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  1. I see you actually got that platinum! Congrats! Did that guide work? I've seen so many online and I use them perfectly but they still fall apart. I would rather know before getting involved with that game again lol
  2. Hello how are you!? I just wanted you to know that I really enjoy your Games! Just curious. Do you take requests on games you release? What is your method of obtaining games!? Do you ever put them out on physical media? The only game I ever found on physical was devious dungeons. And that was from playasia. 

  3. It's been like this for awhile now! Ummmm so let me get this straight. You are mad that you can SAVE MORE MONEY with PS+ Ummmm ok...
  4. I might be the minority here. But this game doesn't look fun to me at all. Don't get me wrong! It LOOKS amazing.. But seeing the trailer and thinking about playing it doesn't excite me. The graphics and CGI and cut scenes look great. It doesn't look like good game play though. I'll definitely check it out. But I'm not as excited about it as much as I used to be. Only time will tell.
  5. I wish these would all be physically released. I would love having full collections on disc!
  6. I'm not a PC gamer at ALL! I don't know much about this game But I always thought this game had a decent reputation? Am I wrong?
  7. And 3 months later..... Only one person has the platinum! lol
  8. I used to do all that too. Until I took an arrow to knee. Now I have plenty of time for gaming!
  9. I hope Limited Run Games picks this up!
  10. You should get every game you listed. They are all awesome! I just recently bought a VR as well and I can't get enough of it. Most of the games you listed you can get at gamestop for under $15. I would actually add Beat Saber and Moss to your list also. I was hesitant with Moss cause it looked like a kids game. But it's actually really fun. And it has a decently difficult platinum trophy. Super Hot is another game you should try. It's kinda like being inside the Matrix with it's bullet time. Overall I have had more amazing experiences with VR games than bad and I can't wait to try more!
  11. This game is disgustingly broken! The controls are horrible! And if you ever want to induce a seizure on yourself this is the game to do it to you! I'm actually surprised the completion is so high. This might be one of my most hated indie games ever! And YES! it's that bad.
  12. The trophies seem very similar to the first game.
  13. Probably a scam or something.
  14. You have over 12,000 trophies! You think 10 is alot?? lol... That's picking 1 out of every 1200 trophies. I would like a bit more options than that!
  15. How do some people have this 100% in under 1 minute!? 🤔