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  1. Thank you good sir, put me on the right track. I had unlocked that area but there is a prerequisite scene in the mines bonus map that doesn’t show on the map. After 3 hours of back tracking a new story quest popped up. Guess time to farm the remaining items. Thanks again
  2. Hi, I’ve spent the better part of 8 hours trying to get this trophy to pop. I’ve even loaded a previous save and tried doing most of he’s events again. I have done all possible character event/side quests, does anyone have any ideas? I also tried an earlier save and redid events again, didn’t work, so tried an earlier save with update 1.02 installed still didn’t work. This has really annoyed me as I enjoyed the game a lot, as this has put abit of a damper on the experience now.
  3. I saw what I think is the last event, after repairing an item, which is a full screen artwork (like most of the others) usually the trophies popped after the dialog finishes. I have absolutely no other icons for him (this is just before my post game save). A few hours before that which I reloaded, I see 4 of he’s events than no more. I really don’t want to have to do a new save, but I might try new game++ and speed through as last resort, if no one else has any ideas.