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  1. After 1 month, only managed to knock off 13 trophies from my unearned list and I'm now down to 416 with a Completion % of 80.53%. I've completed the main story in GTA IV achieving Liberty City Minute in just over 17h. I've also complete all but 2 of the TBOGT trophies (Past the Velvet Rope and Gold Star are left). These two will surely take me a week or two to complete... I don't play as much these days as it's really nice outside so I try and enjoy it as much as possible
  2. Discipline is the key! I personnaly don't start up a new game until I've Plated and 100% the game I'm working on. Only exception to this rule is that I allow myself to alternate between 1 game on PS3 and 1 on PS4 since I only decided to Plat and 100% my old PS3 games about 1 year ago... but I find that I get better results in my trophy hunting when I focus on one game only. Also, since I only have about 1h per night to play, I can concentrate on achieving small objectives in each session and keep my completion percentage up.
  3. Since the last time I posted, I've completed the plat and 100% of AC: Brotherhood but also cleared AC: Liberation HD from the backlog. I'm now working on GTA IV which brings me down to 429 unearned with completion % of 79.94% Working hard on getting Liberty City Minute trophy done. I've complete 70/88 story missions so far and I'm juste a little over 11h in without skiping the cutscenes so I'll come in way under the 30h time constraint. Also all the Online stuff is already done si really only have the Single player stuff to do.
  4. Just finished Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD (PS3). I'll be starting working towards the Plat and 100% on GTA IV (PS3) tonight. Still on GTA V on PS4 but I've been neglecting it a lot lately trying to clear up my PS3 backlog.
  5. Platinum #28 (100% Completion #30) - Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD (PS3) Now moving on to GTA IV (PS3).
  6. Just bought Rocksmith and Fight Night Champion which were the only 2 games I needed to re-purchase in my quest to bring my PS3 backlog completion as high as possible... Now need to buy another electric guitar to play Rocksmith
  7. AC: Brotherhood on PS3 Plated and 100%!! Moving on to AC: Liberation HD as soon as I’m back from France next week
  8. Update! Managed to get the 3 missions completed and Synched... only have this darn tank mission left to get 100% Synch and complete Il Principe... and then it's on to flag hunting... If I can just make one clean run with this stupid tank machine...
  9. Still working on 100% for AC: Brotherhood on PS3. I only have Capture the Flag left to plat the game but want to 100% the DLC first and Il Principe is driving me NUTS!!!!! Actually, only have 4 missions left to 100% synch. - Sequence 4: Castello Crasher (Do not be detected) - Sequence 6: Trojan Horse (Do not loose any health square) - Sequence 8: Requiem (Do not be detected) - War Machines: Hell on Wheels (Do not take damage while in the tank) Granted, I haven't been playing too much lately so I'm kinda falling behind... but I can't wait to finaly Plat and 100% this game... it's been 9 years since I first played it
  10. Indeed they are! I'm about at 80% Synchronisation right now with 3 Romulus lairs & 1 Templar lair to complete as well as 2 or 3 Templar Agents to kill. Once this is done, I'll have the pleasure of replaying all the missions I havent 100% on the first run... this is proving to be a relative pain in the ... but I'll get it done
  11. Still working on AC: B on PS3 and only need to complete "Il Principe" (100% synch in all missions) in DaVinci Disapearance and "Capture the Flag" in main game to get 100% and Platinum. This brings me donw to 439 unearned with completion % of 79.20% Will probably get this done this week-end.
  12. Completed AC II and now moving on to AC Brotherhood which I had already played about 8 years ago but not Plated. I'm now at 450 unearned with completion % of 78.80%
  13. Platinum #26 Assassin's Creed II (PS3) after 9 years, 1 month LOL
  14. Currently working on Plat and 100% on the following: PS3: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (80% completed) PS4: GTA V (71% completed)
  15. Haven't posted any progress in a long long time but I'm still going good. Slowed down a little though since I'm getting to the games I had completed all the easy trophies in and now I have to replay them all to get to clean up. So, I'm down to 458 unearned trophies and managed to bring completion % to 78.55%... getting closer to the 80% mark! I'm still working on GTA V on PS4 but mostly concentrating on PS3 backlog which I'm playing Assassin's Creed II at this moment. Only have 5 easy trophies missing to complete it, but I have to make it all the way to Sequence 8 to get that Flying machine trophy