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  1. Yes, in April and August you can add games above the 33% threshold up to the limit of 50. I have been debating for the past two months and I am okay with April and August being the wacky months. So you are able to add games above 33% in April and August at any time. But the removal rule still applies. You can only do one removal post in that month. I think that makes it fair.
  2. The Leaderboard has been updated as of 3-17 Things are moving on the leaderboard and it is great to see the pull and tug of the top 4 spots! My gaming/forum time has been lacking due to interviewing for a FT job, and a general surge of apathy toward taking time to play vs. applying to jobs. But I just accepted a position. So hopefully an actual schedule can be done. Thank you to everyone for your continued participation as we head towards the end of March! Remember April is the first month you can remove games, so if you have been wanting to shake up your list now is the time to be thinking about it.
  3. That is correct! DLC that hasn't been finished can count as a 'game' during the event. But keeping with the rule of not playing the same game back to back; you cannot finish the main game and then jump right into the DLC and get 1.5 points. I agree that it is convoluted, and if I can't get the wording right, I probably won't include it next year. ALSO @freddie1989 welcome to the event! I understand mate; everyone has to do what they believe is best for themselves. You are more than free to still post and chat with everyone. I hope you enjoy your vacation! Sitting through 500 matches for a second time >>, you have stronger fortitude then I do. I wish you luck. I will update the OP in a few days, just letting everyone know I got all your posts recorded. And the competition is excellent! I really gotta get a move on to try and catch up to those in the lead.
  4. I STILL cant beat the final challenge for the plat in The Witness. If you manage to, please let me know. There are actually several hidden environmental puzzles in the game that guides usually dont cover because there aren't any trophies for them. Some of the puzzles are really confusing and unfortunately I had to closely follow a video to get through most of the main game. Nice on being able to visit the theme park but ugh on having to restart. Definitely a gamers' nightmare!
  5. Leaderboard Updated! As of 02/28/23 January to February Standings: @Hurricane_Tanya 4.00 Points --> 6.00 Points @StraightVege 3.00 Points --> 5.00 Points @Hitman_Spinksy1 2.50 Points --> @Darling Baphomet 5.00 Points @be_minor 2.00 Points --> @KillerUni12 4.50 Points A bit of a shake up as we move into March! Welcome to the event @HollowCalamity and @Priorum2! @Taruta13 - good luck on World of Final Fantasy; I have that game buried somewhere in my backlog and not particularly looking forward to it. And don't be surprised by how many games StraightVege can get done; they were a force of nature last year with their list! Darling Baphomet - Awesome on the 6.6% platinum, that had to have been something else to complete. Also Evil Dead; you are braver than I am. Online 4 vs 1 like Dead by Daylight are no-goes for me as that type of gameplay just doesn't jive with me. @jones_jr02 - Stray really is a great game for such a simple concept, I really should dive back in and finish my speed-run on the PS5 lol. I am curious, do you have a link to what will be leaving ps extra/premium? I was caught unaware when Seasons After Fall left the service and had to hurriedly complete Whispering Willows and The Turing Test before they left too. @Ode2Destruxion - That is an impressive amount of games to have completed in February! Congrats on the new job as well! And no worries on having less time, still way early in the event and the first removal month is just around the corner if you need to reshape your list. StraightVege - Thank you for the extremely detailed review of Greedfall, it makes me want to actually try and dive back into it. And I would like to echo what others have been saying, it is a pain to deal with, but things do get better. Since October of last year I have been dealing with similar issues. While I haven't gone to therapy (childhood mistrust of therapist - way different issue), I am talking with my doctor and on medicine that is helping. seannyboy913 - Glad to hear that [Prototype] was still at least enjoyable. It is another game that I have somewhere in my backlog and that I keep meaning to get around too. I have heard stories of the challenges not unlocking correctly and forcing a restart of the entire game. But that might only have been on the PS3 version. Hurricane_Tanya - There was another ending to The Turing Test? When I played, I didn't realize you could shoot the thing and only hit 1 of the two before control was taken away from me. I enjoyed the gameplay, but it could have been more difficult like Portal 2 was (one of my favorite games). So The Pedestrian is a puzzly game as well? Interest in the game has gone up lol ----- As always, please look over the leaderboard and make sure everything looks correct. I thought to add the dates of the 'last completion' to the leaderboard so everyone can see how the placements are the way they are. If people don't like them, I can remove the dates, just let me know. Have a great first week of March everyone!
  6. That works for me Congrats! I remember FF13 was a slog to get through the end game. So that is a plat well deserved Always great to have victories, no matter how small! And yes, Stray is a great game. Glad you enjoyed it. Careful of those rabbit holes and the hours they can suck away from you lol. Got your games logged. As long as you complete one game from your list each month. You do not lose any points. However, any incomplete games on your list on 12/31 of this year will be penalized. Welcome to the event! This month got a little away from me, so I will be updating the OP on Wednesday to reflect standings as of Feb. All of your games are perfect (there is no time limit on just released games). And since you joined late in Feb; March is considered your 'safe' month (no points lost) and April is when the penalty of not completing a monthly game kicks in. I am sorry to hear that man; hope things get better. I got your games recorded. Really looking forward to your thoughts on both games! Though I did see some posts about Wild Hearts having trophies not unlock. Good luck on Avengers I got them added, sorry! The OP will be updated Wednesday. I hope Lake was an enjoyable platinum.
