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  1. I was just curious. What are some of your favorite games that DON'T have trophies? Mine would have to be. : Devil May Cry 4 : Ninja Gaiden Sigma : Soul Calibur IV I definitely think these games. Along with a lot of others should have had a trophy list.
  2. I know everyone has different skill levels and not everyone is good or bad at the same type of games. And I know not everyone even plays the same games. But I was just curious. Which games that have high completion rate. Or games that people brag about being "easy" do you find to be the most difficult? 1. Alteric. : I'm stuck. I can't finish this game without breaking my TV. 2. Rouge Legacy : I have had people say this game is so easy. I don't find it easy at all. I'm probably on my 200th death. 3. Toro : This game is crazy. I have so much trouble with the buggy controls. I don't know how anyone actually finished it. 4. Puzzle Showdown 4K : I actually finished this and it didn't' give ME much trouble. But I do know some people aren't good at puzzle games so it might give them some trouble. 5. Bridge Constructor : I seriously don't know how anyone can finish this game without a guide. I'm still trying to finish it. It starts out easy and most of the game is not that bad but once you get to the tank trucks!!!! UGH!!! What a nightmare. Most solutions don't work for the tank trucks and the bridges collapse. Yet lots of people finished the game and say it's "easy"
  3. I almost lost my mind! It's confirmed! Demon's Souls is having a re make! I'm going crazy right now! Who's with me! So excited! Praise the sun! Oh wait... That's not until dark souls! lol
  4. This just ruined my trophy list.. Now it just stays at 50% and keeps saying error! Wtf!
  5. Any games that you refuse to play for trophies? I know trophy hunters (myself included) play some pretty sketchy games for trophies. Or games that we otherwise wouldn't normally play. But what are some games that you WON'T play no matter what. I refuse to have these on my list regardless of how easy the trophies are. Hanna Montana Or any of the Barbie games.
  6. The rate of games that are coming out is ludicrous. Nobody can keep up with all of them. There are literally thousands and thousands of games! Some tend to slip though the cracks. I'm curious about rare and obscure Indie games that have under 500 players. Maybe ever under 100 players. What are some really good games you don't think many people know about? Top Run: As of this post. 69 players. VideoKid: As of this post 57 Players. (No platinum but still fun) Oniken: As of this post 65 Players. I would recommend playing these. I'm sure there are LOTS more that are worth your time. Anyone have any they can share?
  7. You can NEVER play enough Demon's Souls!!!!!!
  8. Ok... I'll list mine in the order I got them. Atari 2600 NES SNES PS1 PS2 Xbox PS3 Xbox 360 Wii PS4 Wii U Nintendo 3ds Xbox One Xbox S PS4 Pro PS Vita NES Mini SNES Mini Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Lite Sega Genesis Mini Turbo Grafix Mini Wow... I had more than I thought!
  9. I'm so excited that I just started my new playthough on ps3! I haven't played this game in about 9 years! Lets see if I can make it all the way without any phantoms! The game plays way differently without any fear of invasions. It feels lonely
  10. A new Game level wouldn't enhance the game for you!? Faster ladders? Better inventory Management? Why not just save your money and play it again on ps3 then lol
  11. It's only a 30 min plat if you cheat! Why not just play the game and enjoy it for what it is??? It will take you much longer than 30 mins to unlock this plat! I guarantee it. Nobody is forcing you to get the Plat in 30mins! πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
  12. I would like to add a new game. Creepy Road It's a decent side scrolling shooter/platformer Easy 2 hour platinum too!
  13. I would like to add a new one. Creepy Road It's a decent side scrolling shooter/platformer Easy 2 hour platinum too!
  14. It's definitely hard to keep up with all the games that are coming out. You are sure to miss a few good ones. What are some of your favorite indie games. Or obscure games that many people don't know about? Drop a few games that you want more people to know about! These games aren't my absolute favorite. But I don't think they are very well known. Worth checking out! Brothers tale of 2 sons Ps3/Ps4 Interesting game. Control 2 characters at the same time. Detuned Ps3 Super short but interesting Music game. Journey Ps3/Ps4 Not sooo rare but good! Linger in Shadows Ps3 Weird short game. LA. Cops Ps4 Decent short Cop shooter game Akimi Village Ps3 Cool Obscure building game Those are some of my choices of games I think people should check out. If you like Indie or Obscure games. Have fun!
  15. I mean people are still buying the game so....
  16. Fifty Shingles of Grey RoofingTraverse 50 buildings.(This is a long road trip. Let’s sing a song:50 buildings with roofs on the road, 50 buildings with roofs. Take one down and pass it around, 49 buildings with roofs on the road.49 buildings with roofs on the road, 49 buildings with roofs. Take one down and pass it around, 48 buildings with roofs on the road.48 buildings with roofs on the road, 48 buildings with roofs. Take one down and pass it around, 47 buildings with roofs on the road.47 buildings with roofs on the road, 47 buildings with roofs. Take one down and pass it around, 46 buildings with roofs on the road.46 buildings with roofs on the road, 46 buildings with roofs. Take one down and pass it around, 45 buildings with roofs on the road.45 buildings with roofs on the road, 45 buildings with roofs. Take one down and pass it around, 44 buildings with roofs on the road.44 buildings with roofs on the road, 44 buildings with roofs. Take one down and, oh there's a character limit. That's disappointing
  17. It's a shame that a game is being released for the most modern upcoming console?? Ummm OK... Why don't they just release it on the Ps2 then lol.... It's actually better if it's only released on the ps5. That means the 7 year old ps4 hardware can't hold it back.
  18. I NEVER care what a console looks like... I care about the games. There has never been a console that I bought or didn't buy because of what it looked like. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
  19. I really don't understand the purpose of a discless console especially when they are still making discs. I mean why would you want the console to have LESS features? If you want digital only then just buy digital games! Nobody is forcing you to buy physically if you have the disc drive.... And just have the disc drive as an option. What if your friend comes over with a game? Oh well you can't play it because I have this pointless disc less console.... Or what if you find a super cheap used copy of a game you want? Oh well can't play it. If you don't want to buy physical games then just buy them digitally! There!!! Now you have an all digital console! Smh...
  20. Yes! I just nutted too! LOL
  21. You're going to "Meh" a great game because you chose to stack it 3 times? There are gamers, there are trophy hunters. And then there are gamers and trophy hunters. You seem like a hunter.. Why not just add another stack!? You already have 3 lol
  22. Wait.... You aren't buying a PS5 in the next 5 years!? Soooo you plan on buying a PS5 when it's almost at the end of its life cycle!? Ummm OK. Did you just recently buy a Ps4 or something?
  23. If it's not released for the ps4 initially I highly doubt it. You never see new games come out and then be released later for older consoles. Your only chance of this coming to Ps4 is if it's released there first.
  24. Yeeeeees! That's exactly what I thought lol.. HOLY FUCK! Hahaha! I can't even talk right now!
  25. It's definitely a good experience... I enjoyed it a lot! It's very relaxing but it's an emotional experience. If that makes any sense. Especially if you are lucky enough to find a random person and stick with them through the entire "journey" if you do play it let me know what you think.