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  1. In case anyone was still on the fence about how far you can fix Io memories and still get the good but not true ending. Just finished the game yesterday (first run). Fixed the first 5 Eos vestiges and collected the 6th (f). Completed the game and received the 'good' ending. Continued my game afterwards, fixed the last vestige and beat the boss again for the 'true' ending. So having the vestige with you doesnt affect anything. It is determined if all are fixed or not
  2. Yeah seeing him come rushing at you was terrifying.
  3. As separate bosses for the depths they were manageable. Together as the end boss, then when C got the boost at the end and a full heal. He gets a new power and a speed boost, I got my butt handed to me pretty quickly the first time. The second time I was more careful and prepared for it
  4. If you have completed her memories, meaning all gifts are available to unlock with haze under her blood code. Then you are locked into either the true ending, or the neutral ending depending if you saved any of the successors. You will need to playthrough again without fixing Io blood code. Meaning dont view any of the Eos vestiges besides the mandatory one that is story related after beating the cathedral to be safe. To do this simply complete the game on your current playthrough to receive one of the endings. After beating the end boss you will be given the choice to do NG+ at you current difficulty level or at a slightly higher difficulty lvl which only affects enemy strength and the challenge of the game overall. When in NG+ you gifts carry over as well as blood codes earned. However, if a blood code is story related, I believe you must reach that point in the story to 'unlock' them again. But I'm not 100% sure on that point. Could someone in NG+ confirm that about the blood codes? I'm still in the last area, first playthrough.
  5. For two of the endings you can do a full playthrough and then a part playthrough. Go through the game like you are doing the true ending. Save all successors by finding all their vestiges and fixing their memory. Collect all Eos vestiges, however do not completely fix Io memory before fighting the final boss. This will get you a secondary version of the true ending which is required for viewing all endings. Choose to continue and you will start before the final boss. Head back to home base and fully fix Io memories. Beat the game again and the true ending should unlock. The other two endings will however require two separate playthroughs as they require differing objectives. For ending 3: save 1 or 2 of the successors, leave the others to die. Do not restore Io memories. For ending 4: do not save any successors, do not restore Io memories. Pretty much just run through the game.
  6. Deep Trailblazer seems to rely only on activating the mistle on all 12 maps. It popped as soon as I arrived on map 12 Void Zone and activated the mistle. Might be useful if someone is just looking to get the trophy and not all the goodies that each map contains. Though the final bosses of the last map are borderline unfair.
  7. The partner decided he wanted Code Vein and omg it is extremely fun despite the difficulty 😱. Might have to actually check out Dark Souls if I manage to beat this lol
  8. Update: Turns out my 125th plat is a game I checked out from work at the behest of my partner. Call of Cthuhlu. It looks and plays like a game ported directly from the PC. You play as a down on his luck PI that is suffering from horrible nightmares that he keeps at bay with alcohol and sleeping pills. Mr. Pierce is given a job he can't refuse: travel to Blackwater and find out the truth behind a womans apparent murder suicide in a house fire. Once on the island, Pierce finds himself embroiled in a large conspiracy where he begins to loose touch with reality. While not much different than the other first person point-and-click games I've played, perhaps my expectations were put too high as I was disappointed with the game in general. The storyline is boring and Pierce was pretty one dimensional as a character. Stats for the Event - 2019 Total Game Points: -20 Games Platinumed/100%: 21 Games Bought: 12
  9. An update: GameStop is a really fun place to work for, but it is destroying my progress on my backlog. Picked up Man of Medan but waiting to finish it until I've completed my 125th platinum of either KHBBS or FF9 Catherine: Full Body was a must buy as the PS3 version was incredibly fun and challenging on the hardest difficulty and this brings new puzzles and new endings. Just grabbed Borderlands 3 as the Season Pass came with the game this time and the games are always fun, plus my friend got it as well so I can run through the game in a team for once. My partner wanted me to get Link's Awakening but I know I'm gonna play it so I have included it in my backlog as well. Finally I have DarkSiders Genesis pre-ordered. No official release date but I'm including it for completeness sake. Stats for the Event - 2019 Total Game Points: -21 Games Platinumed/100%: 20 Games Bought: 12 Total Games Beaten During Event 2018 - 2019: 53
  10. From what I can figure, with the curator cut (available for now only through pre-order) you can get all collectibles solo. You need coop for maxing relationships (3 trophies) which happens within the first true chapter of the game 🙄 and then for getting through it in one sitting in coop. So three trophies total.
