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  1. Hi everyone,I've been posting in various topics such as Completion Percentage and Unearned trophy threads but I like to post more detailed (and weekly) progress reports and I'd much like to see what everyones progress looks like also.So, what I'm starting here is a thread were I'd like to see the progress report from everyone who wants to share in a format that looks like this.Hi! Unearned count went up a little since last post as I've taken a brake from the PS3 backlog clean up and played a few PS4 games. In the last week I managed to complete What Remains of Edith Finch; The Sims 4; Journey (PS3); Journey (PS4) and I'm about half-way through Monster Energy Supercross. Here's the Progress report for after this week's sessions: Platinums: 38 (+1) 100% Completion: 43 (+4) Completion %: 85.24% (+0.09%) Unearned trophies: 378 (+16) On the Streaming side, I'm still waiting for some gear (mainly my new streaming PC) to get the channel up. I want to build as a good a quality stream as possible so I'd rather wait to have all my gear before going live... but if all goes well, I should have the pc by the end of this week and start configuring everything for a first live stream by end of April.I'll be posting my reports weekly on Sunday nights or Monday mornings and hope to see your on here too.Happy Hunting!
  2. Hey hey! How is everyone doing?! Another week, another progress update... which is going to be a short one as I haven't been doing much apart from what I've been doing on Stream Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (PS3) 35 / 51 (+0), 63% No progress on this one. I've not been playing any of it this week. I should get back at it sometime this week. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 28 / 35 (+0), 67% Haven't played this game at all in the last week. I did read on Twitter that the devs have released a Private Lobby feature in Private Beta to a limited amount of testers on PC. They also mentionned that this feature would make it's way to PS4 eventually... Really looking forwards to this feature so I can clear this darn game from my list.... Grand Theft Auto V 67 / 78 (+0) 75% I went back to this game last week playing some Online 3x RP Motor Wars and 2x RP Survival. I'm only 2 trophies away from the Plat and currently on Level 69 Online so whenever I have a little free time and don't feel like going to the basement game room to play some Guitar Hero, I just boot up the game on the living room PS4 and play a few missions. I still don't think I'll 100% this game as the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Streaming on Twitch) 14 / 53 (+14), 18% Started playing Uncharted 2 on Stream last week. So far, I like the game although I find that there's a lot more stealth involved which I'm not a big fan of. I'd rather run around guns blazing lol. This being said, the game is good and inline with the original one. I'm currently running through my first playthrough on Crushing and averaging about 5 chapters per 2h session and on Chapter 15 at the time of writing these lines. Streaming news The new poll which will run until I 100% Uncharted 2 is slowly picking up. So far AC: Syndicate has 2 votes and Uncharted 3 1 vote; Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare; Sonic Forces and Batman: Arkham City (PS3) have no votes as of yet. If you want to vote, head out to my Twitch channel and vote for your favorite On another note, I've had the pleasure of doing a guest appearance on the Trophy Talk Podcast this week, if you want to listen to it, here's the link... and if you've never listened to this podcast before, I strongly recommend it. The guys are really entertaining and they produce a really great show. So that it for the update, here's the progress summary since the last time I posted : Platinum: 46 (+0) 100% Completion: 52 (+0) Completion %: 86.71% (-1.21%) Unearned trophies: 382 (+39)
