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  1. This trophy is glitched I got mine after 4 wins never lost yet so idk. It seems to pop once you lose or reach 3-4 wins
  2. Got it to pop at a 4 gane win streak yay this trophy is glitchy all
  3. I just won three games in a row nothing popped. I thought 2 games in a row was enough I’m confused???
  4. Nevermind all. Point to prove trophy might be the platinum breaker. You need to win 5 outta 9 matches to qualify for fut playoffs
  5. Still getting use to this fifa. I think I discover the meta formation this year. Defending feels a bit sluggish this year though. I’m going for the win streak got 2 wins in a row didn’t pop so I’m guessing it’s 3. I’m going to try and get my third win tonight. This might be the hardest trophy this year for some. Honestly other then that everything including the milestone etc looks easy just a grind obviously
  6. Guys relax nothing is hard this year just a bit of a grind. Am I the only one disappointed lol I like a harder challenge lol
  7. This seems like the easiest fifa yet. Will be a bit of a grind but nothing that can’t be done.
  8. Must be an IP issue with this game hummmm are there any tech people out there who knows of a workaround?
  9. Hi all I have a question. so since I have a ps4 and ps5 I thought I could boost wins with myself on several accounts but for some reason I can’t seem to match make with myself. On my ps4 I have one account and I try to pair up with another account on my ps5 and nothing. Can someone tell me what’s going on? Is having the same IP the problem?
  10. Well I Managed to do it. Cat call was my second last ability to collect lmfao what horrible luck. I need to invest in a lucky charm lol 😂 thanks for sharing this method.
  11. Well I have been doing this method hoping to get lucky. I have been collecting abilities and so far have collect 115/120 and I still don’t have cat call lmao I must have the worst luck. I’m starting to question if doing the cat women multiverse would have been quicker but I’m not sure. Just one thing to note. Since you have to do the tutorial over again I recommend using characters you don’t have at lvl 20 to level them up. After going through the tutorial like 6-8 times with one character you can get them to level 20 and at least work on another trophy while you farm cat call. Got all my characters to level 20 because of this lol 😂 also just a side note. You can get abilities from mother boxes especially platinum and diamond so collect those as well however once you have collected over half the abilities the drop rate Significantly Lowers. I was getting an ability at least every 4-8 platinum/diamond boxes and now I have opened hundreds of boxes and nothing.
  12. I guess you would need a turbo controller. I’m still debating idk what’s faster doing cat women multiverse or doing regular multiverses and collecting abilities
  13. Hey I forgot my YouTube password but just wanted to say I have been using your guide and it’s definitely a time saver. Definitely going to take me double your tint have to watch bits then pause but definitely faster then doing it all of scratch. I’m going to be checking out the other things on your channel.
  14. I played just solos would throw grenades at bots. If you throw to early they run away. Yea you can play squads for that. I heard safest is to play solo for kills to count so that’s what I did. just pick up two crossbows or something and get a silencer for a pistol done.
  15. Yea this game gets some getting use to the first like 3 weeks only managed like 100 kills but after I was averaging like 15- 20a game except when I was going for grenade kills that’s a pain. Even bots were killing me lol