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  1. I progress to the prison while keeping at lv19. A thought came up to mind is that this game is not for trophy-hunter friendly. It is not about being grindy or difficult, but about the huge amount of scattered information and collectables. Dark Souls trophy lists are far less complicated and the requirements are actually easier. City-like maps may not be ideal for souls-like quests and scattered information. A suggestion for not-so-hardcore trophy hunters is that maybe just get the lv20 trophy with an easy playthrough without caring anything else, and close the game or do 2nd playthrough for another ending. Consistently caring about trophies particularly harms the game experience. The game is decent, not difficult, and worth playing, while the trophies are nightmare.
  2. Already bought the game, but I guess we have to wait for a complete trophy guide before starting. It seems that the road to platinum trophy would need very careful planning and complete exploration, otherwise we would waste a playthrough...
  3. Many players have troubles in getting "The Wall" trophy which requires non-GK block 5 times in one match. A block is an action by pressing X, NOT HOLDING X. Many guides/video do not really help or are unclear. I recorded a video to show how I did it with freekicks and literally the wall: 1. Use two controllers, 2P make fouls within 30m (DON'T TACKLE WITH YOUR DESIGNATED BLOCKER to avoid being sent off, see #2) 2. 1P moves one defender (BETTER TO BE THE SAME DEFENDER, not mentioned in trophy description, but no harm) near the wall; 2P lines up the ball with that defender 3. 2P pulls down L3 with minimal force to shoot, resulting in a weak ground ball 4. Right after shooting, 1P smashes X (PS5, i.e. the pass / chase button) to block 5. If it is successful, the defender will crouch a bit and cross the leg. 6. Completed even before half-time of a 5-min game! Thank you HedleyNEUK for suggesting that it may need to be the same player to block 5 times. Hope it helps. Thank you.
  4. I share your anger and annoyance. Those who suggests us take a break cannot reverse the frustration we ate. I have written to the developer to ask for a reasonable adjustment - reduce the no. of groups of bugs and bugs themselves, and reduce the hitbox on the cat. Stray should be a relaxing one, anything annoying defeats the purpose. We expect this game to be a 3A top game, but turn out it is a low-price simulator game. And then the trophy list is not funny at all - why 2hr speedrun for such cute cat simulator? Won't play the game nor recommend it to fellow gamers until they fix that. You can't define other's feeling. Feeling is real only to the subject. What you say is just like "why don't you try not to be sad?". Try to say something else that won't increase suicide rate of the world. Your emoji can't hide your arrogance as well, premium member.
  5. I personally don't enjoy speedruns as well, but you have already explained the hate from this thread - This is a casual game, so why a speedrun? A "10-hour wandering on the street" may better suit this game. Some of you may recall that in Yakuza Kiwami there is a trophy for Kiryu to hold Haruka's hand and walk for 1km. Probably this is what we hope for.
  6. I believe it is not bugged, but different players were doing different things wrong without knowing it, just like me who don't know it is "press X" for blocking. Had been "holding X" for hours; and it the comeback goal in injury time should be the game-winning goal, not a comeback before the goal. For those who are reading, be sure it is a quick restart (not interrupted by a cutscene; player just collects the ball immediately and start the play), not quickly restart a dead ball after stoppage. Any dribbling may count as touch, so don't press anything including direction before shooting. Chest control may count as well. Use 2nd controller to rush the GK out for an empty net. If opponents are too annoying, send 4 opponent off before attempting.
  7. Try quick throw-ins at around 30M distance, which are easier to grind than quick free-kicks and easier to shoot into empty goal (with 2P calling the GK out). Be reminded that it needs to be a quick restart, not normal restart. Sometimes the first receiver may dribble himself and each of his touch may be counted and thus voided the shot.
  8. Too long didn't scroll Yakuza karaoke song, Kamurocho Lullaby
  9. Thanks for the heads-up. You may be right that it may need to be the same players although the trophy description did not mention that. Glad this eventually helps. I have edited the video description and this post for clarity.
  10. Sincerely hope this helps.
  11. "The Wall" is very hard for me and obviously all players (0.4%). I have two controllers, watched every video guide and tried almost every tip available in internet. I blocked >20 shots in a 5-min+Extratime game but didn't get that yet. EDIT: Made it. I record a video to show the method I used - With 2 controllers and freekicks, Got the trophy even before half time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGyGsuaxJ9U
  12. Currently 3 trophies away from Platinum: All Seaside missions; All missions; and 1000km. What is your way to grind up to 1000km? Both maps do not have a really long highway to repeatedly run...
  13. 2.01 version is released just now. However, it is just as hard as the initial version. No material change in gameplay. Platinum is still not far out of reach. It would still be 6/10 for PS5. Edit 1: Just to clarify, 6/10 is a relative rate if the PS4 version is 2/10 - not 1/10 because you can still fail and die. 1/10 should be reserved for games that guarantee platinum. Edit 2: 2.02 version is released just now. Player speed improved drastically and now players could outrun enemies. Platinum is definitely doable now. Rating reverted back to 2/10. I would like to thank the developer for actually listening to players' feedback and making changes on the game.
  14. Hi all. I wrote to the developer about the PS5 issue, and received their kind reply as follow: "Thank you for writing to us. We learned about this issue on the first day of the game's release. We are preparing a patch and will try to release it as soon as possible. Thanks!" I am glad that the developer really listens to feedback and appreciate player's message.
  15. The gameplay in PS5 is completely different. Impossible to get PS5 platinum at this moment. The moving speed is different. The shot accuracy seems different as well.
  16. It is still happening today (10 Feb). The "Ornithology" silver trophy in the Immortal Fenyx Rising is not syncing. The offline record is correct but it won't sync.