  3. What is up guys! The first week of January is in the books and I have some nice little progress so far. Nothing as impressive as some of you guys posting above but still, considering my limited game time, I'm satisfied. So here we go with this weeks summary. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (PS3) 35 / 51 (+1), 63% No progress trophy wise on this game but I did make some progress towards Ace Astrologer. I am now only about 125 stars away from the 2000 needed to get this trophy. I haven't been playing it much to be honest so it's a slow process. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 28 / 35 (+1), 67% Haven't played this game at all in the last week. Although, I did read in the Fall Guys Discord that they are Beta testing private lobbies on PC and that should also roll-out to PS4... hopefully this will allow us to boost Infallible and the other win related trophies. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Streaming on Twitch) 54 / 54 (+20), 100% I plated and 100% this game last night. Total time is about 26h which is a reasonable amount of time for a game like this. I'll be starting Uncharted 2: Amongh Thieves tonight. Streaming news So Uncharted 2 took the win in the last poll and that's the next game I will be playing on Stream starting on Stream 100 Jan 11th at 9:30pm EST I started a new poll which will run until I 100% Uncharted 2. Choices are AC: Syndicate; Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare; Sonic Forces; Batman: Arkham City (PS3) and Uncharted 3. If you want to vote, head out to my Twitch channel and vote for your favorite So that it for the update, here's the progress summary since the last time I posted : Platinum: 46 (+1) 100% Completion: 52 (+1) Completion %: 87.92% (+0.71%) Unearned trophies: 343 (-20)
  4. What is up everyone! I was on vacation for the last 2 weeks so I haven't taken much time to sit at my desk and write up stuff but I'm back at work this morning so it's time to get you guys up to speed on what I've been up to lately. Mad Max 50 / 50 (+8), 100% As I had predicted in my last post, I managed to finish Mad Max in my December 14th stream. Took me a total of 74h to get this plat and I really enjoyed playing this game. Glad the server shutdown forced my hand on this one.. but now it's done and I can move on LOL. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (PS3) 35 / 51 (+1), 63% Managed to get 1 new trophy on this game playing here and there when I have some time. I'm slowly grinding my way to the 2000 stars which I the last grindy trophy I need. The next thing I'll have to figure out is the skill related trophies as I'm not that good at the game and figuring out how to beat that La Porte song on Expert is driving me nuts... Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 28 / 35 (+1), 67% Don't really play this game anymore but I was watching the baby while my GF was doing her nails so I played a few matches and ended up unlocking the trophy for having 50 items in inventory. I'm still secretly hoping for the devs to include private lobbies so I can find a boosting team and get the plat for the wins... otherwise, I think this is going to be one of those games that will stay forever incomplete on my profile. The Order: 1886 22 / 22 (+22), 100% This is the game I played on my 12h stream on December 29th, I managed to get the plat in about 7 and a half hours. It was a fun game which I enjoyed playing... only thing I didn't like so much about it was too cut scene heavy and there wasn't that much actual gameplay. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Streaming on Twitch) 34 / 54 (+34), 59% As announced in my previous post, Uncharted won the poll for the next game to stream. So I've started playing this game shortly after completing Mad Max. So far, I've manage to complete the Crushing and Brutal playthroughs and most of the weapon kills related trophies. I've started a speed run playthrough with the Donut Drake skin and was expecting to get it done in one session last night... but I started not feeling well about 1h in and had to go offline. I'll continue my speed run attempt in my next stream tonight. Streaming news A new poll started when I started Uncharted and this time around viewers can choose between. AC: Syndicate 10 votes; Sonic Forces 1 vote; Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 3 votes and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 15 votes. I realized after the poll started that I forgot to include a 5th option but since votes had already been entered, I decided to leave it as is and will make sure I include a 5th game when I start the next poll. So that it for the update, here's the progress summary since the last time I posted : Platinums: 45 (+2) 100% Completion: 51 (+2) Completion %: 87.21% (+0.07%) Unearned trophies: 363 (+10)
