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  1. I was lucky enough to get all the Online trophies for Gran Turismo 5 before server shutdown... I still need to complete the main game though... but was waiting to buy a Playseat and wheel to get back into it... although with PS5 coming in a few months, I'd hate buying a 300$ wheel that's not compatible with PS5 ...
  2. Hey guys, how are you all doing! Big big week for me both on the gaming and the personal side. So lets start with the important start with the important stuff first: I will be getting married with my gf in 2021. I surprised her on Saturday and proposed and she said yes. So we don't have all the details worked out yet but we are now engaged and will be getting married sometime in 2021, probably around June. Some additional good news, this time more related to gaming, I have finally hit Affiliate status on Twitch last week after 29 streams (about 2 or 3 months). I'm really glad to have reached this milestone specially with the content I'm streaming. Getting viewers for Trophy Hunting is not as easy as someone streaming Fortnite or Apex for example... but people who do tune in share the same passion for Trophies and 100% completing games so it usually makes for fun streams. Now, for the trophy side of things, well that has been slow for yet another week. I believe I've unlocked only 1 Trophy this week (we'll see in a few seconds when we get to the weekly progress) but I did make some progress in the Story. I'm 29 hours into it and if I refer to the estimated times to complete I should be about 1 or 2 hours from the end... it's hard to say as I've managed to remain spoiler free until now so I don't know exactly... but I have a feeling the end is near. Once I'm done with the story, I'll do a quick clean up of all the trophies that aren't related to Upgrades and will then put the game back in my usual rotation of PS3/PS4 for the NG+ portion. And now, let's look at my progress for this week: Platinum: 39 (+0) 100% Completion: 44 (+0) Completion %: 84.84% (+0.05%) Unearned trophies: 376 (-1)
  3. That's some nice progress! How did you like Journey? That's sad to see that 100% go away... but still 99,79% is really impressive. If the game is really good and is worth playing, not having a 100% completion on it is fine... at least that's the way I see it!
  4. Hi guys!!! Another very slow week (actually it's been 2 weeks since my last post). Still working on the Last of Us Part II but playing only 4 to 6 hours a week these days makes the progress very slow indeed. I'm about 23h in the story at this point and I guess I'm getting closer to the end. Once the story is done, I'll accelerate things and use guides to finish off all the collectibles and then go back to Onrush and Batman: Arkham City. I was thinking about buying Ghost of Tsushima at launch but seeing how little time I can invest in new games these days, I'll just concentrate on my backlog and I can go back to Ghost in a few months. With this said, here's my progress for this week: Platinum: 39 (+0) 100% Completion: 44 (+0) Completion %: 84.79% (+0.19%) Unearned trophies: 377 (-6)
  5. Hi guys, This week I have literally no progress to show statistics wise. I'm still playing The Last of Us Part II and about 17h into the story. I've limited my game/stream time to about 6h a week since the baby's arrival so my progress has been slowed down significantly. She's 10 weeks old now so I expect to start having more time to play in the coming weeks has her sleep schedules become more predictable. With this said, here's my progress for this week: Platinum: 39 (+0) 100% Completion: 44 (+0) Completion %: 84.60% (+0.00%) Unearned trophies: 383 (+0)
  6. Hi guys, Skipped a week, I've been really busy lately with the baby and also took a few days of vacation (stayed at home to do some stuff around the house). I couldn't resist the call of the Last of Us Part II so I've been playing that lately. I'm about 15h in the story and loving it so far. It is a litlle slow paced in the beginning but it's still an amazing game. So my progress on Batman: Arkham City and Onrush has been null in the last 2 weeks and my Completion % and Unearned trophies count have both take an negative dip... but it's all worth it... now I just need to be able to finish TLOU2 before Ghost of Tsushima comes out on July 17th With this said, here's my progress for this week: Platinums: 39 (+0) 100% Completion: 44 (+0) Completion %: 84.60% (-1.23%) Unearned trophies: 383 (+21)
  7. Hi guys, This week has been extremely slow for me trophiwise but I did make some really good progress in the games I'm playing at the moment. For Onrush on PS4, I'm down to the last 4 events in Snowbound. So far I have gotten all the stars in all the events I have played and I'm at Player Level 54 if I recall properly. The trophies I have left should all pop by natural progression in the game but they are getting really grindy and with no way of tracking progress in some of them, it makes it a little less enjoyable. At least, when you know you have x out of 50, you can set goals but with trophies like Eat DiRT where you have no way of tracking how many of the Checkmate medals you have earned so far... it's a pain. In Batman: Arkham City on PS3, I've managed to complete all the combat challenges that I had left with Catwoman and Batman. So I've started the Predator Challenges with Nightwing and in a 1h session I have managed to clear 5 out of the 13. I don't enjoy the Predator challenges as much as I did the Combat but they have to get done. I will be changing my approach once more in this game and instead of doing all Combat, then all Predator and then all Campains, I've decided I will focus on completing everything with one character first and then move on to the next one. I think it will be better this way and I'll be clearing up the DLC's one after the other and finish with the Batman stuff. Concerning my streaming set up I was talking about last time, I have built my table/desk over the week-end and am really happy with the results. If you want to see what it looks like, check out my Instagram or Twitter accounts, I've posted pictures of the finished product on there. Unfortunately, I still haven't received my monitor stand and until I get it, I don't want to change my setup as re-wirring everything takes hours... and I don't want to do it twice. With this said, here's my progress for this week: Platinums: 39 (+0) 100% Completion: 44 (+0) Completion %: 85.83% (+0.15%) Unearned trophies: 362 (-2) Happy hunting!
