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  1. thanks i looked at store and indeed it said ' free ' so i purchased it again and hopefully next time on vita it will be there
  2. i did , thats why i post this here LOL 👀
  3. it is already bought on the ps4... thats why i went to go for the vita version...
  4. Europe vita
  5. rata's are getting way to expensive even for a non crossbuy anymore, sad story though...
  6. Why can't i find this game in the store? even though it is bought and cross buy , still cant find it in download list either...
  7. ah ok thx
  8. Thank you!
  9. someone has a link please?
  10. looks japanese version, anyone have a link? can'tfind it by typing the title name
  11. weird, because i only bought it once for ps4 and was able to plat it also for free on vita
  12. When i bought it for NAversion, it was crossbuy, now for EU i can't find it in store on vite, i have to buy it... ?
  13. am i missing something... dying so quick... restart all over when u die.... like what the hell? aim is at 100% auto aim though it does nothing it doesn't lock onto enemies
  14. 14th of august it will come out on AS
  15. link?