  5. Hey guys! This week went well, got some nice playtime in and managed to get a few nice new trophies. Here's what's been going on this week. Mad Max (Streaming on Twitch) 42 / 50 (+8), 81% Still working on this game but the end is eminent... I'm 72h in and 94% in game completion. I've completed all the Death Races and got all the Archangel/Death Races completed. I also liberated the last remaining camp. So what's left? I still need to complete about 10 car combat challenges which should not be too hard, just need a little bit of grinding. 2 regions in Gutgash's territory still need to get liberated and with that, I'll complete all the Wasteland challenges... If all goes well, I should be done with Mad Max in my next 2h session planned for tonight, Dec 14th. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (PS3) 34 / 51 (+2), 60% Managed to get 2 new trophies on this game while I was watching the baby. Got Diamond Master and Accomplished Astrologer and I'm about 30 stars away from Adept Astrologer. It's a real grind to get those stars in Quickplay+ and the road from 1000 to 2000 is going to be a long one... but I'll keep on grinding one song at a time and I'll get there. The part I may have more issues with are the band challenges. Getting 4 people at home to play with me in the current situation is a little challenging... let alone getting 4 people who are good enough to help complete those band challenges... but I'll find some friends eventually. It is still unclear for me if Champion of Challenges can still be achieved with servers being down... every guide I've read mentions it should be achievable Locally but I can't seem to find a way to target another person's score nor can anyone answer the question in the various forums where I've posted the question. Streaming news Quick update on the poll for the next game to play on stream. Voting has closed last night and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered is the big winner with 500 votes; AC: Syndicate finished 2nd with 202 votes; Sonic Forces 3rd with 106 votes; Titanfall 2 4th with 22 votes and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare last with 4 votes. Which means that as soon as Mad Max is over, I'll be playing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered on stream to Plat and 100%. A new poll will start the day I start Uncharted and will run until I've 100% it. Uncharted II: Among Thieves will be added to the options alongside of the 4 that did not win this time around. It's now official, the game I'll be playing for the 12h stream of December 29th will be The Order: 1886. So tune in at 9am EST if you want to follow my quest to Plat/100% this game. That's it for now, here's the progress since the last time I posted : Platinum: 43 (+0) 100% Completion: 49 (+0) Completion %: 87.13% (+0.26%) Unearned trophies: 353 (-10)
  6. What's up everyone? Another week went by and I got some more trophies and nice progress. Overcooked 11 / 11 (+2), 100% Finally completed this one solo. It wasn't as hard as I had expected and managed to finish it all in about 10h. Nice little game but 10h of it is more than enough. I guess it could be a nice little party game to play with friends. Mad Max (Streaming on Twitch) 34 / 50 (+6), 68% This one is really near the end. I've cleared threat in all but 2 regions of Gutgash's territory (which I'm keeping in case I need enemies to complete car combat challenges after the Death Races). I have all the parts to build every Archangels so I'll be tackling the Death Races in my next session. Shouldn't take too long as they are fairly easy... just blow up all your opponents right at the start then it's easy sailling to the end Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (PS3) 32 / 51 (+0), 55% Nothing to report progress wise on this one. I've been grinding the Stars in Quickplay+ with Star Powers. Currently at around 350 and the next trophy is at 500. I'll be getting back to this one when I'm done with Overcooked. Quick update on the poll for the next game to play on stream. Voting is still going strong and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered is still in the lead with 180 votes; AC: Syndicate in 2nd with 140 votes; Sonic Forces 105 votes; Titanfall 2 21 votes and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare still with 4 votes. Also, I've announced that Tuesday, December 29th I'll be having my very first Holyday Special which will consist in a 12h stream in which I'll be completing 1 game from start to finish. At this time, all points towards The Order: 1886 as being the game I'll be playing. If you want to give suggestions for the 12h stream, feel free to jump in my stream next time I'm live and we can discuss your suggestions. That's it for now, here's the progress since the last time I posted : Platinum: 43 (+0) 100% Completion: 49 (+1) Completion %: 86.87% (+0.34%) Unearned trophies: 363 (-8)
