting the required amounts of lums on every Level.
  8. The trophies for level 5 and 100 are only achievable in the multiplayer. Picking up a weapon does not count I think. You have to find a weapon as loot. If you dont have one in your inventory, everything is fine. Are you sure that you learned a attack by blocking/parrying/ etc. ?
  9. Bought the game yesterday. I can start playing next weekend. I hope that it wont bei too frustrating^^
  10. The progress is lost.
  11. You habe to reach a certain level to gain access to the sword deck or the wargloves deck. Just level up your school with some combat trials. Is there a school with Calbot or does anybody know the move and is willing to teach IT ?