  11. Picked up Man of Medan. Gotta say I enjoyed Until Dawn better than this one on two counts. The first being the jumpscares... this game is rife with them and it just is not that scary. Until Dawn had its share of scares but the threat of death was very real. Not so much here. The other problem lies in the multiplayer...there are not any servers so you need friends who own the game to get everything. While with this site that is not too big of a dealbreaker. I dislike trophies FORCING you to play a certain way in order to unlock them. Two trophies for max relationships cam only be acquired by playing online which sucks. In other gaming new, picking up Catherine Full Body tomorrow. As my partner says, if this keeps up I'm not going to have a paycheck from this job 🤣
  12. Super happy right now. Finally got the Maestro trophy in Birth by Sleep (ouch my poor thumb) and completed Terra's story 100% The platinum for bbs never seemed so close
  13. Question about the rules here. Since I work at GameStop, I found out we are able to 'rent' pre-owned games for three days at a time. One copy at a time mind you. This allows us to try and experience different games so we can be as knowledgeable as possible to help guests with their questions. However, with the nature of this event, should I treat the renting as a purchase and have it count as points lost for each game tried but also points gained for each game beaten? I could treat it like I do PS+ but, that gives a random assortment of games that I might or might not add to my backlog which is why I do not consider them 'purchases' and there are no lost points in adding the games. In this case, I would be able to choose which game I pick but no money is trading hands so a 'purchase' isn't made either. Just wanted to hear others opinions on the matter. On the gaming front, have been slowly getting through Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Completed Terra and Ven's Critical playthroughs. Going to get through Aqua's today and possibly save the epilogue critical playthrough until after I am done with the 100% Standard playthroughs for all 3 characters.
  14. I haven't started Batman yet, at least not the online. There is a session for 8/25 that I am thinking of joining. (I get off work at 6:30ish and should be able to get home right before the session) Tomb Raider I have on both PS4 and PS3, I can help with the PS4 (Got it completed, but willing to help) same on the PS3. There are four trophies that are best to do with 4 people (I'm All That! Adventurer, Sole Survivor, and Master Blaster). Beyond that, two people can clean up the other trophies in a matter of hours. I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. I found the puzzles pretty interesting and flowed well with the progression of the game. The only thing I didn't like was the story, it didn't really feel like it was altogether there. Just a bunch of random dialogue, though at the end of the game I felt bad but I chose to leave the planet.
  15. The last trophy for The Challenge relies on a ton of luck and knowing exactly what is going on during the event. You are under a time limit, the course of two classic instrumental songs, approximately 5 minutes. Using this time you have to solve the following: 3 line puzzles in the first area 1 'cover all dots' puzzle that tells you the route and placement of another two puzzles within the random labyrinthine coming up 4 puzzles that are randomly turned on in a different order each time 2 sets of 3 puzzles in which only ONE of each set is solvable 2 random puzzles in the labyrinthine portion that I mentioned earlier are now up 2 pillar puzzles in which the puzzle is wrapped around a pillar and you try and solve them by rotating the pillar. You have to complete all of this within the 5 minutes. If you fail any puzzle, you have to return and re-complete the previous puzzle. It has proven to be a great frustration so far. I am trying to activate a glitch which gives you infinite time to solve the last two puzzles, but to activate it you have to get to the last puzzle in the labyrinthine area and solve it just as the songs are ending. But getting there and making sure that you have the proper solution within the time limit is proving difficult. With plat 125, I am deciding between KH Birth by Sleep or FF9, think it will be whichever one I get done with first at this point lol