  8. For me, this week has been Ok. I managed to squeeze in about 4 2h sessions. I only play every 2 days and I'm done with all the easy trophies in Onrush so the trophy count didn't go up as much this week. Essentially, I'm about 60% through the trophy list on Onrush. What remains is essentially grindy stuff (get x number of medals; perform x action y number of times etc). I'll be back at it tonight for another 2h session, live on Twitch of course For Batman: Arkham City, I've managed to get the 3 medals on all Robin combat Maps. Some of them gave me a bit of trouble but I did manage all them. I'll be going for the few medals I'm missing with Catwoman on my next session in Batman which should be on Wednesday. I might have to take a short hiatus this week-end as I'm building a new set-up for myself. I'm currently using a small L-Shaped desk that I had bought for my home office. It worked fine when I was just working on it but now that I've migrated my gaming stuff in my "office" and have an additional screen and all the streaming gear, it's a little bit cramped. So I've bought an Ikea Bekant desk frame and a 72" x 25,5" Acacia wood counter top. I've also ordered a Secret Labs Omega gaming chair to replace my old squeeky office chair. So, re-organizing my office will take a few hours (maybe days). With this said, this sweek has brought the following progress: Platinums: 39 (+0) 100% Completion: 44 (+0) Completion %: 85.68% (+0.24%) Unearned trophies: 363 (-3) Happy hunting!
  9. Thanks for sharing your progress with us. You say your stats are unimpressive but 118 plats and 186 100% completed games is great IMO. For the Backlog clean up, my strategy was to prioritize my backlog. I identified which games I had Online trophies left to get and for which the servers where still up. I then focused on getting the Online done for those. Then, re-sorted the backlog by "estimated time to completion" and started knocking off games starting with the shortest one. I found it motivated me to keep pushing through. If you want to get into streaming and need some pointers, feel free to reach out. I'm not a pro streamer but I can help out Congratulations on that new Plat! I'm jealous of your Completion %. Getting my old PS3 backlog cleaned up is taking longer than expected... the grind in Batman: Arkham City is really slowing me down... Hi Perry, thanks for the congrats. I really like your quote about the difference between a father and a Dad. Your completion % is really good. I think anything over 85% is awesome. 90% is definitely a huge milestone! I'm aiming for it too but just like you, starting new games always pushes my % down a little... but the more games you complete, the less new games will impact the completion negatively. I've had a look at those "Kill your completion" events but seeing my % go down always makes me uncomfortable so I've never joined one lol Looking forwards to seeing you weekly progress posts
  10. What's up guys! Hope you all had a great week and managed to get a whole bunch of trophies! For my part, I've been making some progress in both Batman: Arkham City (PS3) and Onrush (PS4). Things are slowing down has most of the easy to get trophies are now out of the way and I'm at the longer, grindier trophies. For Batman, I did a first pass at all the combat maps with all 4 characters getting as many medals as I could for the first attempt. I also managed to get 3 medals on all the Nightwing Combat maps so in my next session, I'll tackle the maps that I don't have 3 medals with Robin. On Onrush, I'm continuing my progress in Superstar mode getting all the stars in the Challenges in each event and popping trophies as I progress through the game. I'm also getting more and more comfortable with this streaming thing and enjoying it more and more (see link in my signature so you can Follow me and get notified when I go live). With this said, this sweek has brought the following progress: Platinums: 39 (+0) 100% Completion: 44 (+0) Completion %: 85.44% (+0.32%) Unearned trophies: 366 (-6) Happy hunting!