  7. First of all big shout out to @Mr-ttaM and @microsamm for their contributions to this tread. Really great to see you guys jump on here and add your own progression and taking the time to write some lines about what you've been up to. I'm recycling some of your formatting to include in my own posts. For my part, this past week as looked like this: RiME 32 / 32 (+?), 100% Completed all the collectibles and chapter related trophies for RiME with a guide. I can't mention enough how good this game is! Overcooked 9 / 11 (+?), 57% Got tired of waiting for my girlfriend so I went on to playing this solo. It is a little bit harder but I've managed to 3 star all of the levels in the first 4 worlds (except for the final levels you unlock towards the end of the game) and most of the levels for world 5. I'm going for story completion first and will then come back to the few remaining levels to get 3 stars on each. Should be able to finish this off this week. Mad Max (Streaming on Twitch) 28 / 50 (+?), 57% What a grindy game. I've been working on threat reduction and scavenging locations at the same time basically clearing one area at a time while trying to complete all challenges. I'm done with all Ground combat challenges. Got most of the Wasteland challenges under control. For Vehicle combat challenges, most of what is left is Archangel related, so I've decided to switch my attention to getting all the Archangels built and doing the Death Races in order to unlock all the vehicles. This way, I can use them to get the different vehicle related challenges done. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (PS3) 32 / 51 (+?), 55% Nothing to report progress wise on this one. I've been grinding the Stars in Quickplay+ with Star Powers. Currently at around 350 and the next trophy is at 500. I'll be getting back to this one when I'm done with Overcooked. Quick update on the poll for the next game to play on stream. Voting has gone crazy and votes are now: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered 170 votes; AC: Syndicate 110 votes; Sonic Forces 105 votes; Titanfall 2 20 votes and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare still with 2 votes. That's it for now, here's the progress since the last time I posted : Platinum: 43 (+1) 100% Completion: 48 (+1) Completion %: 86.53% (+1.11%) Unearned trophies: 371 (-20)
  8. Hey guys! Time for that weekly update you've all been waiting for This week I played a few games off stream just to help with backlog progression but it also impacted my Completion and Unearned negatively as I haven't finished everything. At the beginning of the week, I got My Name is Mayo 2 and plated it in just under 45 minutes. Could of made it faster but had to stop here and there to take care of the baby. Also got another trophy in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (Gold Master) and slowly grinding my way towards the Platinum. Only one trophy concerns me in this game and it's Champion of Challenges as it requires you to target and beat a score from another player but since the servers are down, I'm not sure I will be able to get this. The trophy is not listed as unachievable in the various sites I've visited but it hasn't been earned on PSNP since August so it's causing me some worries. Later this week, I installed and played through RiME... what an amazing game!!! I wasn't expecting it to be so good and was blown away with this game. First blind playthrough of the story, not looking too much for collectibles, took me about 5h. I've started a guided playthrough to get all the one off trophies and collectibles done which I think will take me another 4-5 hours. I completed Chapter 1 so far and there's 4 chapters total in the game (well 5 total if you count the Epilogue but there's no collectibles in that chapter). Finally for the main game I'm streaming, Mad Max. I'm done with the story and have now started cleaning up the map region by region. Jeet's territory is almost done, I have 1 region left to clean up. Stats show that I've been playing the game for 48 hours and I'm around 80% completion. I expect I'll be needing another 15-20 hours to complete everything and Plat the game. By the way, if you want to check out my streams, the link is in my signature. I've started a poll so that viewers can choose which game from my backlog I will be playing on Stream next. Currently, AC: Syndicate is in the lead with 110 votes; Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered in 2nd with 100 votes; Sonic Forces has 5; Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and Titanfall 1. That's it for now, here's the progress since the last time I posted : Platinum: 42 (+1) 100% Completion: 47 (+1) Completion %: 85.42% (-0.25%) Unearned trophies: 391 (+9)
