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  1. The Binding of Isaac. Only have the Lost runs left. But no idea if i will get the plat, because the achievement for all challenges did not pop for me :/
  2. Just seems like you are trying to compensate for something. Cant see another reason for your actions or could you maybe explain it? Already asked several times, but never got any kind of answer.
  3. You should be marked as guy with a god complex Why the hell do you think you are responsible for that game? Pretty sure you didnt make it
  4. what a liar lol
  5. IT is a Lot easier if you do the expert run with evil karma because you get stronger powers. Expert is really easy though. Just use the karma streak in the bigger fights.
  6. You Probably just Made that account to proove something lol. Jokes aside. Why are you even doing that? I dont understand why somebody would log in every few days for nothing. Sounds like a sad life.
  7. You just have to read the first couple comments from the other forums and its pretty obvious that jeanmi got the belts by scamming other people on the forums who wanted to trade the belts. Additionally he wanted to sell them for money. No wonder he got banned there lol. I dont get it why some people have to be so obsessed with pixels. You wont lose your life if the platinum gets a higher completion I love how you just ignore the fact that he is right. It doesnt matter that he is new to psnprofiles. Its just fact.
  8. Try to turn the damage indicators off in the menus. Had 0 crashes since then.