  7. Update: Leaderboard has been updated as of 2/18/23 Please look over everything and make sure it is correct, thank you to everyone that has so far! Just over half-way through Feb and the points are looking great! I played ABC Murders a long time ago and I agree with you, slow and really boring. I can say the same for Adventure Time, the game was definitely made for a younger crowd >> @Ode2Destruxion nice going on Unpacking! With it being February, your list still needs to be at 10 games. Currently you have 9. Have a great day/night everyone!
  8. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I work nights so I am usually sleeping during the day 😓 Thank you for posting the games, I have added them to the spreadsheet and will update the list on here when I have more time. Again, sorry! Congrats on the completed game! I enjoyed Day of the Tentacle so interested in looking into Full Throttle. Thank you for pointing out the mistake! I adjusted the points accordingly and have your list updated on the spreadsheet. I will do an update this Sunday! Speaking of Super Stardust though, I tried playing it and Late Boomer is incredibly hard. I can't even get more than 4 bombs >> Got this added! I actually have Saints Row: The Third on PS3 and it is in my backlog. The only thing I have done is get the one online trophy out of the way. Hoping the glitches are a new thing for the 'updated' version and not in the original, but also not counting on it lol.
  9. I made the choice to remove the point as it didnt seem fair. However, that is not the set rule. If anyone goes over 50, they will just be reminded that the latest additions that took them over 50 won't be added to their official list at this time. No one will loose points, I promise
  10. Update: Another update as of 2/11/2023 I have realized that I violated the rules and had 51 games on my list, therefore, one of my games does not actually count. So I lost 'The Medium' as my Feb game. Luckily, I finished Dead Space a few days ago and I am glad that I did. It was so much better than the first time I played it. While not scary, it has held up well despite it being a PS3 game, the graphics are surprisingly good. The 'don't get cocky kid' gave me problems, but I was happy to report that I did manage to complete Impossible mode, get all the kill trophies, and max out my weapons. Which was pretty cool. Adding Dead Space: Extraction and Dead Space 2 to my list, bringing me back up to a complete 50 game list. Probably not smart, but can't resist. @StraightVege how was Duke Nukem? @Boorish sorry about the mixup, your list should be fixed now. @Darling Baphomet whoot full game-list club! I am glad there is a way to automate some of the grind in Grid, and hopefully it doesn't take to long so your system can get a rest.
  11. You can add games to your list at any time as long as they are below 33% completed (up to a maximum of 50 games), you can only remove games once during April and August.
  12. Finally a day off! I have updated the leaderboard (as of 2/6/23) and should have updated everyone's list (a bunch of interest in The ABC Murders) Welcome into the event @Superheavynova also congrats @InfinateEternity on your first game of the event! @seannyboy913 curious on how you thought of the babel segment of Catherine? On the PS3 I barely managed to do it with two controllers for the first two stages and then had a friend come over to help me with the last two. Way to go on that plat though, I got gold on all Hard stages (the new night can suck it) and finding out that I had to do every stage on EVERY difficulty as gold killed my drive for it after achieving the new endings. @StraightVege I saw that you completed GreedFall! Did you find it difficult? I've only played until you board the ship for the first time; does the story get better? With the first week of February over, anyone excited for Valentine's Day? I am off that day so looking forward to a nice sleep. Almost done with Dead Space, making my way through Impossible mode and trying to get Maxed Out and the kill trophies at the same time. Which maybe wasn't the smartest idea.
  13. Forgot about being able to jump in Dark Souls II...hmmm I suppose I could put Goodbye Deponia for the No Jumping while for 'Adventure' I will keep with the definition and can put Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale for that one. Thanks @DrBloodmoney and @Squirlruler!
  14. Okay, took a while to think of what games to put with what categories. Please take a look and if anything doesn't fit, let me know! B1: Minigames - AC Brotherhood B2: Started but Didn't Finish - Tales of Arise B3: Series New to You - Silent Hill 2 HD B4: One Word Title - Stay B5: Cooperative Game - Vikings: Wolves of Midgard I1: Can Beat in One Sitting - Batman: Telltale I2: Original 2023 Release - ? I3: Weather Effects - Horizon Zero Dawn I4: Banned/Censored - Beyond: Two Souls I5: Award-Winning - Resident Evil 4 (GotY 2005) N1: Independent Developer - Chicory: A Colorful Tale N2: No jump button - Dark Souls II N3: Player's Choice - ? N4: Metroidvania/Rogue-Like - Hollow Knight N5: Last Game Acquired - Nexomon G1: Female Protag - Kena: Bridge of Spirits G2: Underplayed - Blue Fire G3: Arcade, Rhythm, Puzzle - Kingdom Hearts: Memory of Melody G4: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Themes - Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin G5: Adventure - Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart O1: Standalone DLC - Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry O2: Non-Violent - Spirit of the North O3: Online Features - Tomb Raider O4: Has Snacks - Bugsnax O5: Antihero/Bad Guy MC - Sly 2: Band of Thieves
  15. Could I ask a clarifying question? On my bingo board I have 'game with online' and 'coop game'. Might be a stupid question; but for the game with online that can be any game with online like Sackboy, Dark Souls, etc. But the coop game is exclusive to games that require co-op to complete, as in, A Way Out, It Takes Two, Operation Tango?