  9. Yeah, I got those 2 scrap crew challenges done as soon as I saw the server closing post, so I'm ok for the Plat.
  10. What is up guys!? Skipped the progress report last week as I was on vacation but I did manage to get some game time in. Stream wise, I got 3 longer sessions in (about 4h each) which allowed me to do some good progress on Mad Max. I now have about 60% in game completion and will be done with the story soon and tackling scavenging locations and Treath reduction in the next few days. I've made a little progress in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock also. I've finally completed everything there was to do in Carreer. Getting the 150,000 notes for Gem Hoarder was a real grind. I've since started working in Quickplay+ and getting the 2,000 stars. I also played a little bit of Fall Guys but that one isn't progressing much. I think I'm going to wait for Season 3 to start and then grind it to get to Level 40 and try and get as many wins as I can. I really hope the devs implement a way to host private lobbies to make this Plat easier as I can see myself getting 5 wins in a row ledgit... I have a hard time getting only 1 Finally, I started playing Overcooked with my GF. The game doesn't have any plats but it's an interesting co-op game that allows us to play together. We don't play too long at a time though as it stresses her out and she gets mad at me for not following her orders... just like real life basically With all this being said, here's the progress since the last time I posted : Platinum: 41 (+0) 100% Completion: 46 (+0) Completion %: 85.67% (+0.57%) Unearned trophies: 382 (-12)
  11. As of time of posting this message, I earned 500 scrap from both strongholds that I have unlocked. WBplay connection still seems to be working as well as redeeming codes. I did not find the learderboards so don't know if these are still up. From what I can see, servers are still up and running so we can't really confirm if Scrap Crews are related to the servers or not at this time.
  12. Hey guys! hope you all had a great week! Last week was a little all over the place as I got some trophies in Mad Max as I'm making progress through this game. My strategy so far has been to ignore the story and side missions as much as possible and concentrate on building the projects in the strongholds and when I've done everything I can, then move along in the story so I can access the next stronghold. So far, I have completed all of Jeet's projects including the scrap stockpiles as I got the trophies for having 5,000 and 10,000 scrap in my possession. I can now spend all the scrap I collect as I wish. I've also been playing a lot of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock off stream. So basically, every time I have a few minutes, I play a song or two to get those notes in for Gem Hoarder. If my calculations and note tracking are accurate, I'm about 59,000 notes away from the trophy... which seems a lot but I'm playing songs that give between 700 and 800 notes a song on Easy so it's not that much. I'm also very near of getting Perfect Perfectionist as I have only 4 songs left that I need to get 40 stars on, I currently have 39 stars on those 4 so I just need to practice them a little and I should be getting that one shortly. And finally, last night I started playing some GTA Online again with a fellow streamer. I hadn't played the game in a really long time so I wasn't really good at it... but we will be making it a weekly thing on Sunday's to progress through the Doomsday Heist so I can get those trophies done and get the RP to level up to 100. I'm currently rank 63. With all this being said, here's the progress since the last time I posted : Platinum: 41 (+0) 100% Completion: 46 (+0) Completion %: 85.10% (+0.14%) Unearned trophies: 394 (-6)
  13. That is so satisfying! When I started really getting into trophy hunting, my Completion % was somewhere in the 50%'s. Seeing it rise and the Unearned number drop is probably the most satisfying part of the hunt for me. I don't have much time to play games anymore so I don't see the trophies or ranks go up as much but seeing that % stay in the 85% to 90% range is cool
  14. Thanks for the hints. I've already completed the 2 online related challenges and created a glitch free save. I've also been tracking the scavenging locations as you mentionned. I'm 25% completion right now (based on in game progress tracking) so I still have a bunch of scrap to collect
  15. I agree! This game is amazing. Short and easy but a really nice story. What's up guys!? In the last week, I've finally completed playthrough 3.5 of The Last of Us Part II and 100% it. Since then, I've been playing some Mad Max (on stream) and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock offstream when I have some free time. It's mostly grinding at this point as I got all the easy trophies out of the way for both the games. In Mad Max, I'm building all the projects in Jeet's stronghold and getting all the exploration points which has me running around the map a lot. In GH: WoR, I've completed the Quest and now working on getting the 40 stars on all the songs. I play on Easy as I'm really bad at music games... I don't know how I'm going to get the trophies which I need to play on Hard or Expert... I guess I'll just need a lot of practice... So that's about it for me this week. Anyway, here's the progress since the last time I posted : Platinum: 41 (+0) 100% Completion: 46 (+1) Completion %: 84.96% (+0.05%) Unearned trophies: 400 (-1)
  16. Would you happen to know how to get Champion of Challenges without the Online Servers? I'm unable to have another players score to target without the servers.
