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  1. You should get every game you listed. They are all awesome! I just recently bought a VR as well and I can't get enough of it. Most of the games you listed you can get at gamestop for under $15. I would actually add Beat Saber and Moss to your list also. I was hesitant with Moss cause it looked like a kids game. But it's actually really fun. And it has a decently difficult platinum trophy. Super Hot is another game you should try. It's kinda like being inside the Matrix with it's bullet time. Overall I have had more amazing experiences with VR games than bad and I can't wait to try more!
  2. This game is disgustingly broken! The controls are horrible! And if you ever want to induce a seizure on yourself this is the game to do it to you! I'm actually surprised the completion is so high. This might be one of my most hated indie games ever! And YES! it's that bad.
  3. The trophies seem very similar to the first game.
  4. Probably a scam or something.
  5. You have over 12,000 trophies! You think 10 is alot?? lol... That's picking 1 out of every 1200 trophies. I would like a bit more options than that!
  6. How do some people have this 100% in under 1 minute!? 🤔
  7. I gotta try that... Thanks!
  8. I just got to my 5th (legit) day. No changing the time. But now when I try and start a reading it just shows the table. The lady doesn't shuffle the cards. Tried everything. It won't work. I'll try again tomorrow!
  9. Right now! 😊
  10. Uncommon on THIS site... It's still ultra rare if you check over all in the world! And I meant lowest amongst Souls games. Not lowest of all games ever!
  11. Why don't you play the games too! Along with everyone else playing.. Let's say they gain 5 trophy levels by playing "trash games" then if you play it too you can gain 5 levels! Without them devaluing your own score. They won't be able to catch up to you in the trophy race!
  12. And we still haven't seen that game! Or have we?
  13. More powerful? Ummm I leveled up a few times already and there is not one point in the game where I feel powerful at all.. If anything I constantly feel underpowered. In my opinion There is nothing fun about fighting a new mini boss 30 times after every 5 or 6 regular enemies. And I know it's no supposed to be like dark souls. Just as much as Bloodborne was not supposed to be like dark souls. I welcome new game play and mechanics. But this just doesn't feel "fun" to me. Sekiro is the first From software game that actually feels like work to me. And I don't mean work like it's hard and I have to get better. I mean it actually feels like I working! Like a job. Dreading the next mini boss knowing it will take me at least 10 tries or more to beat them. And the only reward is...... Nothing! You get nothing! Or the occasional prayer bead. Then you can level up and you don't feel any better off than before you beat the enemy! I like feeling rewarded in games. I have not felt that once in this game. This game is difficult But not in a good way. That's MY OPINION. I enjoyed Demon's Souls Dark Souls and Bloodborne more than sekiro.
  14. Ummm actually you do.. You have lots of unfinished games on your page! Which would Imply that you play more than one game before finishing another. I guess all those unfinished games are finished according to you. And who's calling you names!? I didn't call you any names.
  15. Yeah... Made me feel something too. Made me feel bored! I stopped playing after Lady butterfly! I don't know about you but I loved finding new weapons and armor in dark souls! It made the game fun and more exciting! It made me want to keep playing and try different things. Sekiro it's just one weapon. That's it. Got bored pretty fast for me.