  11. Hi! It hasn't been a full week since my last update as I posted the previous one a bit late but I still did manage to progress a little in that shorter timeframe. So last week I continued the previously mentionned strategy of alternating between Onrush on PS4 and Batman: Arkham City on PS3. I'm making good progress in both games progressing through the Career mode in Onrush and getting 3 medals on every combat maps in Arkham City. Of course, all my sessions are streamed on Twitch (see link in my signature) so you can Follow me and get notified when I go live or watch the recording (available for 14 days after stream). With this said, this short week has brought the following progress: Platinums: 39 (+0) 100% Completion: 44 (+0) Completion %: 85.12% (+0.16%) Unearned trophies: 372 (-5) Happy hunting!
  12. Hey guys! I'm a few days late in posting this update... the new father thing takes up much more time than I had expected... but it's all good, nothing compares to the feeling of holding you little baby in your arms Since my last post, I completed Monster Energy Supercross, made some progess in the DLC Combat challenges on Batman: Arkham City (no trophies to show for that one unfortunately). Also, I came to the conclusion that concentrating on cleaning up my PS3 games wasn't moving my trophy count up fast enough so I'm returning to my old strategy of alternating between PS3 cleanup and PS4 backlog. This strategy will impact my Completion % and Unearned trophy count negatively but I think will help me progress faster. The next game in line on the backlog is Onrush (see below for explanation on how I order my backlog) which I also started this week. I've played a 2h session and managed to get 12 of the 31 trophies for this game so far. Backlog management strategy: In case you are wondering, here's how I order my backlog to know which game I should play next. 1) Backlog is split in 3 categories: PS3; PS4; Wishlist 2) Each category is then split in 2 Sub-categories: Online Trophies/No Online Trophies. 3) Each sub-category is then sorted based on estimated time to complete (from lowest to highest). So in summary, I'll prioritise games which have Online trophies and which have the lowest completion time. I will do make exceptions once in a while and play a no online trophy game if it's a quick game I can knock out of the backlog in a few hours. What Remains of Edith Finch and Claire are good examples of this. With all this being said, here's my progress report after this weeks sessions: Platinums: 39 (+1) 100% Completion: 44 (+1) Completion %: 84.96% (-1.07%) Unearned trophies: 377 (+18)
  13. Good job!! Is it me or does Ride3 seem to have almost as many dlc trophies as there is in the main game?
  14. There's weeks like that where all the time we spend don't reflect on the trophy count... but in the end, this time will get you those hard to get trophies. Keep up the good work! Hi guys, Another slow week for me too. Having a newborn baby definately slows down the trophy hunting I did manage to get a few trophies done on Monster Energy Supercross while live on my twitch channel. On that side of things, I received my microphone stand and pop filter today so that should help a little with the little background noise I wasn't able to filter out. I also got notification that my Brio is on it's way... can't wait to try it out. Here's my progress report after this weeks sessions: Platinums: 38 (+0) 100% Completion: 43 (+0) Completion %: 86.03% (+0.25%) Unearned trophies: 359 (-7) Happy hunting!
  15. Hi everyone, This week was definatively very slow on the Hunting side of things. The first week at home with the new baby and getting used to our new lives plus I've been spending most of my free time on setting up my Twitch channel, figuring out Photoshop to adjust some of my scenes, set up a Youtube channel and working out the brand. If you want to see a preview of what the stream will look like, here's a link to a short screen test I did yesterday. The setup isn't completed, I still need to adjust the alerts, the overlay was behing my video capture so it's not appearing properly, haven't plugged in my mike, need to configure my streamdeck and I'm using my laptop webcam as I haven't received my Logitech Brio yet... So, with all this said, here's my very limited progress report for this week. Platinums: 38 (+0) 100% Completion: 43 (+0) Completion %: 85.78% (+0.14%) Unearned trophies: 366 (-1) Happy hunting!