  17. Again this last week has been The Last of Us II mostly on Grounded+. I made it about half way through to Abby's Seattle Day 2 so it's going really well. I believe I'll only be needing 3 or 4 more hours to complete it and finally be done with the game. Using the glitch to unlock Gameplay modifiers does help a lot!! On another note, my fiancée wanted to play some Guitar Hero so I went and plugged in the PS3 in the living room... and guess what, I started cleaning up some old trophies I hadn't gotten yet. I had done all the online required trophies already apart for targeting another players score which I'm trying to find a way to achieve with the Leaderboards seemingly down. I think I have found a way but I ain't sure. I also found a complete kit on the interwebs with Drum, guitar and mic so I am now ready to tackle all the band and instrument challenges... lots of fun up ahead... just need to find 2 more friends to help with the band challenges. So that's about it for this week, not much to say but progressing slowly. Anyway, here's the progress since the last time I posted : Platinum: 41 (+0) 100% Completion: 45 (+0) Completion %: 84.91% (+0.16%) Unearned trophies: 401 (-6)
  18. I am looking at a way to get Champion of Challenges though. Every guide I look at says you can get it on Local Quickplay but I havent figured out a way to register a score under anoter id on my console without the online servers.
  19. Anthemic Archivist and Self Improver dont need online. For Archivist you could import songs from other GH games or even create your own songs. Self Improver you just need to target your own score, I got this one today actually.
  20. What's up guys! Hope everyone is doing good and staying safe! This last week has been The Last of Us II mostly. I managed to complete my Permadeath playthrough and I started my Grounded+ run leveraging the Game Modifier Glitch. This glitch is great and I've managed to get to the end of Seattle Day 1 with Ellie in a little over 2h. If everything goes well, I should manage to get this done in a little over 8h. Not having to worry about scavenging and using the auto silenced riffle with Ellie is of great help, you can just blast your way through encounters without getting spotted. If you are aware of the spawn location of the bad guys, you can just spray bullets at them and clear out the area in a few seconds. Concerning Mad Max, I've completed the 2 challenges that require scrap crews and the online connection so I am now safe to plat this game even after server shutdown. Of course, I've created a save game back up on a USB so if I ever get the Scavenging Location glitch, I can always reload this save game. So as soon as I've finished TLOUII, I'll be getting on Mad Max's case. On a Streaming note, I've finally installed my A5100! Although it doesn't change much on my stream, the difference on image quality is amazing. It wasn't really required but I'm glad I did the change as I can now get that nice bokeh on my background that I've always wanted. Anyway, here's the progress since the last time I posted : Platinum: 41 (+0) 100% Completion: 45 (+0) Completion %: 84.75% (+0.02%) Unearned trophies: 407 (-1)
  21. I have to agree with you on this one. I do think that there needed to be a change in the trophy system to increase the Max level as some players had been stuck on 100 for a really long time. This being said, I think there's 2 things they missed the target on: 1- Adjusting levels and trophy values to make it easier to level up: I would of simply kept levels at what they are and increased the max rank but increasing the points requirements to level up. So anyone that wasn't maxed out already would have just continued progressing normally through the levels and the ones that are maxed out would have been able to continue progressing. 2- Tighten up the requirements for game devs to have Plats for their games: I think that one of the biggest problem with the Trophy system is the ease with which devs can put a Platinum on a game. I don't think it's normal that a game that you can finish in 15 minutes gets a Platinum. In the past, Sony had tighter requirements on what games could get Platinums and short games such as My Name is Mayo would never had gotten a Plat with those requirements. Until they fix this, no changes to the trophy system will ever be relevant.
