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  1. I am stuck at the moment of taking the alien bomb, the game freezes and does not allow skip of the message that appears when obtaining it. I already reinstalled the game, I already made another save, I did everything and it just doesn't improve. What should I do? Wait for patch? Will the devs be aware of this?.
  2. Now that you can choose the bonus level directly, I have achieved it and do not skip the trophy of all the suits. Do you have any idea what happened?
  3. I need this trophy to be able to obtain platinum, however it is bugged, I have finished it on 2 occasions and the trophy simply does not jump. I am playing version 3.03. Any recommendation?
  4. Well, be patient, I appreciate your answer. Excellent day.
  5. The list of trophies has not appeared yet, does anyone have an update on this? What an irresponsible way not to upload the list of trophies to the server.
  6. Incredible that playing more than 700hrs I had never fought with a scarred yian garug, as he had the normal crowns, I thought that the tanning was exactly the same and I always avoided it, I never thought that it was a completely different subspecies, it is more nor had it in the Bestiary. But it is already resolved, now to hunt the Maxi crown, the mini already came out today. Thank you very much for all the help and support. Case closed.
  7. If I have the 2 crowns of both devil jho, both the ordinary and the wild one. I'm going to mention the monsters that I don't have the big crown for and that might be blocking the trophy. 1. Rajang, 2. Stygian Zinogre, 3. Raging Brachydios, 4. Safijiiva and 5. Alatreon. 4 and 5 I understand they have no crown. So it would only be that one of those 3 remaining are the ones that make the trophy not jump.
  8. Hi, I already have the Djo and Lunastra crowns. And despite this, I do not jump the trophy
  9. I have acquired all the large crowns from all the enemies in MHI and the trophy does not appear. Do I also have to get the ones that have appeared in free DLC? please help.
  10. No one has released a guide to platinum without dev mode?
  11. As i can go from the 4th floor to the 5th in Lament of Death, a fence that i could destroy with the tpuch hinders me and right now it only tells me that someone keeps it closed. Thanks for answering.