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  1. We Always Had Faith In You Obtain all the Trophies
  2. ARCADE Player Reach level 20 in the Arcade
  3. Opportunity Knocks Using rocks or cans, distract 15 enemies
  4. Dead Alliance M60 Massacre Get 1,000 kills with the M60
  5. Dead Alliance Aligned with the Dead Get all trophies
  6. Dead Alliance M249 Massacre Get 1,000 kills with the SAW
  7. Dead Alliance Crossbow Massacre Get 1,000 kills with the Crossbow
  8. PSN Level 27 Royal Army Defense Cross Won a defensive battle
  9. Valkyria Revolution Research & Development Coin Developed all secondary weapons at Sabancci & Co
  10. Valkyria Revolution Grand Cordon of the Azure Wolf Obtained all trophies
  11. Small Radios Big Televisions SEE IT ALL Visit every tape
  12. Small Radios Big Televisions 📻 100% 📺
  13. Laundry list Complete all other missions
  14. Even better shot Destroy 25 target boards