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  1. Thanks for pointing this out! Me and some friends talked about this method and I really regret not using it. My friend had to reload once because it didn't sync to his psn... Also it's really hard to know when it register properly because I can se my time on the leaderboard on the past weekly events including the 2 new ones that came today. I'm going to upload my save before this weeks events are over and hopefully it will pop next monday.
  2. Doing both weekly events the last 2 weeks did not unlock the trophy for me, so there is something glitchy about this trophy still. Unless it pops next monday I guess it will be unobtainable for me... Should have known that 3 weeks notice on the server shutdown combined with this weekly trophy was a bad idea.
  3. Totally agree with this one, it's EA we are talking about.
  4. They said that they had a very big patch coming this upcoming week. Looking forward to it!
  5. Hello fellow mowers. Not sure if I were really unlucky or if this has happened to others as well, but my save file got corrupted. I will advice everyone to keep a backup save somewhere in case it happens to you.
  6. Been a while since I posted but today I finished off Sniper Elite 3 and I can proudly say that I am done with Tier 1! Since we only have 2 more months left and I dont have too much spare time to play video games, I am not going to add a Tier 2 list. But I am very happy I could contribute with atleast something to this wonderful cause. Good luck to everyone and keep up the amazing work you guys do! 1. Grand Theft Auto V (96%) 100% βœ… 2. Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of legendary legends (0%) 100% 3. Dying Light (84%) 100% βœ… 4. Trackmania Turbo (51%) 100% 5. Sniper Elite 3 (0%) 100%
  7. Its close to 4 months since my last update but I have slowly been working on my list. I have now completed GTA V's elite and criminal mastermind challenges in the doomsday heist, Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends and Dying Light's Parkour challenges and the Bozak Horde! Hopefully my last tier 1 game, Sniper Elite 3 will be started this week so I can move on to tier 2. Good job everyone, it is incredible to see how much money that has been raised so far! 1. Grand Theft Auto V (96%) 100% βœ… 2. Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends (0%) 100% 3. Dying Light (84%) 100% βœ… 4. Trackmania Turbo (51%) 100% 5. Sniper Elite 3 (0%)
  8. I'll swap Call of Duty WWII with Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends on my Tier 1 list.
  9. Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. It has been a while since I signed up for this event and I have been working on both GTA V and Trackmania including some other cleanup that is not a part of this contest. I can now proudly say that I am done with Trackmania Turbo and I achieved my beloved platinum yesterday! What a journey! It has been filled with excitement, frustration and of course the wonderful feeling of mastery with this one. Glad to be done with it so my blood pressure can relax a little bit.. Still a lot of good memories and I am glad I got to enjoy it and also achieve the platinum.I have to give credits to the developers because the Trackmania games are really unique! I have also been working on the criminal mastermind and elite challenges on GTA V with some friends and the 4p criminal mastermind is done, 3p nearly done and we also did the first elite challenge. Definitely getting some more progression on this game in the upcoming weeks, then it is over to Zombies on CoD WWII and Bozak Horde and parkour on Dying Light! 1. Grand Theft Auto V (96%) 2. Call of Duty WWII (83%) 3. Dying Light (84%) 4. Trackmania Turbo (51%) 100% 5. Sniper Elite 3 (0%) Keep up the good work everyone!
  10. Sign me up! It is nice to see that we can clean up our backlogs and do it for a good cause! 1. Grand Theft Auto V (96%) 2. Call of Duty WWII (83%) 3. Dying Light (84%) 4. Trackmania Turbo (51%) 5. Sniper Elite 3 (0%) The first 4 games I have selected might seem nearly finished but the hardest parts are the ones I got left to do... Sniper Elite 3 is still unstarted. Good luck to everyone!
  11. As of now the platinum is unobtainable because the Workaholic trophy is stuck at 90% unless you buy the "Search and Rescue" dlc or the season pass. I'm guessing it will get patched soon, since its been a problem for over a month now and I'm pretty sure its an honest mistake by the developers when they released the latest patch. Link to the issue on the snowrunner forum: https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/51851/ps4-workaholic-trophy
  12. Looks pretty much the same as every MXGP list. It is unfortunate that they release almost identical games every year with so little variety in my opinion. The MXGP games are fun and all but they could need some more variety and content, especially when they are charging atleast 59$ for their games every year.
