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  1. Only done a couple of missions but looks great so far, like the fact you can do side missions and also how you can set up your profile to what sort of person you are like being a professional or a phycopath and then receiving perks for your selected traits.
  2. Yes I've been doing the blue moon race with the x bow car. Good xp in like you say 12 minutes. My only problem is it does get very tedious after a while. So im only doing it a couple of hours a day. I just wish they would of made online a better payout with xp seen as though that's the main focus of the game. One day i'll get to 50 don't know when but it will happen! Haha definitely one of the longest grind ive attempted. I've heard the later levels are ridiculous. Good luck!
  3. Yes! Haha literally one of the longest grinds I've ever attempted. Im still at level 43 don't get me wrong i don't play every day but ive put a hell of alot of hours into it. I don't think it helps that the main focus is online and the xp you get for online races is awful.
  4. Cheers for this, and as someone said what a dreadful trophy to get when its so heavily focused online and onlines xp is dreadful. Horrible when you spend a full day on it and you Don't even go up 1 rank haha, ahh well only 7 more ranks to go. Worst bit is i believe when you get to level 45 your technically only half way to level 50, which is awful. It might even be higher than 45 actually i remember reading it ages ago and just thinking no way haha!
  5. I enjoy it, so good when that trophy pops after battling days to achieve the platinum. But i admit some games i do find myself thinking why am i doing this, for example gran turismo sport the grind to level 50 is unbarable. I see my friends all playing warzone etc and im spending full days on gt sport on my own and your lucky if you even level up once after spending about 12 hours playing. Its a love hate relationship trophy hunting haha.
  6. I enjoy racing games, this is a fun game online. Especially when you start getting better and better. Single player can be ok but the ai are awful and doesn't seem to possess any kinda challenge. Only time single player is regularly played will be when your going for level 50. An unbelievable grind but can be done faster with certain cars on certain tracks. If your serious about going for platinum be prepared for a long slog, winning 91 online races is unbelievably hard many would take 80 to 90 % trophy completion, im literally going for the level 50 and the record number of races 322 which takes a long time as you have 3 races every hour. If i get the 65 poles and 91 wins on the way then happy days but remember there's some unbelievably good players still to this day playing.
  7. This is crazy, literally need this and 1 more small trophy for the platinum. They wont fix it, its been too long now.
  8. Unbelievable, i did not realise this, only need this trophy for the platinum and now its impossible to get. To me it's a big kick in the teeth, surely they can make it so you only have to reach 2000 and not enter the league.