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  1. I know for sure i did not use any hints in these games. only time iused a hint was in the beginning of the museum where the game commands you to use hint. So i don't know what happened here ... another playtrough again ughh
  2. if people wanna play this game online lets add eachother and maybe hunt some trophies out of the way :3
  3. ok thanks for info guys i'll just wait I guess
  4. nor NA nor AS nor EU :-/
  5. don't know if youalready added these somewhere: EPIC WORD SEARCH COLLECTION. they are PS4/Vita crossbuy NA, AS, EU ( 6x Platinum )
  6. thanks!!
  7. I guess if I buy the game from hong kong account it won't be the Japanese version? It is in the hong kong store thougj, so I'm wondering.
  8. hopefully some DLC for NG+ and NG+Hardcore difficulty trophies and maybe a DLC for a side story, i don't know as long as there are no MP trophies it's good
  9. allright, thank you
  10. 3stars is time based i see, but how stressy is it for the 3 stars, i mean if your fastest and still have 0.5 sec left then it is a stressy game lol just wondering before buying
  11. ASIAN was crossbuy , bought it for ps4 and could also download it on vita, strange... same for energy cycle
  12. yeah it is very laggy aswell, i played it yesterday on the vita, it was so anoying. @RatalaikaGames maybe you guys can look into this aswell? seriously frame drop makes the timing worse for jumping trough deadly spaces yeah I know, I actually meant with the last update. English isn't my main language lol
  13. I hope they will add an Asian version for this game. These games are pretty fun to play
  14. indeed, it's way easier now! ps4 doesn't need that because it is already so easy
  15. the last update it made this game way easier! now you can disable the ink and also framerate is better. also looks like the enemies shoot little slower and are easier to avoid.