  22. I didn't need to earn a trophy. It just changed automatically.
  23. Hi everyone, skipped a week as I hadn't done much trophy wise but I'm back with some progress this week. So I've been changing my strategy once more and I'm back at focusing on playing only 1 game and finishing it.... almost... After learning of Mad Max servers closing down, I went ahead and started the game and made my way to Jeet's place, got the scrap crews unlocked and now I log on daily to collect my scrap. I've completed the first challenge which requires to collect 500 and I'm now at around 1400 for the Dividend challenge. I have done very little in the game other that what I needed to do to get the scrap crews so my save isn't glitched for now. I'll be doing a back up save as soon as Dividend is done. Unfortunately, starting this game has dropped my Completion and raised my Unearned but it's temporary as I'll be getting back to Mad Max when I'm done with TLOUII I've also been playing some Fall Guys here and there, trying to make the most progress on this game without investing too much time. I'm at level 32 and I've only managed to get 5 wins in the hundreds of matches I've played... Can't see how I'm going to get 5 wins in a row... Hopefully they'll introduce Private lobbies some day and make this game boostable. And the last big news, I've finally plated The Last of Us Part II!!! But it wasn't as gratifying as other plats I've obtained as I still need to finish this Permadeath run and then have another run in Grounded. I've been playing on Permadeath at the Chapter level and I've died a few times, loosing 20-25 minutes of progress each time... it's annoying as crap... I don't understand how you can make a Permadeath trophy a Bronze when you get a Gold for completing the Story the first time around... I get that you can do it on NG+ but it should at least be a Silver... anyways, whatever it is, I'm gonna have to do it to get 100%... just wanted to vent a little Oh and one last thing, for those of you who stop by my streams on Twitch once in a while, I've upgraded my camera and will soon be rocking a Sony A5100 mirorless camera instead of the Brio. Looking forwards to setting this bad boy up and seeing the difference in image quality. Anyway, here's the progress since the last time I posted : Platinum: 41 (+1) 100% Completion: 45 (+0) Completion %: 84.73% (-0.78%) Unearned trophies: 408 (+36)
  24. That's some intense hunting you've been doing in the last 2 weeks man! How do you like Fall Guys? I don't know if you saw but the will be doubling Fame Points from Oct 5th to 8th so if you haven't gotten to Fame 40 yet, you can still rush it before season 1 ends. Also, in season 2, there's going to be 18 crowns in the rank tree instead of only 3... will make getting those Legendary items much easier. Also hope they add private lobbies so we can boost the game as I can't see how I'm going to get 5 wins in a row... I barely managed to get 5 wins overall in like 2 months.
  25. What's up guys? This has been another slow week... seems like I get a lot of these lately... but I did manage to get a little bit of progress done in Fall Guys, almost got to Level 25, I don't think I'm going to make it to 40 before the end of the season. Guess I'll have to get that trophy in Season 2. Other than that, I managed to get only 1 Predator Challenge done in my last session in Batman: Arkham City... these a getting really frustrating. I know I'll get them done, I just need to focus more and it will come. My Permadeath and Platinum playthrough of The Last of Us Part II is going well, I'm almost at the end of Seattle Day 1 with Ellie and both et skills and weapons are fully upgraded so now I can focus on just getting her to the end and I can then concentrate on Abby. On another note, I think I'll be adding a bunch of unearned trophies to my profile tonight. I've seen that Mad Max servers are closing down and that this might cause one trophy to be unachievable... since I really want to play that game and wouldn't want it to sit on my profile unfinished, I'm going to play a few hours of it until I get the Scrap Crews unlocked and get the 2 challenges that require the online connection done... then go back to my regular stuff. I'm also thinking of another change in my streaming schedule, although I like switching it up a little with PS3-PS4 and Fall Guys, I find that this doesn't serve my trophy hunting very well so I'm thinking focus on one game, finish it and then move on to the next... otherwise, I'm not progressing and my backlog keeps filling up. Anyway, here's the progress since the last time I posted : Platinum: 40 (+0) 100% Completion: 45 (+0) Completion %: 85.51% (+0.07%) Unearned trophies: 372 (-2)