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  1. Haven't posted any progress in a long long time but I'm still going good. Slowed down a little though since I'm getting to the games I had completed all the easy trophies in and now I have to replay them all to get to clean up. So, I'm down to 458 unearned trophies and managed to bring completion % to 78.55%... getting closer to the 80% mark! I'm still working on GTA V on PS4 but mostly concentrating on PS3 backlog which I'm playing Assassin's Creed II at this moment. Only have 5 easy trophies missing to complete it, but I have to make it all the way to Sequence 8 to get that Flying machine trophy
  2. Plated Heavy Rain a few weeks ago and started work on inFamous. I'm already done with the Good playthrough and now working on the Evil playthrough on Hard difficulty and gathering shards and Stunts (I had 349/350 shards in first playthrough but couldn't find the last missing one so I'm back at it with maps and clearing all shards from one sector before moving on). Still have GTA V on PS4 that I haven't played in a while... should get back to it...
  3. Oups, sorry, hadn't seen it. thanks for the clarification.
  4. You are 100% right, you need to buy the full game bundle from the UK store. The UK DLC will not work with the NA game. Sorry, my previous post was misleading and incomplete.
  5. Hi, I see that Dante's Inferno: Trials of St. Lucia is on there but the servers are still up and trophies still achievable. DLC is not available on NA store anymore but you can still buy it off the UK store if you don't have it (that's what I did). One game that has unachievable Plat and 100% and that isn't on the list is Fight Night Champion on PS3. Reason (sourced from "The Platinum for this game is now unattainable because EA have consequently removed the Gym Rivals feature. It is now impossible to match up with other Rivals thus blocking this (A fight amongst friends III) and its 2 preceeding trophies associated with it, resulting in no chance obtaining the Platinum for this unless you already have these 3 trophies unlocked beforehand."
  6. Plated and 100% Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Now working on Heavy Rain and still have GTA V online stuff to complete.
  7. I've made some great progress since my last post. Down to 580 unearned. In the last month I completed all the TLOU online trophies, Plated and 100% Dante's Inferno and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, made some interesting progress on GTA V Online Heists and started a new go at Heavy Rain (I had unfortunatly deleted my Save Game so I have to replay the whole game to get the remaining trophies). Which bring my Completion % up to 72,22% and reduces my PS3 games backlog to 14 games.
  8. I guess this challenge is really dead
  9. Ok, let me re phrase. Is GHTunes the place in the game where you go and see the tracks you can download or is it an external site that you go to and download songs from? I've checked in the In Game download section and there's nothing showing for me to download.
  10. Is GHTunes in game? If so, then there’s nothing to download...
  11. Hi, Anyone knows if it's still possible to get Anthemic Archivist trophy which requires to expand the song Library to 115? I don't seem to be able to download songs from the PS Store or from the ingame store (no content) and I don't have any previous GH games. Any idea how I could achieve this? thanks
  12. Don't know if this is thread is still alive... but I'll update anyways: Dante's Inferno (PS3) 29% || Complete all online trophies on Trials of St. Lucia DLC - Done The Last of Us (PS3) 3% || Complete all online trophies for main game and DLCs - Done GTA 5 (PS4) 54% || Platinum and 100% Additionnal objective completed Plated and 100% Dante's Inferno
  13. Done with TLOU Online stuff on PS3; Plated and 100% Dante's Inferno... Now I'm working on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and still working on GTA V online stuff.
  14. Now at 696! Finally got under the 700 mark. I'm done with the Trials of St. Lucia DLC and I've moved on the The Last of Us online portion in parallel with GTA V online + Heists.
  15. I've had that issue last night. Online does still work but there's a problem linked to the retirement of the Facebook service for PS3. To correct this, you'll need to launch the Online and when it starts connecting, hit the PS button to exit to the XMB... then just hit PS button again to exit XMB back to the game and you'll get to the MP Lobby. Here's a Youtube video explaining what to do