  13. Guitar Hero Metallica - Dyer's Eve I'll start with the worst trophy. Completing Dyer's Eve from Metallica with a score of 450 000 on drums isn't an easy task. 2 days of training on hard paid off and I finally got this trophy. This is a fast paced song thats on another level compared to the classiscs like Nothing else matters, Enter sandman, Fade to black etc and takes some time to get into. Luckily you don't have to play it in expert, it is enough on hard if you manage to play it well and use the star power in the right moments to get the required score. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 - Boss Batttle Boss Completing the boss hunt on craaaazy difficulty requires a good team of 4 and a lot of training, but also a lot of patience since this mode was only available 2 times in 2019 when I did it. After a lot of tries we finally made it, and that only 3 days before it dissappeared. At the time of this post it is a bit over 1 year since we did it and the game mode hasn't been available since, who knew it wouldn't come back? I consider myself really lucky that I managed to complete this trophy at the final boss hunt mode! GTA III - Is That all You've got? Damn this was a clunky trophy. The reason it is on this list is mainly due to the 20 rampage missions you have to complete. The aiming in this game is horrible. No aiming button, you will simply need to face the right direction you want to shoot and that makes some of these rampage missions so frustrating and annoying. You will get used to it, but it is a very dated mechanic we aren't used to anymore. We are used to aim then shoot, in this game you simply just shoot.
  14. I would say 3-5 hours if you have people ready to help you with the 16 player trophy.
  15. I never used the cloud I used a USB.
  16. This game was actually really enjoyable and did surprise me how good it actually was. A lot of content for a small title and everything seemed to work flawless for me except 3 glitched trophies. -MASTER GARDENER -MASTER CHEF -MASTER ALCHEMIST #Fix for glitched trophies# (may not be the solution for everybody) I managed to find a way to pop MASTER GARDENER and MASTER ALCHEMIST so I thought I should share how I did it here for future players. I copied my save file to my USB and started a new save file on the game, playing around 5 minutes before I deleted the game and reinstalled. I then entered the game on the 5 minute save file and exited the game and copied my save file from the USB and both MASTER GARDENER and MASTER ALCHEMIST popped when I picked 1 flower and made 1 potion. So for MASTER CHEF it turned out that it wasn't glitched but you have to make 1 food item 100 times. If you for an example try to make 50 breads in one go it counts as 1, so make 1 bread 50 times and it will count as 50.
  17. A patch came out a few days ago that I believe fixed it (Atleast for me). I opened the interface where you can see all your contracts, tasks, contests and overall progress and the trophy including the platinum suddenly popped!
  18. This is a big problem for alot of players and it looks like it is really hard to fix πŸ™„. Been having this issue from time to time for 2 months. The performance and smooth gameplay really went downhill after the Bedrock update, nowadays I can't even play without it lagging every 2 minutes... The fixes that worked on my endless mojang screen were to either - delete my profile/settings save data - reinstall the game
  19. My problems with this so called "trilogy" is that they set a price at 59,99$ - 64,99$ for a game that has content worth max 39,99$ and also that its mostly a copy /paste from their earlier games...
  20. I was worried about max level beeing 50 so good news then. Level 35 will for sure take some time and grind but we will get there eventually.
  21. The same happened to me today. Got this error: [DE-010-07] I saw a post on the ubisoft forum that alot of people have this issue. Here is the link https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/2049844-PS4-Connection-error-DE-010-07 Really hope they get a fix for this. Still want to play the dlc's!
  22. Buuhuuu, you will have to delete AC Liberation on your trophy list everytime you have been playing AC III and its such a hard task to do 😣 Come on, it is nothing to cry about...
  23. True! Yea looks like it maybe was... Lets hope some devs still see some value in these kind of games now and in the future.
  24. I really wish they didn't abandoned the snowmobile genre on playstation. As far as I know we had about 1 snowmobile game for every generation. Like Sled storm from ps1 and the incredibly exaggerated sequel Sled storm 2 for the ps2, do anyone remember those? Damn I really played those two titles alot, and I really miss those games, especially Sled storm to the ps1. We also had Ski-doo Snowmobile challenge to the ps3, but I haven't tried it. The ps4 Snow Moto Racing Freedom is kinda the worst looking of them all to be honest. I might be wrong, but it looks awful on clips from youtube etc. The same thing kinda happened to snowboarding games, we have Steep and Infinite Air on ps4 which is good games in my opinion, but also here it is a lot less focus on it than before. Maybe its just the gaming industry focusing on multiplayer/battle royale games and other popular single player games that they know will sell? On the ps1 we had Cool Boarders games and on the ps2 we had SSX games. Anyone else craving for another good snowmobile/snowboard/snowsport game? Let us play in the god damn snow on our screen even if it is summer! (And I don't mean making a dick in the snow in RDR2)