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  1. Definitely nice to finally have the V songs. Though I hate Alone by Marshmello didn't come over to PS4 from V
  2. Can I restart the Tournament and fight the 12 solo over and over until I hit 36?
  3. Amazing! Thank you
  4. What exploit? Can't find anything online
  5. It's good.... Like really good .... Tho some of it's newer quirks seem to be hurting it. Not being able to run forever like 1&2 seems to be an issue. However, if you aren't into Shenmue and you never played 1&2 then this game probably won't be for you. It's a very slow pace. You're expected (at least first playthrough) to dump 100s of hours into exploration. The first game has decent length blind but once you know what you're doing gametime drastically reduces. I have a feeling this game will be as well. Not saying Shenmue 3 is only for the fans but it's a lot slower gameplay than say the Yakuza Series. This game tries to encourage you to talk to every NPC and squeeze out every little detail.
  6. I backed it. I'm not getting shit but the game. I'm not even getting the pre-order bonus that GameStop has. Backing this game made the dream come alive but then after Deep Silver became publisher it seems like they decided to be jerks to us.
  7. ....it's not a horror game..... The game is really dark by default like it wants to be a horror game. Bump up the brightness and it looks better. The game is like.... Without spoiling it... A story about a teen and apparently something about your night is off... It's a very simple but not terrible point and click. Worth only 1 playthrough and it's got about as much content as the price tag suggests.
  8. .

    Wait, infinite lives as in never having a continue screen? No way.
  9. For Castlevania I have no guarantee. If it dropped on consoles the way it's built now then it would sadly be trash regardless. I agree with everyone that it was the wrong way to go but what I'm saying it does have things in it that WOULD be potentially a good game. I was enjoying what I played but in no way will I drop a dime on it. I wouldn't get a penny if I got everyone here to buy the game. So don't jump to that conclusion. I just want these damn online trophies and it's hard when me and a few randoms are struggling to find anyone who bought this game.
  10. Don't be. Fucking enjoying it. Worth every penny. Got my collectors pin I won from the Konami live stream. Really glad I bought this and especially for PS4 since that's what they streamed.
  11. No, lol the game soft launched in Canada and I used a VPN to get it. It's pretty good but due to it being a mobile free to play it relies on Microtransactions So, it defaults to being crap on the principle of that we don't want to pay for garbage like that. I'd like to be hopeful we could get a reworked version on console one day. My argument here is Konami is dropping the games and everyone here just wants nothing to do with them or what's to pay next to nothing for them. You guys really need to switch your attitude and stop relying on shitty reviews. I feel like if Silent Hills would have happened Konami hate wouldn't be as strong as it is now. Contra is good. It's not the contra everyone wanted but it's the one we got. I would have liked a run n gun too but we didn't get that. I've seen someone get a gun on this game that when fired an extra laser blasts out of their back and they are just wrecking shit. I'm working to try and get some good weapons like that and seeing people on twitch getting weapons like that is really making me wanna get further but it's been hard solo. Matchmaking is rarely finding anyone. I will say I'm at least glad some of you here are down to grab it when it hits a dirt cheap price. So, not all of you will miss out. Again it's nothing to blow your mind but nobody is giving it the time of day and it's a real shame.
  12. This is actually the next Castlevania so....... Tear it apart as you will Looks good...... Hopefully they'll remedy the obvious issue one day
  13. If only it had Online. Blazing Chrome is such a beautiful love letter to the genre That said, it's not the end of the world that Contra switched genres. Some people like Twin Sticks y'know? I hate turned based RPGs (save Earthbound and Persona) but the new Yakuza game still looks pretty Yakuza to me just with a new style. I'm not gonna abandon one of my top franchises because of that. I'll bite.
  14. Again, another misconception. I got my 2nd save slot using my coins I grabbed from all my daily logins and online games. Also your base can benefit from having 2 characters. There's a reason you were restricted from having multiple characters. Again, hate came from bad reviews and people not understanding how the game worked.....and the whole firing Kojima thing obviously. Which I'm sorry but Kojima wasn't the best thing from Konami. Sad to see him go but he seems like he's a better place now with Death Stranding and it was still some of the same staff from MGSV working on Survive so I mean.... The issues were just in the fanboys head. Bro, really? How are you going to claim it doesn't play like past games then follow up with you missed past games? I prefer 2D Contra just like the rest of you. This game just happens to be imo a better version of Neo Contra. That was a PS2 game that was totally not Contra either with the Contra name. This isn't anything new for the series but everyone is treating it like it is. Just because you weren't aware of a game doesn't mean it didn't happen y'know?
  15. Sad to see how many of you are just anti Konami They did it to themselves tho. However lots of you are basing it off reviews. Those reviews are ass Metal Gear Survive is a pretty good game. Reviewers sucked at it and really undersold it. Had a lot of great moments in Survive. Hell end game stuff was too hard for me, the fan base on Reddit were tearing that game apart and I couldn't believe how well they managed their end game missions. Difficulty gets intense. Contra as a 4 player group has been great and really knowing what parts to equip on your guns seems to really make the difference. Jumped back into the Konami live stream again and one guy had better Gear than the Konami crew. You guys are really passing up on a fun Twin Stick shooter. I can't fault anyone who doesn't have interest in the genre though so I get those that are avoiding it because it's not their play style. Hopefully if anyone here finds it for $20 or whatever down the line they'll pick it up. Game definitely isn't worth $60 there's some things here and there that definitely show it deserves a $39.99 price tag. So for $20 that should be reason enough to pull the trigger